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Catalog Number ASWJP-19004
Release Date Nov 21, 2019
Publish Format Commercial, Retailer Bonus
Release Price Not for Sale (Japan)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherArc System Works / /


Disc 1

01 Crossing Fate 4:24
02 Crossing Fate ft.P4U 4:55
03 Crossing Fate ft.UNI 4:39
04 Crossing Fate ft.RWBY 4:24
05 Resonance 4:24
06 System 4:43
07 Ruby Mix (BBTAG special) 4:58
08 Weiss Mix (BBTAG special) 5:50
09 Blake Mix (BBTAG special) 5:05
10 Yang Mix (BBTAG special) 5:06
11 Calamitytrigger 1:36
12 Continuum Shift 1:20
13 Chronophantasma 1:35
14 Centralfiction 1:45
15 Crossing Fate (short ver.) 1:33
16 Turning Fate 1:43
Disc length 58:00

Translated by reference


01 BBTAG Opening Theme
02 BBTAG Opening Theme (Atlus Arrange Ver.)
03 BBTAG Opening Theme (French Bread Arrange Ver.)
04 BBTAG Opening Theme (Rooster Teeth Arrange Ver.)
05 BBTAG Staff Roll
06 System No. XX's Theme Song
07 Ruby's Theme Song (Medley)
08 Weiss' Theme Song (Medley)
09 Blake's Theme Song (Medley)
10 Yang's Theme Song (Medley)
11 BBCT Arcade Version Opening Theme
12 BBCS Arcade Version Opening Theme
13 BBCP Arcade Version Opening Theme
14 BBCF Arcade Version Opening Theme
15 BBTAG Opening Theme (Trailer Ver.)

Arc System Works Sound Team
Norichika Sato / Composer (M-01~06, 15)
Toshihiro Kajihara / Guitar
Atsushi Hasegawa / Bass
Yuma Ito / Violin

M-02: Tetsuya Kobayashi

Raito / Arrangement
sho (VividCoin) / Guitar

M-04: Jeff Williams

RWBY Sound Team
Jeff Williams / Composer (M-07~10)
Casey Lee Williams / Vocals

M-07 is a medley of "This Will Be The Day", "Red Like Roses (Red Trailer)", "Red Like Roses, Pt. II", and "Best Day Ever".
M-08 is a medley of "Mirror Mirror (White Trailer)", "It's My Turn", and "This Life is Mine".
M-09 is a medley of "From Shadows (Black Trailer) and "Like Morning Follows Night".
M-10 is a medley of "I Burn (Yellow Trailer)" and "Armed and Ready".

M11~14: Daisuke Ishiwatari / Composer

Bonus for the combined purchase of "BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE Special Edition DX Pack" & "BLAZBLUE SOUND COMPLETE BOX" from ebten.

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Platforms represented
Nintendo Switch, PC, Sony PlayStation 4


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