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from 2003 to 2007
Parent company: Geneon Entertainment
Label / Imprint
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Publisher5368-2Ergo Proxy original sound track opus 01Jan 16, 2007
Publisher5366-2 This album is a reprintFate/stay night A.OSTJan 16, 2007
Publisher5347-2 This album is a reprintELEMENTAL GELADE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 1Jan 16, 2007
Publisher5363-2 This album is a reprintTrigun: the 2nd Donut Happy PackDec 26, 2006
Publisher5348-2Please Teacher!: StokesiaDec 26, 2006
Publisher5370-2 This album is a reprintPsychic Academy: ψchic musicDec 05, 2006
Publisher5365-2 This album is a reprintGUN×SWORD O.S.T.2Dec 05, 2006
Publisher5360-2Blood: The Last Vampire Original SoundtrackDec 05, 2006
Publisher5338-2 This album is a reprintTV ANIMATION DearS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKDec 05, 2006
Publisher5371-2Ergo Proxy original sound track opus 02Nov 21, 2006
Publisher5359-2 This album is a reprintPRHYTHM / angelaNov 14, 2006
Publisher5352-2 This album is a reprintKamiChu! Original SoundtrackOct 10, 2006
Publisher5308-2 This album is a reprintThis Ugly Yet Beautiful World Original Soundtrack 1Oct 10, 2006
Publisher5364-2 This album is a reprintGUN×SWORD O.S.T.Sep 26, 2006
Publisher5344-2 This album is a reprintSAMURAI CHAMPLOO Music Record 2: playlistSep 26, 2006
Publisher5361-2 This album is a reprintShakugan no Shana original sound trackSep 05, 2006
Publisher5351-2 This album is a reprintDoki Doki School Hours SoundtracksJul 04, 2006
Publisher5345-2 This album is a reprintfour seasons Bottle Fairy Image AlbumJun 20, 2006
Publisher53412 This album is a reprintStrawberry Marshmallow Original Sound TrackJun 20, 2006
Publisher5339-2 This album is a reprintStarship Operators ORIGINAL SOUND TRACKApr 04, 2006
Publisher5337-2 This album is a reprintFinal Fantasy: Unlimited MUSIC ADVENTURE Verse.1Feb 07, 2006
Publisher5336-2 This album is a reprinttrigun the first donutsFeb 07, 2006
Publisher5335-2Viewtiful Joe Original SoundtrackFeb 07, 2006
Publisher12694 This album is a reprintViewtiful JoeFeb 07, 2006
Publisher5312-2 This album is a reprintAH! MY GODDESS Original Sound Track-1Jan 03, 2006
Publisher5290-2 This album is a reprintRevolutionary Girl Utena - Angel Creation, Namely LightJan 03, 2006
Publisher5331-2FAFNER in the azure -NOW HERE-Jan 01, 2006
Publisher5329-2 This album is a reprintPuni Puni ☆ Poemy: Absolute Last CDDec 06, 2005
Publisher5310-2 This album is a reprintTetsujin 28 Music Collection 2Nov 22, 2005
Publisher5328-2 This album is a reprintEXCEL SAGA GREAT SOUNDTRACK Experiment 2Nov 01, 2005
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