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Joe Zieja
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Credited works
38 albums in database
30 performer
18 arranger
4 lyricist
3 producer
3 clarinet
3 mandolin
2 guitar
1 first clarinet
1 second clarinet
1 second flute
1 mixing engineer
1 associate producer
1 piano
1 alto saxophone
1 baritone saxophone


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12.21 Time's End: Majora's Mask Remixed N/A Performer


07.01 Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin OCRA-0040 Arranger (as XPRTNovice), Performer (as XPRTNovice), Lyricist (as XPRTNovice)
10.10 Free ReMix Collection N/A Performer (as XPRTNovice)


01.14 La Buena Vista: The Gogo EP N/A Performer (as XPRTNovice)
01.17 Apex 2014: A New Challenger!! OCRA-0046 Arranger (as XPRTNovice), Performer (as XPRTNovice)
05.07 The Legend of Zelda: Lime of the Season N/A Arranger (as XPRTNovice)
07.31 Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary OCRA-0049 Performer (as XPRTNovice)
12.09 Dungeonmans Original Soundtrack OCRD-0168 Performer (as XPRTNovice)


01.12 Dungeonmans Remanstered OCRI-0004 Arranger (as XPRTNovice), Performer (as XPRTNovice), Lyricist (as XPRTNovice)
06.08 Rebellion: Inspired by the Music of Final Fantasy II OCRA-0051 Arranger (as XPRTNovice), Performer (as XPRTNovice), Lyricist (as XPRTNovice)
06.22 Sentinels of the Multiverse - The Soundtrack Volume 2 (Rook City) N/A Performer
09.09 Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart OCRA-0053 Arranger (as XPRTNovice), Performer (as XPRTNovice)
10.31 Vampire Variations: Volume III OCRA-0054 Performer (as XPRTNovice)
11.30 Super Cartography Bros. OCRA-0055 Arranger (as XPRTNovice), Performer (as XPRTNovice)


02.14 Chronicles of Time: A Chrono Trigger Arrangement Project N/A Performer (also as XPRTNovice), Arranger (as XPRTNovice)
03.04 Beyond Libra N/A Performer
03.08 BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume III OCRA-0056 Arranger (as XPRTNovice), Performer (as XPRTNovice)
06.23 MOBIUS: Sonic the Hedgehog Remixed MCOL-0005 Performer
08.22 Chronology: A Jazz Tribute to Chrono Trigger OCRA-0060 Performer (as XPRTNovice)
10.31 Candy Corn OCRI-0009 Performer (as XPRTNovice)
11.22 Time's End II: Majora's Mask Remixed MCOL-0014 Performer


01.31 Super Mario RPG: Window to the Stars OCRA-0061 Arranger (as XPRTNovice), Performer (as XPRTNovice)
08.07 Mirror Image: A Link to the Past ReMixed OCRA-0063 Arranger (as XPRTNovice), Performer (as XPRTNovice), Lyricist (as XPRTNovice)
08.18 SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X (Besaid Mix) MCOL-0040-B Performer
08.18 SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X (Zanarkand Mix) MCOL-0040-Z Arranger


05.25 FATE: A Tribute to Majora's Mask MCOL-0110 First Clarinet, Second Clarinet, Second Flute, Arranger, Producer, Clarinet, Mandolin
06.01 Tangledeep ~Arrange~ OCRX-0011 Arranger, Performer
11.19 Hometown Heroes: Town Themes Arranged OCRA-0068 Arranger (as XPRTNovice), Performer (as XPRTNovice)
12.07 OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears MCOL-0163 Guitar, Arranger, Producer, Clarinet, Mandolin
12.07 OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears MCOL-0163-CD Guitar, Arranger, Producer, Clarinet, Mandolin


01.18 MENU: An Homage to Game Title Themes MCOL-0177 Arranger, Performer, Mixing Engineer
09.20 Songs of the Sirens: Link's Awakening ReMixed OCRA-0071 Performer (as XPRTNovice)
10.22 EPOCH: A Tribute to Chrono Trigger MCOL-0245 Performer


06.30 Golden Sun: A World Reignited OCRA-0074 Associate Producer
10.14 Heroes of the Multiverse: Season One N/A Performer
12.01 BadAss: Paragons & Renegades OCRA-0075 Performer (as XPRTNovice)


11.23 KALEIDOSCOPE: Sakimoto and Hamauzu Works MCOL-0358 Piano


11.07 Mode Seven: A Jazz Tribute to the SNES OCRA-0077 Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone


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