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Days Gone Original Video Game Soundtrack

Catalog Number MOND-181
Release Date Nov 2019
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 35.00 USD
Media Format 2 Vinyl (12" 33⅓ rpm)
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
LabelMasterworks / / , Mondo / /
DistributorMondo Tees, LLC / /
Phonographic CopyrightSony Interactive Entertainment LLC / /


Music / Nathan Whitehead
Senior Director of Music / Chuck Doud
Score Produced by / Keith Leary, Peter Scaturro
Music Production Manager / Joel Yarger
Music Editing / Scott Shoemaker, Ernest Johnson, Monty Mudd, Andrew Buresh, Ted Kocher, Anthony Caruso, Scott Hanau, Rob Goodson, Zak Millman, Bill Hemstapat, Joshua Gomez, Scott Bergstrom, Tyler Crowder, Seira McCarthy, Justin Lieberman, Andrew Kang, Tao-Ping "Tommy" Chen, Adam Kallibjian, Alex Ruger
Music Integration / Scott Shoemaker, Ernest Johnson
Cello / Cameron Stone
Bass Guitar / Sean Hurley
Drums / Bryan Mantia
Score Recorded at / Ocean Way Studios, Band House Studios, PlayStation Recording Studios
Score Recorded by / Nick Spezia, Eddie Jackson, Kellogg Boynton, Chris Steffan
Score Mixed by / Satoshi Mark Noguchi
Pro Tools Engineer / Jasper LeMaster
Music Orchestration / Peter Bateman
Music Preparation / Jordan Cox
Music Librarian / Sammy Sanfilippo
Orchestra / Nashville Scoring Orchestra
Conducted by / David Shipps
Contractor / Alan Umstead
Additional Arrangements / Erik Lutz
Senior Music Manager / Marc Senasac
Senior A&R Manager / Alex Hackford
Senior Manager, Music Affairs / Jason Swan
Music Affairs Specialist / Justin Fields
Senior Coordinator, Music Affairs / Vanessa Zamora
Project Manager / Angelica Garde-Advincula
Music Department Assistant / Kerry Ryan
Written by / Jack Savoretti, Billy Raffoul, Lewis Marc Capaldi, Zander Reese
Performed by / Jack Savoretti, Billy Raffoul, Lewis Marc Capaldi, Zander Reese


Disc 1

01 Days Gone 3:41
02 The Freakshow 3:35
03 We've All Done Things 3:36
04 Rest in Peace 3:06
05 Finding NERO 2:58
06 The Broken Road 3:22
07 The Rager Bear 2:51
Side length 23:09
08 A Good Soldier 2:38
09 Lost Lake 2:58
10 I Remember 3:19
11 Keep Them Safe 3:04
12 Riding NOMAD 3:23
13 Promises and Regrets 3:27
14 You're Safe Now 2:47
Side length 21:36
Disc 2

01 What Did You Do? 2:30
02 Drifting Away 2:27
03 Sarah's Theme 4:03
04 Light One Candle 1:59
05 Never Give Up 3:45
06 Holy War 3:47
07 Why We Fight 2:37
Side length 21:08
08 Soldier's Eyes 2:51
09 Hell or High Water 3:34
10 Days Gone Quiet 4:11
11 Yesterday 2:48
Side length 13:24

  Total tracks 25   Total length 1:19:17


Pressed on 2x 180gm black or gram color vinyl

Original score by Nathan Whitehead
Artwork by Oliver Barrett


"Soldier's Eyes"
Written and Performed by Jack Savoretti
Published by De Angelis Publishing Limited
Courtesy of De Angelis Records Limited

"Hell Or High Water"
Performed by Billy Raffoul
Written by Billy Raffoul
Published by Paul Raffoul Pub. Designee (ASCAP), Covert Music Pub. Designee (ASCAP) and WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Interscope Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises

"Days Gone Quiet"
Performed by Lewis Marc Capaldi
Written by Lewis Marc Capaldi
Published by BMG Gold Songs
All rights administered by BMG Rights Management (US) LLC
Courtesy of Universal Music Germany/Capitol Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises

Written and Performed by Zander Reese

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