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Bound Together: An RPG-Inspired Journey

Catalog Number MCOL-0195
Release Date Feb 01, 2019
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 8.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Work
Published by Materia Collective / /
Composed by Chris Porter /
Arranged by Chris Porter /
Performed by Mason Lieberman, Holland Albright


Disc 1

01 Bound Together ~Main Theme~ 1:20
02 Prologue 1:18
03 Mido's Theme 3:02
04 That Morning in the Village ~Creekwood~ 2:39
05 Memories 1:33
06 Kidnapped! 1:16
07 Sadness, Determination 1:28
08 Ziegler's Theme 2:10
09 Among the Forest Creatures 2:11
10 Battle I 1:31
11 Victory I 0:48
12 Conclave of Thieves 1:30
13 They Have an Attack Boar! 1:38
14 Monovith ~A City on the Border~ 2:08
15 Rest 0:11
16 Captain Nozo's Theme 3:05
17 Centriah Woods 2:11
18 The Packrats (Provisions!) 1:27
19 Earth Caves 3:38
20 Helmstide Harbor 2:32
21 Luces' Theme 1:28
22 Intrepid March 2:07
23 Battle II 2:15
24 Victory II 0:55
25 Defeat 0:15
26 Snowcrest Village 2:15
27 Ena's Theme 2:03
28 Tides of Luna 1:38
29 The Thorny Thicket 4:31
30 War Face 2:14
31 A Battle Most Dire 1:58
32 Fallen Comrade 1:15
33 The Crystal Caves 5:12
34 Venomous Villain 2:48
35 Last Battle ~For Freedom~ 3:51
36 Victory III 1:31
37 At What Cost? 1:16
38 Reunited 1:45
Disc length 76:53

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"Embark on a grand adventure through a sprawling fantasy world, told through 38 tracks of RPG-inspired music!

Mido's childhood friend is kidnapped from their hometown of Creekwood by a mysterious villain, and he will stop at nothing to get her back. Follow along as our hero travels through a vast, wondrous world: visit quaint river towns, lively border cities, bustling harbors, and snow covered villages. In each of these places, Mido will encounter others who will aid him on his quest. Bound together, Mido and his friends will explore ancient forests, conclaves of thieves, deep earth caverns, thorn labyrinths, crystal caves, and more. Wherever they go, danger awaits them. Battles against enemies both large and small will be fought. Experience the beauty of friendship, the dread of uncertainty, and the sadness of loss. Will the adventurers complete their quest? Through the strength of will, they have a fighting chance. But at what cost?

Bound Together: An RPG-Inspired Journey is the follow-up to 2018's Leaving Home: An RPG-Inspired Journey. This album is much larger in scope than its prequel. I wanted to write music that represents not only towns, cites, and landscapes, but for it to also tell a story of heroes, villains, battles, and a larger quest to be completed. Bound Together is filled with themes and melodies that help paint each aspect of the fantasy world it's a part of: a bold main theme; memorable character themes; lively town and village themes; exciting battle and victory themes; and a large variety of music to accompany the various other locations and situations the adventurers encounter. I hope that as you listen to this album, the details of these characters, their story, and their world begin to take shape in your imagination. Enjoy the journey!"

Chris Porter: Composer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Jonathan Griffith: Album Art

Mason Lieberman: Cello on track 35

Holland Albright: Piano on track 38