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Sekai ga Kimi wo Hitsuyou to Suru Toki ga Kitan da/Eiyuu no Uta / Masayoshi Oishi [Limited Edition]

世界が君を必要とする時が来たんだ/英雄の歌 / オーイシマサヨシ
Catalog Number PCCG-01906
Barcode 4988013762169
Release Date Jun 03, 2020
Publish Format Commercial, Limited Edition
Release Price 2090 JPY
Media Format CD + Blu-ray
Classification Vocal, Live Event
Organizations PONY CANYON / / (Label), PONY CANYON INC. / / (Manufacturer, Distributor)
Composed by Masayoshi Oishi /
Arranged by Masayoshi Oishi / , Junichi Sato /
Performed by Masayoshi Oishi /
Lyrics by Masayoshi Oishi /
Recorded by
Mixed by
Mastered by


Disc 1 (CD) [PCCG-01906-1] Vocal

01 世界が君を必要とする時が来たんだ 3:44
02 英雄の歌 4:06
03 世界が君を必要とする時が来たんだ (TV edit.) 1:33
04 世界が君を必要とする時が来たんだ (KARAOKE) 3:44
05 英雄の歌 (KARAOKE) 4:04
Disc length 17:11
Disc 2 (Blu-ray) [PCCG-01906-2] Vocal, Live Event, Video

01 世界が君を必要とする時が来たんだ (Official Video)
02 楽園都市 (Official Video)
03 楽園都市 (Live From 2019.7.11 Zepp DiverCity)


M-1.01 - TV Anime "Tomica Kizuna Gattai: EARTH GRANNER" Opening Theme
Composer: Masayoshi Oishi
Arranger: Masayoshi Oishi
Lyricist: Masayoshi Oishi

M-1.02 - Anime Film "Monster Strike THE MOVIE: Lucifer Zetsubou no Yoake" Theme Song
Composer: Masayoshi Oishi
Arranger: Masayoshi Oishi, Junichi Sato
Lyricist: Masayoshi Oishi

M-2.03 - TV Anime "COP CRAFT" Opening Theme Live
Composer: Masayoshi Oishi
Lyricist: Masayoshi Oishi

This single was originally scheduled to be released on May 20, 2020.

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