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The Hobbit Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A [Extra Credits]
Release Date Jan 11, 2003
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Free (U.S.)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Organizations Rednote Audio
Composed by Rod Abernethy, Dave Adams, Jason Graves
Arranged by Jason Graves
Performed by Rod Abernethy, Dave Adams, Jason Graves, Rodney Marsh, Barney Pilgrim, Simon James, Northwest Sinfonia of Seattle
Produced by Rod Abernethy, Dave Adams, Jason Graves
Directed by Marc Schaefgen
Conducted by Jason Graves
Recorded by
Mixed by
Mastered by


Disc 1

01 Prelude 1:03
02 Flight of the Dragon 1:03
03 A Hobbit's Tale Reprise 0:35
04 Combat in the Lone-lands 2:18
05 A Walk in the Shire 1:01
06 Lianna's Theme 0:47
07 Travelling to Rivendell 0:59
08 Dwarves at Work 0:39
09 Lost in the Caves 0:42
10 Crossing the Bridge 1:51
11 Battle of Lake-town 2:26
12 Sneaking Through Elvish Halls 2:55
13 Working in the Mill 2:00
14 The Desolation of Smaug 1:29
15 The Battle of Five Armies 2:32
16 Combat in Mirkwood 1:30
17 Lurking Among the Wood-elves 0:33
18 Inside the Misty Mountains 2:06
19 The Spider Gauntlet 1:23
20 The Trolls 2:17
21 Beorn Crushes Bolg 2:02
22 Smaug Awakens 1:42
23 A Hobbit's Tale 2:09
Disc length 36:02


Soundtrack available for free download at

Soundtrack produced by Rod Abernethy, Dave Adams and Jason Graves
under the supervision of Marc Schaefgen, Audio Supervisor of Inevitable Entertainment
and Chance Thomas, Tolkien Music Director for Vivendi Universal Games
Composed by: Rod Abernethy, Dave Adams, and Jason Graves
Orchestrated and conducted by: Jason Graves
Live orchestra recorded by: Reed Ruddy and Sam Hofstedt at Studio X, Seattle WA,
with the Northwest Sinfonia of Seattle

All acoustic instrumental sessions were recorded by Rednote Audio by Rod Abernethy and Dave Adams
All tracks were mixed at Rednote Audio, Raleigh NC by Rod Abernethy, Dave Adams and Jason Graves

Rod Abernethy: 6/12 string guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, accordion, hammered dulcimer, percussion
Dave Adams: 6 string guitar, bouzouki, percussion
Jason Graves: percussion
Rodney Marsh: celtic flutes, uillean pipes
Barney Pilgrim: violin on "A Hobbit's Tale"
Simon James: violin on "A Hobbit's Tale Reprise"

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