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Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Original Game Soundtrack

Civilization VI - Gathering Storm OST
Civilization VI: Gathering Storm (Original Game Soundtrack)
Catalog Number N/A
Barcode 859730942865
Release Date Feb 14, 2019
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 8.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement, Vocal
Publisher2K / /
DistributorTuneCore / /


Composer / Geoff Knorr, Roland Rizzo
Arranger / Geoff Knorr, Phill Boucher
Performer / Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra, Martinů Voices, Te Tini a Maui Kapa Haka Group, Amadou Kouyate, Inkarayku, Niccolo Seligmann, Patrick McAvinue, Cris Jacobs, Eylem Basaldi, Adam Good, Kylie Hilali, Chakib Hilali, Sandro Friedrich, Michal Horsák
Recording Engineer / Jan Holzner, Geoff Knorr
Mixing Engineer / Geoff Knorr
Mastering Engineer / Geoff Knorr
Conductor / Andy Brick

Disc 1 Original Soundtrack

01 Gathering Storm 2:50
02 The Ancient Era (Canada) 1:17
03 The Medieval Era (Canada) 3:41
04 The Industrial Era (Canada) 4:25
05 The Atomic Era (Canada) 4:26
06 The Ancient Era (Hungary) 1:19
07 The Medieval Era (Hungary) 3:19
08 The Industrial Era (Hungary) 4:06
09 The Atomic Era (Hungary) 4:00
10 The Ancient Era (Inca) 1:42
11 The Medieval Era (Inca) 4:01
12 The Industrial Era (Inca) 4:22
13 The Atomic Era (Inca) 4:13
14 The Ancient Era (Mali) 1:40
15 The Medieval Era (Mali) 4:23
16 The Industrial Era (Mali) 5:07
17 The Atomic Era (Mali) 5:08
18 The Ancient Era (Maori) 1:27
19 The Medieval Era (Maori) 3:58
20 The Industrial Era (Maori) 4:12
21 The Atomic Era (Maori) 4:16
22 The Ancient Era (Ottoman) 1:48
23 The Medieval Era (Ottoman) 4:39
24 The Industrial Era (Ottoman) 4:25
25 The Atomic Era (Ottoman) 4:25
26 The Ancient Era (Phoenicia) 2:31
27 The Medieval Era (Phoenicia) 2:45
28 The Industrial Era (Phoenicia) 4:05
29 The Atomic Era (Phoenicia) 4:13
30 The Ancient Era (Sweden) 1:54
31 The Medieval Era (Sweden) 4:44
32 The Industrial Era (Sweden) 3:54
33 The Atomic Era (Sweden) 3:45
Disc length 117:00



Soundtrack to the Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion.


Music composed by Geoff Knorr and Roland Rizzo

Additional electronics and arranging by Phill Boucher

The Te Tini a Maui Kapa Haka Group:
- Mara Andrews
- Patrick Hape
- W. Te Kanawa
- K. Tio Hiroti
- Manu Cummings
- TeUrikore Biddle
- Morehu Rei
- Careene Andrews
- Wesley Paul
- Ben Hemana

Te Rauparaha was the composer of the haka "Ka Mate" and a chief of Ngati Toa Rangatira during the first half of the 19th century

As far as is known, "Tika Tonu" was composed by Waimarama Puhara, a respected chief in the Hawkes Bay area in the early 1900’s

Amadou Kouyate: Kora

- Carlos Moises Ambia: Quena, Siku
- Andres Jimenez: Quena, Siku, Percussion

Niccolo Seligmann: Bass Viol, Vielle, Nyckelharpa

Patrick McAvinue: Fiddle
Cris Jacobs: Guitar

Eylem Basaldi: Violin
Adam Good: Oud and Tanbur
Kylie Hilali: Qanun
Chakib Hilali: Ney

Sandro Friedrich: Ney, Duduk, Pinkillo, Quena, Recorder, Tarogato, Siku, Kaval, Dvojnice, Occorsoflute

Michal Horsák: Cimbalom

Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra
Conducted by Andy Brick
Martinů Voices
Lukas Vasilek: Martinů Voices Conductor
Jan Holzner: Orchestra and Choir Recording Engineer
Vítek Král: Assistant Engineer
Petr Pycha: Orchestra Contractor
Tomáš Kirschner: Orchestra Librarian
Geoff Knorr: Orchestrator

Te Tini a Maui recorded at CREW Studios, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Geoff Knorr: Recording Engineer
Andy Warren: Assistant Engineer

Vielle and Bass Viol recorded at Studio A, Peabody Institute, Baltimore, MD
Geoff Knorr: Recording Engineer
Sunglae Park: Pro Tools Operator

Inkarayku recorded at Pinch Recording, Long Island City, NY
Geoff Knorr: Recording Engineer
Caio Carvalho: Assistant Engineer

Orchestra and choir recorded at Smecky Music Studios, Prague, Czech Republic

Mixed and mastered by Geoff Knorr

Special thanks to Jozsef Horvath of the Életfa Hungarian Folk Band for Hungarian folk music guidance

Special thanks to Andrea Picard Boecker for Canadian folk music guidance


Geoff Knorr - 01, 03, 04, 15, 16, 19, 20, 23, 24, 31, 32
Patrick McAvinue and Cris Jacobs - 02
Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher - 05, 17, 21, 25, 33
Sandro Friedrich and Michal Horsák - 06
Roland Rizzo - 07, 08, 11, 12, 27, 28
Roland Rizzo and Phill Boucher - 09, 13, 29
Carlos Moises Ambia and Andres Jimenez from Inkarayku - 10
Amadou Kouyate - 14
The Te Tini a Maui Kapa Haka Group - 18
Adam Good - 22
Sandro Friedrich and Roland Rizzo - 26
Niccolo Seligmann - 30

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