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Marvel's Spider-Man - Original Video Game Soundtrack

Catalog Number MOND-130
Release Date Sep 2018
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 35.00 USD
Media Format 2 Vinyl
Classification Original Soundtrack
Published by Mondo / /
Composed by John Paesano
Arranged by Tim Davies, Jeremy Levy, Jordan Seigel, Sarah Lutz, Ryan Humphrey, Bobby Brader, David Krystal, Jonathan Livesay, Nolan Livesay, Braden Kimball, Adam Hochstatter
Performed by London Session Orchestra, London Voices, Nashville Scoring Orchestra


Disc 1

01 Spider-Man
02 Eight Years In The Making
03 Inside The Numbers
04 The Golden Age
05 Examine
06 Shocking Turn Of Events
07 All The King’s Men
08 City Of Hope
09 The Man He Was
10 Webbed From The Shadows
11 Stone Cold
12 City On Alert
13 The Breakthrough
14 The Demon He Became
Disc length
Disc 2

01 Worlds Colliding
02 Anything For A Story
03 Chasing Down The Devil
04 International Support
05 The Sinister Six
06 The Mastermind
07 Negative View
08 No Going Back
09 Renewed Rivalries
10 Destroying Your Own Creation
11 The Final Lesson
12 Responsibility
13 Behind The Mask
Disc length


Vinyl 1
Side A: 01-07
Side B: 08-14

Vinyl 2
Side A: 01-06
Side B: 07-13

180g 2LP available in 2 color variants:
- Red + blue & black swirl colored vinyl
- Black vinyl


Composed by John Paesano
Artwork by Craig Drake

Score Produced by Scott Hanau, Jonathan Mayer, Keith Leary
Music Production Manager: Joel Yarger
Music Editing and Integration: Rob Goodson
Music Editing: Andrew Buresh, Ernest Johnson, Ted Kocher, Tao-Ping Chen, Scott Bergstrom, Chris Rossetti

Score Recorded at:
- AIR Studios, London, United Kingdom
- Ocean Way Studios, Nashville, Tennessee, United States
- Angel Studios, London, United Kingdom
Score Recorded by Alan Meyerson, Nick Wollage, Nick Spezia
Supervising Mix Engineer: Alan Meyerson
Score Mixed by Anthony Caruso, Justin Lieberman, Tyler Crowder
Assistant Engineer: Alex Ferguson
Pro Tools Engineers: Chris Barrett, Kevin Globerman, Jasper LeMaster
Technical Score Advisors: Anthony Loomis, Hayley Rosenthal

Additional Arrangement: Jonathan Livesay, Nolan Livesay, Braden Kimball, Adam Hochstatter
Lead Orchestrator: Tim Davies
Orchestrators: Jeremy Levy, Jordan Seigel, Sarah Lutz, Ryan Humphrey, Bobby Brader, David Krystal
Music Preparation: Mark Cally
Music Librarians: Jill Streater, Sammy Sanfilippo

London Session Orchestra Conducted by Gavin Greenaway
London Voices Conducted by Ben Parry
Nashville Session Orchestra Conducted by David Shipps
Orchestra and London Voices Contractor: Isobel Griffiths
Assistant Contractor: Lucy Whalley
Nashville Scoring Orchestra Contractor: Alan Umstead of Nashville Music Scoring

Senior Director of Music: Chuck Doud
Audio Director: Paul Mudra
Music Supervisor: Scott Hanau
Music Manager: Marc Senasac
Senior A&R Manager: Alex Hackford
Sr. Manager, Music Affairs: Jason Swan
Music Affairs Specialist: Justin Fields
Senior Coordinator, Music Affairs: Vanessa Zamora
Project Manager: Angelica Garde-Advincula
Music Department Assistant: Kerry Ryan

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