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Pokémon Detective Pikachu Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Catalog Number 19075943872
Barcode 190759438725
Release Date May 10, 2019
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 15.99 EUR
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
LabelSony Classical / /
DistributorSony Music Entertainment / /


Composer / Henry Jackman, Jeff Morrow, Evan Goldman, Kazuma Jinnouchi /
Arranger / Stephen Coleman, Andrew Kinney, Henri Wilkinson, Jonathan Beard, Ed Trybek
Performer / Everton Nelson, Steve Morris, Ian Humphries, Richard George, Matt Ward, Emlyn Singleton, Martyn Jackson, Patrick Kiernan, Cathy Thompson, Jenny Sacha, Nicky Sweeney, Rick Koster, Mark Berrow, Jackie Hartley, Ollie Heath, Thom Gould, Dai Emanuel, Boguslaw Kostecki, Roger Garland, Martin Burgess, Marianne Haynes, Daniel Bhattacharya, Jackie Shave, Alison Dods, Perry Montague-Mason, Natalia Bonner, Clio Gould, Oli Langford, Tom Pigott-Smith, Bruce White, Peter Lale, Martin Humbey, Andy Parker, Reiad Chibah, Helen Kamminga, Fiona Bonds, Julia Knight, Kate Musker, Max Baillie, Fiona Winning, Annie Beilby, Caroline Dale, Tim Gill, lan Burdge, Chris Worsey, Tony Wollard, Hetty Snell, Anthony Lewis, Paul Kegg, Nick Cooper, Vicky Matthews, Mary Scully, Allen Walley, Steve Williams, Steve Mair, Richard Pryce, Andy Marshall, Karen Jones, Anna Noakes, Helen Keen, David Thomas, Matthew Draper, Janey Miller, Jon Carnac, Anthony Pike, Dave Fuest, Duncan Ashby, Gavin McNaughton, Richard Skinner, Rachel Simms, Richard Watkins, David Pyatt, Nigel Black, Michael Thompson, Philip Eastop, Richard Berry, Simon Rayner, Jason Evans, Daniel Newell, Kate Moore, Philip Cobb, Byron Fulcher, Tracey Holloway, Ed Tarrant, Dave Stewart, Barry Clements, Andy Wood, Peter Moore, Owen Slade, Skaila Kanga, David Hartley, Frank Ricotti, Gary Kettel, Paul Clarvis
Recording Studio / AIR Studios
Conductor / Gavin Greenaway


Disc 1

01 Mewtwo Awakes 1:19
02 Catching a Cubone 2:05
03 Bad News 1:17
04 Howard Clifford 0:56
05 Ryme City 2:11
06 A Key to the Past 2:06
07 Aipom Attacks 1:58
08 On the Case 1:26
09 Childhood Memories 1:42
10 Buddies 1:08
11 The Interrogation of Mr. Mime 1:53
12 The Roundhouse 1:50
13 Pikachu vs. Charizard 3:06
14 Embrace 3:07
15 Digging Deeper 3:55
16 Unauthorized Access 3:38
17 Greninja & Torterra 2:59
18 The Forest of Healing 3:53
19 Shock to the System 1:19
20 Save the City 1:07
21 True Colors 2:11
22 Merge to One 2:08
23 Game On 1:05
24 Ditto Battle 2:26
25 Howard Unplugged 2:35
26 Epiphany 2:22
27 Together 2:20
Disc length 58:02



Soundtrack to the live-action/animated movie adaptation of the game "Detective Pikachu".

Everton Nelson - Orchestra Leader
Steve Morris - Leader of 2nd Violins
Ian Humphries
Richard George
Matt Ward
Emlyn Singleton
Martyn Jackson
Patrick Kiernan
Cathy Thompson
Jenny Sacha
Nicky Sweeney
Rick Koster
Mark Berrow
Jackie Hartley
Ollie Heath
Thom Gould
Dai Emanuel
Boguslaw Kostecki
Roger Garland
Martin Burgess
Marianne Haynes
Daniel Bhattacharya
Jackie Shave
Alison Dods
Perry Montague-Mason
Natalia Bonner
Clio Gould
Oli Langford
Tom Pigott-Smith

Bruce White - 1st Viola
Peter Lale
Martin Humbey
Andy Parker
Reiad Chibah
Helen Kamminga
Fiona Bonds
Julia Knight
Kate Musker
Max Baillie
Fiona Winning
Annie Beilby

Caroline Dale - 1st Cello
Tim Gill
lan Burdge
Chris Worsey
Tony Wollard
Hetty Snell
Anthony Lewis
Paul Kegg
Nick Cooper
Vicky Matthews

Double Basses
Mary Scully - 1st Bass
Allen Walley
Steve Williams
Steve Mair
Richard Pryce
Andy Marshall

Karen Jones
Anna Noakes

Helen Keen

David Thomas
Matthew Draper

Oboe / Cor anglais
Janey Miller

Jon Carnac
Anthony Pike
Dave Fuest
Duncan Ashby

Gavin McNaughton
Richard Skinner
Rachel Simms

French horns
Richard Watkins
David Pyatt
Nigel Black
Michael Thompson
Philip Eastop
Richard Berry
Simon Rayner

Jason Evans
Daniel Newell
Kate Moore
Philip Cobb

Byron Fulcher
Tracey Holloway
Ed Tarrant
Dave Stewart
Barry Clements
Andy Wood
Peter Moore

Owen Slade

Skaila Kanga

David Hartley

Frank Ricotti
Gary Kettel
Paul Clarvis


Score Composed by Henry Jackman
Soundtrack Produced by Henry Jackman and Maverick Dugger
Additional Music by Jeff Morrow, Evan Goldman, Kazuma Jinnouchi
Score Mixed by Chris Fogel
Music Editor: Pete 'Oso' Snell
Music Production Services: Matthew Kusell Justmann
Music Supervisor: Peter Afterman and Margaret Yen
Associate Music Supervisor: Alison Litton
Music Coordinator: Jane Berry
Music Assistant: Michaela Green
Score Technical Engineers: Maverick Dugger, Felipe Pacheco, John Paul Lefebvre
Orchestrations by Stephen Coleman, Andrew Kinney
Additional Orchestrations by Henri Wilkinson, Jonathan Beard, Ed Trybek
Orchestra Contractor: Lucy Whalley for Isobel Griffiths Ltd
Orchestra Leader: Everton Nelson
Engineer: Nick Wollage
Assistant Engineers: Alex Ferguson, Jack Mills
Music Preparation: Jill Streater
Score Conducted by Gavin Greenaway
Pro Tools Recordist: Chris Barrett
Score Recording Editor: John Chapman
Score Recorded at Air Studios, London
Studio Manager for Air Studios: Alison Burton
Assistant to Henry Jackman: Allison Swift

Published by Legendary Notes (ASCAP)

*Track 12 "The Roundhouse" published by Legendary Notes / BMG / Kobalt / Universal Music Publishing

Booklet Editing & Design: WLP Ltd
Soundtrack Acquisitions: Mark Cavell
Sony Classical Product Development: Guido Eitberger

Henry Jackman would like to thank Legendary Entertainment, Rob Letterman, Mary Parent, Cale Boyter, Valerie Veras, Ali Mendes, Mark Sanger, Lisa Dennis, Clint Bennett, Peter Afterman, Margaret Yen, Laura Engel, Mike Shapiro, Alex Belcher, Eva Reistad, Victoria De La Vega, Ralph, Ellie & Mum.

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