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Chronopolis: Music Inspired by Chrono Cross

Catalog Number OCRA-0070
Release Date Mar 18, 2019
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 2 Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /


Disc 1

01 Hold onto the Dream (Radical Dreamers ~Le Trésor Interdit~) 5:21
02 Awakening to Adventure (Arni Village: Home) 3:46
03 Whispering Shadows (Shadow Forest) 3:44
04 Cosmic Kleptomaniac (The Girl Who Stole the Stars) 5:32
05 Outside Looking In (Those Who Have Departed) 3:10
06 Serge's Failure (Grief) 2:13
07 Chillopolis (Chronopolis) 5:20
08 Jupiter Jellie (Jellyfish Sea) 4:23
09 Regretful Lullaby (Ephemeral Feelings) 4:27
10 Sandman's Vision (On the Shores of a Dream: Another World) 2:58
11 If I Could... (Reminiscence ~Undying Feelings~) 4:23
12 Under Cerulean Skies (The Grasslands of Time: Home World) 4:25
13 Eye of the Storm (The Bend of Time) 4:07
14 Hold onto the Dream [Instrumental] (Radical Dreamers ~Le Trésor Interdit~) 5:21
Disc length 59:10
Disc 2

01 Operation Slash and Dash (Chrono Cross ~The Scars of Time~) 2:16
02 Liskojytä (Dance with the Lizards) 3:30
03 Climb Terra Tower, This High (Prayer of the Dragons) 3:16
04 Fire Never Fades (Frozen Flame) 3:10
05 When Two Worlds Meet (Termina: Another) 3:51
06 Magma Bomb (Mount Pyre) 3:04
07 Home Sweet Guldove (Guldove: Home) 3:15
08 Too Much Calcium (Fossil Valley) 3:12
09 A Timely Victory (Victory ~Gift of Spring~) 2:41
10 The Beat That Time Forgot (Gaea's Navel) 3:54
11 Trust My Unwavering Heart (Life ~A Distant Promise~) 6:04
12 The End of Time (Those Imprisoned by Fate) 3:39
13 If I Could... (Synthwave Mix) [Reminiscence ~Undying Feelings~] 4:52
14 Trust My Unwavering Heart [Instrumental] (Life ~A Distant Promise~) 6:04
Disc length 52:48

  Total tracks 28   Total length 1:51:58


Chronopolis: A Chrono Cross Arrange Album
Comments from album director Brad Burr (prophetik music)
Album freely available at

Chrono Cross's OST represents one of the formative works that influenced me to make music. I initially fell in love with the lush visuals and setting, but the music was what drew me in and kept me there. As I prepared to lead this album with months of critical listening and planning, the OST rooted me in a way that few others have. Mitsuda's distinctive combination of singable, recognizable melodies and unique instrumentation made for an unforgettable and endearing soundtrack that transports me to an island paradise, complete with ancient ruins and fantastical creatures.

I can't help but be excited for this album's release. Any project usually has a few people that have been around for a while (Jorito, myself, OceansAndrew), but inevitably there's a few newcomers that also knock it out of the park (Ophanin, Earth Kid, Steven Melin). I believe that the overall quality of this album is easily the best that I've ever been involved with, and I hope that this project enables everyone who listens to be able to revisit the world of Chrono Cross yet again, nearly 20 years later.

- Brad Burr


Disc 1 - Frozen

1-01. prophetik music, DragonAvenger, Chris | Amaterasu - "Hold onto the Dream"
Source: "Radical Dreamers ~Le Trésor Interdit~"

1-02. Steven Melin - "Awakening to Adventure"
Source: "Arni Village: Home"

1-03. NoTuX - "Whispering Shadows"
Source: "Shadow Forest"; Cameo: Xenogears - "Premonition"

1-04. Wiesty, The OC Jazz Collective - "Cosmic Kleptomaniac"
Source: "The Girl Who Stole the Stars"

1-05. prophetik music - "Outside Looking In"
Source: "Those Who Have Departed"

1-06. Ophanin - "Serge's Failure"
Source: "Grief"

1-07. bLiNd - "Chillopolis"
Source: "Chronopolis"

1-08. Avaris - "Jupiter Jellie"
Source: "Jellyfish Sea"

1-09. OceansAndrew, Scaredsim, prophetik music - "Regretful Lullaby"
Source: "Ephemeral Feelings"

1-10. The Coop - "Sandman's Vision"
Source: "On the Shores of a Dream: Another World"

1-11. Jorito, JoyDreamer, Trev Wignall, prophetik music - "If I Could..."
Source: "Reminiscence ~Undying Feelings~"

1-12. Earth Kid - "Under Cerulean Skies"
Source: "The Grasslands of Time: Home World"; Cameos: "Life ~A Distant Promise~," Chrono Trigger - "Schala's Theme," "Outskirts of Time"

1-13. Steven Melin, freezetag - "Eye of the Storm"
Source: "The Bend of Time"

1-14. prophetik music, Chris | Amaterasu - "Hold onto the Dream [Instrumental]"
Source: "Radical Dreamers ~Le Trésor Interdit~"

2-01. prophetik music, Tuberz McGee - "Operation Slash and Dash"
Source: "Chrono Cross ~The Scars of Time~"

2-02. Eino Keskitalo - "Liskojytä"
Source: "Dance with the Lizards"; Cameos: Star Control II - "Syreen", Wonder Boy in Monster Land - "Labyrinth of No End"

2-03. prophetik music - "Climb Terra Tower, This High"
Source: "Prayer of the Dragons"

2-04. Ophanin - "Fire Never Fades"
Source: "Frozen Flame"

2-05. Jorito, Earth Kid - "When Two Worlds Meet"
Source: "Termina: Another"; Cameo: "Marbule: Home"

2-06. prophetik music, Tacorina of Time - "Magma Bomb"
Source: "Mount Pyre"

2-07. OverClocked University - "Home Sweet Guldove"
Source: "Guldove: Home"

2-08. prophetik music - "Too Much Calcium"
Source: "Fossil Valley"

2-09. Lemonectric - "A Timely Victory"
Source: "Victory ~Gift of Spring~"

2-10. prophetik music - "The Beat That Time Forgot"
Source: "Gaea's Navel"

2-11. prophetik music, Janna McKnight, Cyril the Wolf - "Trust My Unwavering Heart"
Sources: "Sea of Eden," "Life ~A Distant Promise~"

2-12. Ophanin - "The End of Time"
Source: "Those Imprisoned by Fate"

2-13. Jorito, JoyDreamer - "If I Could... (Synthwave Mix)"
Source: "Reminiscence ~Undying Feelings~"

2-14. prophetik music, Cyril the Wolf, JohnStacy - "Trust My Unwavering Heart [Instrumental]"
Sources: "Sea of Eden," "Life ~A Distant Promise~"

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