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Male 坂本 昌之 (さかもと まさゆき)
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Aug 6, 1965
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Face Music
Credited works
69 albums in database
68 arranger
16 performer
13 composer
8 programmer
2 music
2 sound producer
2 piano
1 andes
1 hammond organ
1 rhodes piano


Started playing the piano at age 4. Released his debut solo album "PSYCHE" in 1985. Participated as a composer, arranger and producer for many Japanese artists in the pop and instrumental music scene.



09.26 I HAVE A DREAM / See-Saw FHCF-2117 Arranger, Performer


05.21 M.A.G.I.C.A.L.O.I.D NOZOMI CHAN TACHI! Vocal Collection WDCD-30006 Arranger


07.16 FANCY La La MUSIC CANVAS page.I "Summer Vacation" TYCY-5605 Arranger
12.16 FANCY La La Final BEST SELECTION TYCY-5634~5 Arranger
12.19 Yume wa Owaranai ~Koboreochiru Toki no Shizuku~ / YO MI VIDL-30382 Arranger


03.05 Ojamajo Carnival!! / MAHO-dou APDM-5059 Arranger, Performer
04.21 Ojamajo CD Club Sono 1 - Ojamajo Vocal Collection!! APCM-5127 Composer, Arranger, Performer
05.21 Tales of Phantasia Original Soundtrack Complete Version VICL-60369~70 Arranger
07.09 To Heart Animation Sound Track KICA-5039 Arranger
07.21 Ojamajo CD Club Sono 2 - Ojamajo BGM Collection!! APCM-5134 Arranger, Performer
07.22 Neo Evolution / Haruna Ikezawa×Houko Kuwashima×Akiko Kimura KLDA-1005 Composer, Arranger
08.21 Ojamajo CD Club Sono 3 - Ojamajo ♥Happy Hit♥ Drama Theater!! APCM-5144 Arranger, Performer
10.21 Ojamajo CD Club Sono 4 - Ojamajo Solo Vocal Collection Doremi Harukaze-hen APCD-8010 Arranger
11.22 Ojamajo CD Club Sono 7 - MAHO-dou no Ojamajo Chistmas Carnival!! APCM-5150 Arranger, Performer


03.25 Drama CD Tales of Phantasia ~ANTHOLOGY. 2~ Rainy day Blue [Limited Edition] MACM-1095 Arranger
07.21 élf ANIMATION SONG FILE KSCA-59134 Composer, Arranger


05.23 Ojamajo BAN² CD Club Sono 2: Ojamajo Swee~t Song Collection!! MJCG-80068 Arranger
06.21 Daisuki na Shoes/Deary / Chieko Higuchi CODC-1976 Arranger
06.21 Ojamajo BAN² CD Club Sono 3: Ojamajo Vocal・Musical Version MJCG-80069 Arranger
07.20 Memorial Album of The Musical 10 Pretty Soldier SAILORMOON ~Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady~ COCX-31423 Arranger
08.22 Ojamajo BAN² CD Club Sono 4: Ojamajo Pajama・Music Talk MJCG-80072 Arranger
11.21 Ojamajo BAN² CD Club Sono 10: MAHO-dou no Ojamajo BAN² Christmas Party!! MJCG-80084 Arranger
12.29 Memorial Album of The Musical Pretty Soldier SAILORMOON ETERNAL EDITION 2 COCX-31767 Arranger


01.23 Ojamajo BAN² CD Club Sono 11: Ojamajo BAN² Curtain Call!! MJCG-80085 Composer, Arranger
07.24 Ojamajo Dokka~n! CD Club Sono 3: Ojamajo Musical Collection Dokka~n! MJCG-80101 Arranger
09.15 Alicesoft Sound Album Vol. 01 – Beat Angel Escalayer ASS-001 Composer, Arranger


02.21 early best / See-Saw BVCK-37101 Arranger, Performer
07.19 Memorial Album of The Musical 12 PRETTY SOLDIER SAILORMOON ~Starlights・Ryuusei Densetsu~ COCX-32303 Arranger
08.15 "Anata toiu Mirai" / Millio KSCA-29182 Composer, Arranger
09.25 Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi MEMORIAL CD BOX MJCG-80128 Arranger
10.22 Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n! MEMORIAL CD BOX MJCG-80132 Arranger
12.21 Ojamajo Doremi MEMORIAL CD BOX MJCG-80138 Composer, Arranger, Performer
12.25 Memorial Album of The Musical PRETTY SOLDIER SAILORMOON BEST SOUND TRACK 3 COCX-32470 Arranger


12.22 Memorial Album of The Musical Pretty Soldier SAILORMOON Marinamoon Special Edition COCX-33055 Arranger


05.25 TV Animation "LOVELESS" Opening Theme Tsuki no Curse C/W Ending Theme Michiyuki FCCM-0079 Arranger, Performer, Programmer
06.24 TV Animation LOVELESS Soundtrack FCCM-0081 Arranger


01.25 Kaze no Runner / SunSet Swish SMCL-109 Arranger
03.01 My Pace / SunSet Swish SMCL-116 Arranger, Performer, Programmer
12.13 BLEACH THE BEST SVWC-7421~2 Arranger


02.28 Mosaic Kakera / SunSet Swish SECL-485 Arranger, Performer, Programmer
06.20 Inori ~ You Raise Me Up / LENA PARK UMCK-2502 Arranger
07.04 The Best of Tales [Limited Edition] AVCD-23301/B Arranger
07.04 The Best of Tales AVCD-23302 Arranger
11.05 6 tear drops / Yurika Ohyama AICL-1889 Arranger


06.18 Namae no Nai Michi / Kaori Hikita FCCM-0229 Arranger, Performer
07.02 Amatsuki Soundtrack FCCM-0238 Arranger
07.23 PASSION / SunSet Swish [Limited Edition] SECL-665~6 Arranger, Performer, Programmer
07.23 PASSION / SunSet Swish SECL-667 Arranger, Performer, Programmer


01.14 CODE GEASS COMPLETE BEST SMCL-163~4 Arranger, Performer, Programmer
02.25 natural / Kaori Hikita FCCV-0027 Arranger
08.05 Kemono no Souja Erin Original Soundtrack BVCL-19 Andes, Music, Composer, Sound Producer, Programmer, Hammond Organ, Arranger, Piano, Rhodes Piano
12.16 Kemono no Souja Erin Original Soundtrack 2 BVCL-52 Music, Composer, Sound Producer, Programmer, Arranger, Piano


01.13 Sakurabito / SunSet Swish [Limited Edition] SECL-833~4 Arranger
01.13 Sakurabito / SunSet Swish SECL-835 Arranger
02.24 Keropak / Ayaka Hirahara MUCD-5166 Arranger
12.01 BLEACH BERRY BEST SVWC-7729~30 Arranger


03.16 Nakeru Anime Song / Chihiro Yonekura BVCL-196 Arranger, Performer
12.22 Alice Live Arrange Collection ver.Chaos Party Special 2011 AST-005 Composer


??.?? PACHINKO CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion Original Soundtrack TDCD-91251 Arranger
09.18 Distance / JUJU AICL-2579 Arranger
11.13 Shine -Mirai e Kazasu Hi no You ni- / Ayaka Hirahara UPCH-80345 Arranger


04.01 Watashi to Drecom 2 - Drecom Wonderland 2015 Kaisai Kinen Best Covers - ESCL-4394 Arranger
08.07 Tales of Phantasia 20th ANNIVERSARY SOUND BOX CDGM-10035 Arranger


04.03 Heisei Anison Taishou mixed by DJ Kazu AICL-3676 Arranger


02.20 REQUIEM AND SILENCE / Chihiro ONITSUKA [Limited Edition] VICL-65356~7 Arranger
02.20 REQUIEM AND SILENCE / Chihiro ONITSUKA VICL-65358 Arranger
02.20 REQUIEM AND SILENCE / Chihiro ONITSUKA [Limited Edition] VIZL-1734 Arranger
06.10 See-Saw Complete BEST: See-Saw-Scene VTCL-60524~6 Arranger

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