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Media / Entertainment Company
United States
Sony Music Studios
Operated as Sony Music Entertainment from 1991 to 2004 when the name was changed to Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Returned to SME as of 2008.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America.






N/AVampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines: More Music From the Vault DistributorJun 25, 2021
19439843131Child albumDemon's Souls ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK DistributorJun 18, 2021
G010004515692ZWish Dragon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack DistributorJun 11, 2021
G010004601996ZRatchet & Clank: Rift Apart DistributorJun 09, 2021
G010004580743EHorizon Forbidden West: The Isle of Spires DistributorJun 03, 2021
G010004394640SEden: Music from the Netflix Original Anime Series DistributorMay 28, 2021
G010004599957OThe Longest Road on Earth Original Soundtrack DistributorMay 27, 2021
G0100045620213Returnal DistributorMay 07, 2021
G010004432273CThe Mitchells vs The Machines Original Motion Picture Soundtrack DistributorApr 30, 2021
G010004560658PAstro's Playroom DistributorMar 12, 2021
G010004555026EPacific Rim: The Black - Music from the Netflix Original Anime Series DistributorMar 05, 2021
G010004529742RMemories of Mother (Farewell to Faye Version) DistributorFeb 12, 2021
G0100045476183Blood of Zeus: Music From the Netflix Original Anime Series DistributorFeb 08, 2021
19439772461Ghost of Tsushima (Music from the Video Game) DistributorDec 18, 2020
19439843152Child albumEVANGELION FINALLY DistributorDec 04, 2020
19439843132Child albumDemon's Souls ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK DistributorDec 04, 2020
19439787701Cowboy Bebop (Original Series Soundtrack) DistributorNov 20, 2020
19439809222Child albumOver the Moon Music from the Netflix Film DistributorNov 13, 2020
19439785621My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Original Soundtrack DistributorOct 23, 2020
19439784292Child albumPROMARE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK DistributorJul 31, 2020
19439793102Child albumThe Last of Us Part II Original Soundtrack DistributorJul 24, 2020
19439793082Ghost of Tsushima DistributorJul 17, 2020
19075839562Animal Crackers Music from the Netflix Original Film DistributorJul 17, 2020
G010004424127WPromise of the West ("Horizon Forbidden West" Reveal Trailer Theme) DistributorJul 10, 2020
19439737942The Witcher Music from the Netflix Original Series DistributorJun 05, 2020
19439737941The Witcher Music from the Netflix Original Series DistributorJun 05, 2020
19075972581Child albumFINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE and FINAL FANTASY VII Vinyl DistributorMar 27, 2020
19439728042Child albumDeath Stranding Songs from the Video Game DistributorMar 20, 2020
19439727722Death Stranding Original Score DistributorMar 13, 2020
19439720192The Tiger Who Came to Tea Original Film Soundtrack DistributorDec 20, 2019
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