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Women of the Crystal

Women of the Crystal: Themes from Final Fantasy for Cello and Piano (Cello and Piano)
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Nov 28, 2018
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 9.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
Published by Andrew Dunn
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu / , Hitoshi Sakimoto / , Yoko Shimomura / , Masashi Hamauzu /
Arranged by IsrafelCello, PurpleSchala
Performed by IsrafelCello, PurpleSchala


Disc 1

01 Tifa's Theme (From "Final Fantasy VII") [Cello and Piano] 4:44
02 Terra's Theme (From "Final Fantasy VI") [Cello and Piano] 3:46
03 My Mind/Eyes on Me (Rinoa's Theme from "Final Fantasy VIII") [Cello and Piano] 3:51
04 Freya's Theme (From "Final Fantasy IX") [Cello and Piano] 3:59
05 Lenna's Theme (From "Final Fantasy V") [Cello and Piano] 2:53
06 Theme of Love (Rosa's Theme from "Final Fantasy IV") [Cello and Piano] 5:23
07 Ovelia's Theme (From "Final Fantasy Tactics") [Cello and Piano] 2:53
08 Aria Di Mezzo Carattere (Celes' Theme from "Final Fantasy VI") [Cello and Piano] 3:54
09 Lunafreya's Theme (From "Final Fantasy XV") [Cello and Piano] 2:37
10 Song of Memory (Garnet's Song from "Final Fantasy IX") [Cello and Piano] 2:28
11 Penelo's Theme (From "Final Fantasy XII") [Cello and Piano] 3:30
12 Rydia's Theme (From "Final Fantasy IV") [Cello and Piano] 2:51
13 Aerith's Theme (From "Final Fantasy VII") [Cello and Piano] 4:32
14 Lightning's Theme/Blinded By Light (From "Final Fantasy XIII") [Cello and Piano] 4:01
15 Yuna's Theme/Suteki Da Ne (From "Final Fantasy X") [Cello and Piano] 5:48
Disc length 57:10


Composed by:
Nobuo Uematsu (01~06, 08, 10, 12, 13, 15)
Hitoshi Sakimoto (07, 11)
Yoko Shimomura (09)
Masashi Hamauzu (14)

Arranged by IsrafelCello and PurpleSchala

Cello: IsrafelCello
Piano: PurpleSchala

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