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平田 祥一郎 (ひらた しょういちろう)
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Shoichirou Hirata
Shouichiro Hirata
Shouichirou Hirata
Shouichi Hirata
D.J. Spugna
Shawn the Horny Master
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Okayama, Japan
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109 votes for 45 albums
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68 composer credits
77 arranger credits
19 performer credits
1 lyricist credits


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03.24 Aitakute... ~your smiles in my heart~ Original Game Soundtrack vol.1 KMCA-25~6 Composer, Arranger
03.24 Aitakute... ~your smiles in my heart~ Original Game Soundtrack vol.2 KMCA-27~8 Composer, Arranger
04.26 Aitakute... Love songs ~a piece of my heart~ KMCA-32 Composer, Arranger, Performer


01.24 beatmania IIDX 4th style Original Soundtracks KMCA-87 Composer
03.16 Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK TOCP-64096~7 Composer, Performer (as Sho-T)
06.27 beatmania IIDX 5th style Original Soundtracks KMCA-106 Composer
09.19 Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK TOCP-64134~5 Composer, Performer (as Sho-T)
11.29 Motto! Motto! Tokimeki 2001 / Akemi Kanda KMCM-16 Composer
12.20 Tokimeki Memorial 3 ~Yakusoku no Ano Basho de~ Special Sound Track VW070-J1 Composer


01.10 Tokimeki Memorial 3 ~Yakusoku no Ano Basho de~ Original Soundtracks KMCA-137~8 Composer, Arranger
01.23 beatmania IIDX 6th style Original Soundtrack KMCA-146~7 Composer
02.06 Tokimeki Memorial 3 Moegino Ongaku Dayori 01 KMCA-139 Composer
02.06 pop'n music 7 AC ♥ CS pop'n music 5 KMCA-148~9 Composer, Arranger, Performer
03.06 Tokimeki Memorial 3 Moegino Ongaku Dayori 02 KMCA-140 Composer
04.03 Tokimeki Memorial 3: Moegi's Piano Collection KMCA-151 Composer
04.26 Winning Eleven Original Soundtrack TOCP-65986 Composer
08.22 beatmania IIDX 7th style Original Soundtrack KMCA-171~2 Composer
08.22 pop'n music 8 AC ♥ CS pop'n music 6 KMCA-173~4 Composer (also as Hiratasan), Arranger (also as Hiratasan), Lyricist
10.23 Tokimeki Memorial GUITAR COLLECTION KMCA-176 Composer
11.21 V-RARE SOUNDTRACK 3 - pop'n music 7 LC-908 Composer
12.18 beatmania IIDX 8th style Original Soundtrack KOLA-014~5 Composer


02.05 pop'n music 9 AC ♥ CS pop'n music 7 KOLA-020~1 Composer, Arranger, Performer
09.18 beatmania IIDX 9th style Original Soundtrack KOLA-040~1 Composer (also as D.J. Spugna), Arranger
09.18 DDRMAX2 Dance Dance Revolution Limited Edition Music Sampler V-RARE SOUNDTRACK-2 USA Composer, Performer (as D.J. Spugna)
10.09 Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME Premium CD DDR-EXTREME Arranger, Performer (as Sho-T)


01.15 LOVE & HONESTY / BoA AVCD-17390 Arranger
01.25 LOVE & HONESTY / BoA [Limited Edition] AVCD-17389/B Arranger
06.25 DanceDanceRevolution PartyCollection ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK TOCP-64237~8 Composer (as Sho-T), Performer (as Sho-T, Shawn the Horny Master)
09.18 Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME Limited Edition Music Sampler V-RARE SOUNDTRACK-3 USA Composer, Arranger, Performer (as Shawn The Horny Master, Sho-T)
11.02 Be the one / BoA AVCD-30561 Arranger
11.18 V-RARE SOUNDTRACK 8 - beatmaniaIIDX 8th style LC-1349 Composer


07.21 V-RARE SOUNDTRACK 11 - pop'n music 11 LC-1409 Arranger, Performer, Programmer
11.16 Dai-(2) Seichouki / Berryz Kobo PKCP-5061 Arranger, Programmer


02.15 DDR FESTIVAL & Dance Dance Revolution STRIKE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK TOCP-64291~2 Arranger, Performer (as Sho-T)
03.08 License / Aya Ueto [Limited Edition] PCCA-02235 Arranger, Performer, Programmer
03.08 License / Aya Ueto PCCA-02236 Arranger, Performer, Programmer
08.11 beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LC-1491~2 Composer, Arranger
09.21 TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL Girl's Side 2nd Kiss Original Soundtrack GBCA-5~6 Composer
12.?? Dance Dance Revolution DDR MUSIC, MOVES 'N MORE Limited Edition Sampler V-RARE SOUNDTRACK-BK USA Composer (as Sho-T)


01.24 HEART / Yuna Ito [Limited Edition] SRCL-6480~1 Composer
01.24 HEART / Yuna Ito SRCL-6482 Composer
01.25 Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA Original Soundtrack LC-1533~4 Composer, Arranger
02.07 CCC -CHALLENGE COVER COLLECTION- / AAA AVCD-23197/B Arranger, Performer
02.07 CCC -CHALLENGE COVER COLLECTION- / AAA AVCD-23198 Arranger, Performer
02.28 BITTER SWEET FRIDAY / Akemi Kanda KIZC-7~8 Composer
06.27 Sorairo Days / Shoko Nakagawa [Limited Edition] SRCL-6570~1 Composer, Arranger
06.27 Sorairo Days / Shoko Nakagawa SRCL-6572 Composer, Arranger
07.02 beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LC-1554~5 Composer, Arranger
07.03 Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA N/A Composer, Arranger
09.28 pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE AC ♥ CS pop'n music 14 FEVER! LC-1586~8 Composer, Arranger
12.14 BEMANI BEST for the 10th anniversary LC-1613~7 Composer (also as Sho-T), Arranger (also as Sho-T)


02.27 The History of Winning Eleven Original Soundtracks GFCA-102 Composer
06.04 Discovery / Mamoru Miyano KICM-1236 Arranger
08.29 SYNTHESIZED / Sota Fujimori LC-1644~5 Arranger
08.29 pop'n music 16 PARTY♪ Original Soundtrack LC-1698~9 Composer
10.08 Namida NAMIDA Namida / Aya Hirano LACM-4531 Arranger, Programmer


01.21 Hyakko Original Soundtrack LACA-5853 Arranger
02.20 depArture / AAA AVJCD10382/A Composer, Arranger
05.20 Mecha Mote! I LOVE YOU / MM Gakuen Gasshoubu [Limited Edition] QWCT-10028 Arranger
06.03 Seishun Bus Guide / Berryz Kobo PKCP-5142 Arranger
07.15 Happy Magic ~Smile Project~ / Aya Ueto [Limited Edition] PCCA-02941 Composer, Arranger, Programmer
07.15 Happy Magic ~Smile Project~ / Aya Ueto PCCA-02942 Composer, Arranger, Programmer
07.15 Kokoro no Antenna / Shoko Nakagawa [Limited Edition] SRCL-7063~4 Arranger
07.15 Kokoro no Antenna / Shoko Nakagawa SRCL-7065 Arranger
08.21 SYNTHESIZED -Re Edition- / Sota Fujimori LC-1788~9 Arranger
11.11 My Future Darling / Berryz Kobo PKCP-5148 Arranger


01.20 Genki ni Nare! / Mimi Kitagami (CV. Mana Ogawa) with MM Gakuen Gasshou Bu [Limited Edition] QWCT-10039 Arranger
01.28 DanceDanceRevolution ULTIMATE DANCE COLLECTION — POP — LC-1753 Composer, Arranger, Performer (as Shawn the Horny Master)
01.28 DanceDanceRevolution ULTIMATE DANCE COLLECTION — MANIA — LC-1754 Composer, Arranger
02.24 GUNDAM 30th ANNIVERSARY GUNDAM SONGS 145 VTZL-30 Composer, Arranger, Performer
05.15 Cave no Uta Black Label CVST-0994 Arranger
08.04 Movement of magic / Natsuko Aso LACA-15045 Composer, Arranger
08.04 Movement of magic / Natsuko Aso [Limited Edition] LACA-35045 Composer, Arranger
10.06 Cosmic♬Inflation / Shoko Nakagawa [Limited Edition] SRCL-7381~2 Arranger, Performer, Programmer
10.13 Oshare My Dream/Elegant Girl / Mimi Kitagami (CV. Mana Ogawa) with MM Gakuen Gasshoubu/Himuro Ibu (CV.Risako Sugaya/Berryz Kobo) [Limited Edition] QWCT-10056 Arranger
11.24 Hands Up! / Dream RZCD-46728 Arranger
12.01 Knee-High Egoist / Afilia Saga East FVCG-1131 Arranger
12.01 Knee-High Egoist / Afilia Saga East [Limited Edition] FVCG-1133 Arranger
12.22 Minna no Idol☆Collection ~TV Anime Hit Song-shuu~ EPCE-5742 Arranger
12.22 DJ HICO meets beatmania IIDX -Nonstop Mix by DJ HICO- GFCA-269 Composer
12.22 Gekijouban Inazuma Eleven Saikyou Gundan Ogre Shuurai Original Soundtrack PKCF-1034 Arranger
12.26 DO-DON-PACHI DAI-FUKKATSU ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK for iPhone / iPod touch CVIS-0001 Arranger


07.27 Chikai / Do As Infinity (Do As Infinity Version) AVCD-31923 Composer
08.10 Nichijou no REMIX LACA-15136 Arranger


??.?? CR Ganso Hello! Project Special CD TGCS-7165 Arranger
01.25 THE WORKS ~Chiyomaru Shikura Music Collection~ 7.0/V.A. AVCA-49346 Arranger
02.08 Lovely Girls Anthem / Natsuko Aso LACM-4903 Composer, Arranger
07.11 Third Planet / Sphere [Limited Edition] LASA-35131~2 Composer, Arranger
07.11 Third Planet / Sphere LASA-5131 Composer, Arranger


09.04 maimai SEGA Sounds Vol.5 -GreeN Hajimemashita! Pack- N/A Composer


03.05 My Starlit Point / Natsuko Aso LACA-15374 Composer, Arranger
03.26 Royal Trinity / 3 Majesty SRCL-8515 Composer, Arranger
03.26 Naughty!!! / X.I.P SRCL-8518 Composer, Arranger


08.14 AD:HOUSE 5 DVSP-0156~7 Composer
11.25 Is the order a rabbit?? Chimame Tai Character Song Album: chimame march GNCA-1500 Arranger
12.21 ClassicaLoid MUSIK Collection I GBCL-2016 Arranger
12.21 SMAP 25 YEARS VICL-64696~8 Composer, Arranger


01.25 Miraikei Strikers / Altair Torte <Io Yaginuma ver.> 1000636074 Arranger
04.12 ☆2nd SHOW TIME 2☆ Ancient & Team Hiragi GNCA-0482 Arranger
04.26 ClassicaLoid MUSIK Collection III GBCL-2018 Arranger
04.26 ClassicaLoid Original Sound Track GBCL-2019~20 Arranger
07.19 BEST of UETOAYA SINGLE COLLECTION PLUS PCCA-50277 Composer, Arranger
12.13 ClassicaLoid MUSIK Collection IV GBCL-2021 Arranger


03.09 Shimajiro the Movie: Mahou no Shima no Daibouken + Shimajiro no Wow! Original Sound Track MHCL-2739 Arranger
04.21 DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu 10th Anniversary Strong Style CD-BOX 01-0022 Arranger
04.25 Yokubari Dreamer / Haru (CV: Natsuki Hanae) × Choco (CV: Yukari Tamura) GNCA-0526 Arranger, Performer
05.25 GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN 28th CONCERT ~TOKIMEKI RESTAURANT☆☆☆ 5th Anniversary~ AVRS-0001 Composer

Featured On


08.14 D9 DVSP-0026 Composer (as D.J. Spugna)
12.30 Ourpath from Diverse System DVSP-0028~31 Composer


12.31 D11 DVSP-0036~7 Composer


08.17 D12 DVSP-0041 Composer


08.15 D14 DVSP-0050~1 Composer (as Shawn the Horny Master)


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