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City Connection Co., Ltd.

since Apr, 2005
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12.15 Crimson Katana Arrangements : Type-"Slash" Prodby Matsumoto Heavy Metal Industry CLRCSP-10009 Production
06.29 Nichibutsu: Shooting Sound Box CLRC-10049 Sales


12.23 Penguin-kun Giragira WARS Original Soundtrack CDST-10056 Promoter (as CITY CONNECTION)
10.12 Ray'z Music Chronology ZTTL-0087~96 Recording Engineer (as City Connection)
05.20 Soldam: Kaika Sengen Original Soundtrack CDST-10049 Promoter (as CityConnection)
02.23 DARIUS 30th ANNIVERSARY EDITION ZTTL-0080~6/ZTBD-0001 Recording Engineer (as City Connection)


11.12 WAGAN LAND ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK CDST-10045 Promoter (as CityConnection)
09.28 Rom Cassette Disc In TAITO Vol.2 CDST-10044 Promoter (as CityConnection)
08.31 Rom Cassette Disc In TAITO Vol.1 CDST-10043 Promoter (as CityConnection)
06.22 Game Tengoku THE GAME PARADISE! -Original Sound Track- CDST-10042 Promoter (as CityConnection)
03.30 DRAGON SEEDS -Saishuu Shinka Keitai- Original Soundtrack CDST-10041 Promoter (as CityConnection)
01.16 CLOCK TOWER 20th Anniversary Sound Collection CDGM-10039 Promoter (as CityConnection)
01.16 CLOCK TOWER 20th Anniversary Sound Collection Limited Edition CDGM-10040 Promoter (as CityConnection)


12.12 Senjou no Ookami & TOP SECRET ORIGINAL SOUND COLLECTION CDGM-10038 Promoter (as City Connection)
11.07 Nekketsu High School Sound Club GB Compilation CDGM-10037 Promoter (as City-Connection)
08.07 Tales of Phantasia 20th ANNIVERSARY SOUND BOX CDGM-10035 Promoter (as City Connection)
05.30 Nekketsu High School Sound Club SFC Compilation CDGM-10029 Promoter (as City-Connection)
04.22 AKIBA'S TRIP 1&2 SOUND STRIP CDGM-10028-1~3 Promoter (as City Connection)
03.28 SUPER Rom Cassette Disc In JALECO CDGM-10027 Promoter (as City-Connection)


12.20 Final Fight Original Sound Collection CDGM-10026 Promoter (as City Connection)
10.25 HuCARD Disc In BANDAI NAMCO Games Vol.2 CDGM-10025 Promoter (as CityConnection)
09.27 HuCARD Disc In BANDAI NAMCO Games Vol.1 CDGM-10024 Promoter (as CityConnection)
08.13 Taiko no Tatsujin Original Soundtrack "girls pop mania" CDTT-10002 Promoter (as CityConnection)
06.29 KOWLOON'S GATE ORIGINAL SOUND COLLECTION CDGM-10020~2 Promoter (as CityConnection)
05.28 METALSLADER GLORY Original Soundtrack CDGM-10019 Promoter (as CityConnection)
02.26 Rom Cassette Disc In NATSUME Vol.3 Powered by TAITO CDGM-10018 Promoter (as CityConnection)


12.28 ADK Ontama CDGM-10017 Promoter (as CityConnection)
11.13 Arcade Disc In JALECO -VARIETY- CDGM-10016 Promoter (as CityConnection)
09.25 Arcade Disc In JALECO -SHOOTING- CDGM-10015 Promoter (as CityConnection)


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