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ダービースタリオン オリジナルサウンドトラック
Catalog Number WDCD-30115 [Extra Credits]
Release Date Jun 24, 1998
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3000 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
Organizations ONE-DER ENTERTAINMENT / / (Publisher), Teichiku Records / / (Distributor)
Composer / Manami Matsumae /
Arranger / David Matthews
Performer / katuya kobayashi, Bud Burridge, Chris Gekker, James Hynes, Lew Soloff / , Birch Johnson, Dave Taylor, Tony Price, Aaron Heick, Roger Rosenberg, Chip Jackson, Mark Egan, Jon Werking, Gil Goldstein, Terry Silverlight, Fred Griffen, Jeff Lang, Stewart Rose, Victor Lewis, Andy Stein, Frank Vignola, Ross Traut, Jimmy Saporitoa, Gordon Gottlieb, Chuck Loeb, David Matthews, Gene Ingraham, Charles Libove, Sharon Yamata, Robert Chausow, Kenneth Gordon, Charles Rex, Anna Rabinova, Ron Oakland, Martin Stoner, Susan Orenstein, Fred Zlotkin, Maxine Newman, Mark Shulman, Alan Stapalsky, Emily Mitchell, Tom Nakanishi, George Young
Lyricist / 杉崎智幸
Recording Engineer / Chaz Clifton
Assistant Engineer / Billy Eric
Mixing Engineer / Ken Hiranai, Junya Endo /
Mixing Studio / Green Bird Studio
Mastering Engineer / Kazuhiro Yamagata /
Mastering Studio / Green Bird Studio
Conductor / David Matthews


Disc 1

01 Opening Theme 4:48
02 Let's Name the Pasture 2:33
03 Birth of a Legendary Horse 2:16
04 Spring ~ Birth 3:55
05 Summer ~ Action 3:37
06 Autumn ~ Growth 3:40
07 Winter ~ Hope 3:53
08 Stable 4:04
09 Paddock 2:32
10 The Riding Ground 3:00
11 Fanfare 0:35
12 Race 4:44
13 Awarding 0:58
14 Spring ~ Spring Jazz Come 4:51
15 Ending Theme 5:40
16 Waiting GI ~ Bamboo Shampoo's Theme 6:30
Disc length 57:36



Composition: Manami Matsumae (uncredited in the booklet)
Arranged & Conducted: DAVID MATTHEWS

Vocal: katuya kobayashi (小林 克也) (Coutesy of Vap.)
Lyrics: 杉崎智幸
Chorus: Tom Nakanishi
mixed & Mastering: Green Bird Studio
mixed Engineer: Ken Hiranai (平内 健)
mixed Assistant Engineer: Junya Endo

Trumpets: Burridge, Bud; Chris Gekker; James Hynes; Lew Soloff
Tenor Trombone: Birch Johnson (Blues Brothers Band)
Bass Trombone: Dave Taylor
Tuba: Tony Price
Clarinet/Flute: Aaron Heick, Roger Rosenberg
Bass (upright): Chip Jackson
Bass (elec/acc): Mark Egan
Synth, Piano: Jon Werking
Synth: Gil Goldstein
Drum: Terry Silverlight
Horn: Fred Griffen, Jeff Lang, Stewart Rose
Oboe/Flute/Soprano Sax/Clarinet: Roger Rosenberg
Flute/Bassoon/Clarinet/Bass clar: [no one listed]
Bass (upright): Chip Jackson
Synth,Piano: Jon Werking
Drum: Terry Silverlight, Victor Lewis
Fiddle: Andy Stein (Grammy Award for Country Music)
Banjo: Frank Vignola (Coutesy of Concord Records)
A.Guitar: Ross Traut
Percussion: Jimmy Saporitoa, Gordon Gottlieb (NY Philharmonic)
Guitar: Chuck Loeb  
Piano: David Matthews
Violin: Gene Ingraham (Concertmaster American Symphony), Charles Libove, Sharon Yamata (N.Y.Philharmonic), Robert Chausow (Concertmaster Metropolitan Ballet), Kenneth Gordon (Assistant Concertmaster N.Y.Philharmonic), Charles Rex (Associate Concertmaster N.Y.Philharmonic), Anna Rabinova (N.Y.Philharmonic), Ron Oakland, Martin Stoner, Susan Orenstein (Little Orch.Society)
Cello: Fred Zlotkin (1st N.Y.C. Ballet), Maxine Newman, Mark Shulman, Alan Stapalsky (1st Desk N.Y.Philharmonic)
Harp: Emily Mitchell (Winner International Harp Competition)

* Saxophonist George Young is pictured several times in the booklet but is not listed as a performer on the staff page.

Sound Producer: Shigeyuki Kawashima
Engineer: Chaz Clifton
Assistant engineer: Billy Eric
Recorded at: WAREHOUSE STUDIO, N.Y. Feb.24~26, 1988
Mastering Engineer: Kazuhiro Yamagata (CD Design)

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