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MCOL-0399-VMoss: Book II Publisher, CopyrightMar 2023
FPCD-0015~6Underhero Original Game Soundtrack CopyrightAug 2022
N/AMoss: Book II Publisher, CopyrightJul 21, 2022
MCOL-0294-VChild albumCarrion Original Game Soundtrack Publisher, CopyrightJan 2022
MCOL-0316-VChild albumCrest of Flames Publisher, CopyrightOct 15, 2021
MCOL-0335MEGA REMIX MAN.EXE CopyrightJul 09, 2021
SMRC-1050Prescription for Sleep: Stardew Valley CopyrightMay 19, 2021
MCOL-0316-CDChild albumCrest of Flames Manufacturer, DistributorMay 04, 2021
MCOL-0279-VChild albumThe Keyblade War Publisher, CopyrightMay 2021
MCOL-0344The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark Original Game Soundtrack CopyrightApr 06, 2021
MCOL-0144-VCrossCode Manufacturer, Distributor, CopyrightApr 2021
MCOL-0339Teratopia Original Game Soundtrack CopyrightMar 26, 2021
MCOL-0286-VChild albumConspiravision: Deus Ex Remixed Publisher, CopyrightJan 2021
MCOL-0291-CDUndertale LIVE Copyright2021
MCOL-0334Unplugged CopyrightDec 17, 2020
MCOL-0333Music Box Classics: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time CopyrightDec 15, 2020
MCOL-0332ARK II CopyrightDec 11, 2020
MCOL-0258-VChild albumHollow Knight Piano Collections Publisher, CopyrightDec 2020
BSR046Child albumHang on to Your Hat CopyrightDec 2020
SMRC-1057Scarlet Moon Christmas Volume V CopyrightNov 27, 2020
MCOL-0329A Merry Hyrule Christmas CopyrightNov 26, 2020
MCOL-0291Undertale LIVE Publisher, CopyrightNov 21, 2020
MCOL-0328Aground Original Game Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition) CopyrightNov 20, 2020
MCOL-0330Journey of the Heart: A Ni No Kuni Tribute CopyrightNov 13, 2020
FG11UNDERTALE CopyrightNov 2020
MCOL-0327OTHERWORLD: A Tribute to Silent Hill CopyrightOct 27, 2020
SMRC-1055Ray's the Dead Original Game Soundtrack CopyrightOct 22, 2020
MCOL-0316Crest of Flames Publisher, CopyrightOct 16, 2020
MCOL-0326Joggernauts: Tunez From The Moonz Publisher, CopyrightOct 11, 2020
MCOL-0323Ikenfell Original Game Soundtrack Publisher, CopyrightOct 08, 2020
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