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since Apr 1, 2016
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Created through merging the Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Sony Network Entertainment International LLC business units.






G010004601996ZRatchet & Clank: Rift Apart CopyrightJun 09, 2021
G010004529742RMemories of Mother (Farewell to Faye Version) CopyrightFeb 12, 2021
19439772461Ghost of Tsushima (Music from the Video Game) CopyrightDec 18, 2020
N/ASackboy: A Big Adventure Original Soundtrack PublisherNov 12, 2020
SICP-6335~6Ghost of Tsushima CopyrightAug 05, 2020
FG35ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission CopyrightAug 04, 2020
FG24Concrete Genie Vinyl Soundtrack CopyrightAug 04, 2020
19439793102Child albumThe Last of Us Part II Original Soundtrack CopyrightJul 24, 2020
19439793082Ghost of Tsushima CopyrightJul 17, 2020
G010004424127WPromise of the West ("Horizon Forbidden West" Reveal Trailer Theme) CopyrightJul 10, 2020
G010004405914QSound of the Storm - Ghost of Tsushima Soundtrack: Reimagined CopyrightJul 10, 2020
IPYT20190901The Last of Us Part II Music from the Original Soundtrack PublisherJun 19, 2020
G010004403906LThe Last of Us Part II CopyrightJun 19, 2020
N/AThe Last of Us Part II Digital Soundtrack PublisherJun 19, 2020
MOND-178Child albumDeath Stranding Songs from the Video Game CopyrightJun 2020
MOND-177Child albumDeath Stranding Original Score CopyrightApr 2020
19439727722Death Stranding Original Score CopyrightMar 13, 2020
G0100041510354Death Stranding Original Score CopyrightNov 08, 2019
MOND-181Days Gone Original Video Game Soundtrack CopyrightNov 2019
N/AMediEvil Original Soundtrack PublisherOct 25, 2019
N/AConcrete Genie Original Soundtrack PublisherOct 08, 2019
PM163CDDays Gone Sampler Original Soundtrack CopyrightJul 01, 2019
19075939122Days Gone Original Soundtrack CopyrightApr 19, 2019
MOND-029-2The Last Of Us Original Score - Volume II CopyrightFeb 2019
MOND-029-1The Last Of Us Original Score - Volume I CopyrightNov 2018
N/AThe Last of Us (Cycles) (From "The Last of Us Part II") PublisherSep 26, 2018
MOND-136Music From The Last Of Us Part II CopyrightJul 2018
MOND-129God of War CopyrightJun 2018
19075834412God of War CopyrightApr 20, 2018


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