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Single Collection + Hotchpotch / Maaya Sakamoto

シングルコレクション + ハチポチ / 坂本真綾
Catalog Number 5287-2 (U.S. printing of VICL-60507)
Barcode 013023528727
Release Date Jul 05, 2005
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 14.98 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal, Original Work
LabelGeneon / /



Disc 1

01 No Promises Necessary 3:36
02 Friends 3:41
03 Our History 4:22
04 Gift 5:49
05 I Shall Go See You 5:15
06 Into The Light 4:41
07 Light Of Love 7:54
08 Sea Of Miracles 4:10
09 Active Heart 4:16
10 Pilot 3:56
11 Platinum 4:11
12 24 4:49
13 About My Lover 4:22
14 Empty Our Pockets 4:08
15 Call Your Name 4:17
Disc length 69:27

Translated by discogs


U.S. version of Hotchpotch accompanied Sakamoto's first U.S. live at Anime Expo 2005 (July 3rd, 2005).

Yoko Kanno (all tracks)

Yuho Iwasato (1-9,11, 14)
Maaya Sakamoto (10, 15)
Kazumi Someya (12)
Youji Kubota (13)

Producer: Yoko Kanno
Co-producer: Shiro Sasaki (Victor)
Recording Coordinator: Toshiaka Ota
Director: Yukako Inoue (Victor)

US Staff
Executive Producer: Nobu Yamamoto (Geneon)
Producer: Terry Ho (Geneon)
Mastering: mediaHYPERIUM Studios

Apf/Keyboards: Yoko Kanno
Drums: Yasuo Sano, Neal Wilkinson, Shigeo Miyata
Bass: Hitoshi Watanabe, Andy Pask
Guitar: Tsuneo Imahori, Huge Burns, Masayoshi Furukawa
Strings: Masatsugu Shinozaki Strings, Orchestra Leader Gavyn Wright, Members of L'Orchestra dell 'unione musicisti Roma
Percussion: Yoichi Okabe
Backing Vocals: Maaya Sakamoto, Gabriela Robin, Junko Hirotani
Sound Architect: Keishi Urata, Syunsuke Sakamoto

Notes from Parent Album:
All music by Yoko Kanno
Words: Yuho Iwasato (1–9, 11, 14)
  Maaya Sakamoto(10,15)
  Yoji Kubota(13)
  Kazumi Someya(12)

1: TV Animation "The Vision of Escaflowne" Opening Theme
2: TV Animation "The Vision of Escaflowne" Insert Song
3: Radio Drama "CLAMP School Detectives" Theme Song
4: TV Animation "CLAMP School Detectives" Ending Theme [2nd single]
5: 2nd single "Gift" c/w track
6: TV Animation "The Vision of Escaflowne" Image Song
7: WOWOW Animation  "Brain Powerd" Image Song
8: TV Animation "Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight" Opening Theme [3rd single]
9: 3rd single "Kiseki no Umi" c/w track
10: 4th single "Hashiru" c/w track
11:  TV Animation "Cardcaptor Sakura" Opening Theme [5th single]
12: 5th single "Platinum" c/w track
13: later released as "Dreams in a Pie" on "Napple Tale Illustrated Guide to the Monsters" with English lyrics
14: TV Animation "The Vision of Escaflowne" Image Song
15: Radio Drama "Escaflowne ~Prologue~" Theme Song

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