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佐藤 ひろ美 (さとう ひろみ)
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Hiromi Satou
Hiromi Satoh
Dec 10, 1971
Otsuchi, Kamihei, Iwate Prefecture, Japan
ARIA entertainment
Credited works
264 albums in database
3 products in database
249 performer
77 lyricist
24 composer
2 vocals
2 artist manager


CEO of S inc.



12.21 Giniro Soundtrack ~Finely Crafted White Music!~ ABCA-72 Performer


02.21 Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children Characters Vocal File FSCA-10165 Performer
03.16 Wing&Wind Special Music Disc MESSE-003 Performer
04.13 Mizuiro Maxi Single N/A Performer
05.23 Mizuiro Original Sound Track KICA-5054 Performer
06.27 Mizuiro Drama CD ABCA-76 Performer
08.14 Sui-Sui-Sweet Original Soundtracks PLNS-0007~8 Performer
08.31 Mizuiro Official Visual Fan Book Daikansha CD NEKO-MIZU Performer
09.05 CANARY VOCAL ALBUM ~Smile for you~ KMCA-116 Performer
10.30 Hiromi Sato Game Theme Song Collection ~Looking for sign~ KMCA-124 Performer, Lyricist
12.21 Green Green Original Soundtrack KICA-1254 Performer
12.29 Petit Cherry Soundtrack ABCA-86 Performer
12.29 Namakemono - Comic Market 61 Arrange CD TACREC-0010 Performer


01.10 Mizuiro Minna no Uta Character Album NEKO-MINNA Performer, Lyricist
01.25 NekoNeko Soft 2002 FANDISK DAI-020126 Performer
01.26 Prime Girl Sound Track ABCA-87 Performer
03.23 Mizuiro Shonbori Variety CD KYO-MIZUIRO Performer
03.27 Green Green Vocal Album: Kanenone Lover KICA-1262 Performer
04.29 Bless Arrange Album "Flavory" BS2000-01F Performer
06.26 426 -Yon Nii Roku- ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK KICA-1268~9 Performer, Lyricist
07.24 Yu·u·e·n·chi Original Soundtrack ABCA-93 Performer
07.24 Green Green Self Re-Mix MTCD02 Performer
07.26 'knot' Original Sound Track -Piece Of Memories- DAI-020301 Performer
08.09 feel Works Sample FEEL-020809 Performer
08.09 Watashi no Sora no Iro ~Mizuiro Animation Theme Song~ KSCA-59152 Performer, Lyricist
08.09 Summer Collection 2002 TACREC-0012 Performer
08.09 Unicchi! ~Weenie Witches~ Arrange CD "Natsu da! Umi da! Unicchi da!" TACREC-0013 Performer
08.20 Mizuiro Minna no Uta 2 Character Album NEKO-MINA2 Performer, Lyricist
09.15 born / Hiromi Sato FXCL-1001 Performer, Lyricist
10.23 STAIRS ~Natsu no Chotto Mae~ Original Soundtrack KICA-1277 Performer
10.25 Hatsukoi Opening Song - Hatsukoi RUNE-011M Performer
11.01 Giga Opening Sound Track 2001-2002 GIGA-021027 Performer
11.14 Thread Colors ~Sayonara no Mukougawa~ Theme Song / Insert Song Mini Album "MY GRADUATION DAY" D3TC-01 Performer
11.22 Songs from D.C. ~Da Capo~ LACA-5136 Performer
11.23 MAJYO no OTYA KAI Original Soundtrack KICA-1279 Performer
12.20 Aqua Blue MAXI SINGLE GIGA-021221 Performer
12.20 Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Image Sound Track ROOT-0008 Performer


01.10 Mizuiro Minna no Uta 3 Character Album NEKO-MINA3 Performer
01.22 Sugar kiss Theme Song Collection / Hiromi Sato KICA-1283 Performer, Lyricist
02.14 Pink Pineapple ANIMATION SONG FILE KSCA-59154 Performer
03.19 Moekan ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK SCDC-00257 Performer
03.28 Hatsukoi Original Sound Track Album FXCL-1002 Performer
04.25 Mizuiro Original Video Animation Opening & Ending MIZU-0001 Performer
05.01 Green Green Original Sound Vocal Album: Kanenone Heaven LACA-5163 Performer
05.30 Tenohira o, Taiyou ni Original Soundtrack CLR-4004 Performer
06.13 [-Aka-] Original Sound Tracks NEKO-4649 Performer
07.10 Mizuiro Original Video Animation Original Soundtrack MIZU-0002 Performer
07.24 TV Animation "Onegai☆Twins" Opening Theme "Second Flight" LACM-4101 Performer
08.06 Guri Guri / Hiromi Sato PCCG-70005 Performer
08.15 Please teach! my Angel Maxi Single "Sora he no Michi" PLT-004 Performer
08.15 3LDK♥ ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS SG-03188 Performer
08.29 Shiritsu Akihabara Gakuen Drama & Soundtracks MESSE-090 Performer
08.29 Please teach! my Angel Soundtrack PAM-0016S Performer
10.24 FOLKLORE JAM Original Soundtrack Will-090O Performer
12.12 Tail Tale SOUND TRACK CLOVER-010 Performer
12.12 feel so good!! ~ feel original re-arrange / remix album #001 FXCL-1004 Performer
12.12 ORBIT X'MAS CUBE XCUBE-0001~5 Performer
12.17 GREEN GREEN. Kanenone Jam 02 PCCG-00627 Performer, Lyricist
12.19 Anonono. ~Kimi to Sugoshita ano Hi ano Toki ano Mirai~ Will-099 Performer
12.26 TV Animation "Onegai☆Twins" Image Vocal Album Esquisse LACA-5241 Performer
12.26 Natsuiro☆Communication♪ Original Soundtrack LACA-5246 Performer
12.26 [-Aka-] original sound track: PRIMITIVE LACA-9033~4 Performer
12.28 GWAVE 2003 ~1st Beat~ IMAE-00001 Performer
12.28 Goddamn & Jetaime Image Song MTCD-03 Performer
12.28 Please Teach! My Sister Maxi Single "Omoi no Kiseki" PLT-007 Performer


??.?? Sequence Palladium 3 Sound Ware N/A Performer
02.19 Flower: feel vocal showcase:001 FXCL-1005 Performer
03.26 Sorairo no Organ VOCAL COLLECTION LOTUS CD 003 Performer
03.26 Sorairo no Organ Special & Arrange CD MESSE-105 Performer
03.26 Sorairo no Organ Original Arrange: OP ED + Selected BGM Collection SLP-ORG-MAP Performer
05.28 AngelWish ~Houkago no Meshitsukai ni Chu!~ Maxi CD CNG-AWC04 Performer
06.17 feel so good!! ~ feel original re-arrange / remix album #002 FXCL-1006 Performer
06.25 Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers – Angelic Symphony c/w Eternal Love 2004 BRDF-3031 Performer
06.25 GWAVE 2003 ~2nd Beat~ IMAE-00002 Performer
06.25 Ricotte ~Songstress of Alpenbul~ Original Soundtrack RUNE-014ST Performer
06.25 Angel Egg Original Sound Track YI-001-DA Performer, Lyricist
07.29 Komorebi no Namikimichi ~Utsurikawaru Kisetsu no Naka de~ DRAMA & SOUNDTRACKS GN-04001 Performer
07.29 F ~fanatic~ Sound Collection ZSPS-0012~3 Performer
07.30 Lamune ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK NEK02-017S Performer
08.13 AngelWish ~Houkago no Meshitsukai ni Chu!~ ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK♪ FSCD-0001 Performer
08.27 Sorauta Special Disc SORA-VIEWS Performer, Lyricist
10.01 Giga Opening Soundtrack Vol.2 GIGA-041006 Performer
10.29 GREEN GREEN 2 Sofmap Original SPECIAL REMIX ALBUM GRCD-SOF-001 Performer
11.26 Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers Ending Theme "Owarinaki Prelude" BRDF-3038 Performer, Lyricist
12.15 Grenadier ~Hohoemi no Senshi~ Original Soundtrack PCCG-00663 Vocals, Lyricist
12.22 Green Green 2: Koi no Special Summer Original Soundtrack: Kanenone Beat LACA-5339 Performer


02.19 Akatsuki no Sora wo Kakeru / Hiromi Sato PCCG-70008 Vocals, Lyricist
02.23 TV Animation "ONEGAI☆TWINS" Complete Original Sound Track: Photograph LACA-9049~50 Performer
02.24 Angelica / Hiromi Sato BRCF-3044 Performer, Lyricist
03.30 Sugar season vol.1 harukaze / Hiromi Sato AECL-1001 Composer, Performer, Lyricist
04.22 Galaxy Angel Best Album 2 "Niban Senji" BRCF-3052 Performer
06.29 Sugar season vol.2: Natsubana AECL-1002 Composer, Performer, Lyricist
07.07 Sorairo no Organ Remix CD ZSPS-0024 Performer
07.13 Magical Kanan -RISEA- OP theme 'Milktea kiss' AECL-1006 Performer
07.21 Hello Goodbye / Hiromi Sato LACM-4206 Performer
08.14 PA-RE-O-TO! PALETTE 2002-2005 sound track DPS-1054 Performer
08.14 Loser Kashiwagi is NOT dead LKCD-0001 Performer
08.24 Green Green 3 ~Hello Goodbye~ Original Soundtrack + Complete Album 2001~2005: 18 songs Memories LACA-9055~6 Performer
09.22 Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken TV Original Soundtrack LACA-5435 Performer
09.22 Genesis of Aquarion Original Sound Track 2 VICL-61649 Performer
09.29 Galaxy Angel – Eternal Love Daizenshuu (Ai) BRCA-1065 Performer
10.21 ZERO / Hiromi Sato WMACD-008 Performer
10.26 Sugar season vol.3: Akitsuki AECL-1003 Composer, Performer, Lyricist
10.26 Shishunki original sound track AECL-1007 Composer, Performer, Lyricist
11.23 Lamune Original Soundtrack LACA-9061~2 Performer
12.21 Sugar season vol.4: Fuyu Koi AECL-1004 Composer, Performer, Lyricist
12.23 true tears opening theme "Tears in snow" BRDF-3066 Performer


02.24 The Princess of YATO - KATANA Original Sound Track AECL-1008 Performer
03.31 Imouto-Challenge! Imouto Compilation Album DLRD-3004 Performer
05.26 Neko Best Soundtrack Daytime×Night NSSL-0605 Performer
07.28 Galaxy Angel II Zettai Ryouiki no Tobira Ending Theme "Cause your love ~Shiroi melody~" BRDF-3073 Performer, Lyricist
07.28 Happiness! Re:Lucks Maxi Single CD "Happy Day♪" WMACD-008 Performer
08.11 GREENGREEN Remix & Tribute Songs Collection GRCD-011 Performer
09.21 BOY MEETS GIRL Original Soundtrack LACA-5543 Composer, Performer, Lyricist
10.15 Neko Sound Collection NEKO2SOUND-01~10 Performer, Lyricist
10.27 Chanter MAINTHEME SONGS TRI-0016YT Performer
11.24 Venus Dream / Hiromi Sato BRDF-3077 Performer, Lyricist
12.15 EDELWEISS milktub SELF REMIX N/A Performer
12.21 EDELWEISS Original Sound Track [FLOWERS] LACA-5597 Performer
12.22 Winter Garden Sound Complete BRCF-3079 Performer
12.29 Windmill Vocal Collection – tsubu-an WMACD-010~1 Performer


03.28 Edelweiss Vocal album CD "Sunset Sunrise" LACA-5609 Performer, Lyricist
04.25 Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! Original Soundtrack BRCF-3084 Performer
05.25 Brilliant Moon / Hiromi Sato BRCF-3082 Composer, Performer, Lyricist
05.25 Brilliant Moon / Hiromi Sato [Limited Edition] BRCF-3085 Composer, Performer, Lyricist
06.29 Niizuma Capriccio! Original Soundtrack ~Kikasete Capriccio!~ LBR-001SP Performer
08.17 Crossnet Vocal Collection 2003~2006 CNS-VCC1 Performer
08.17 OVERDRIVE Self Bootleg 01 OVCD-04-05 Performer
08.24 Sayonara / Hiromi Sato BRDF-3087 Composer, Performer, Lyricist
09.28 MUSHI-UTA SPECIAL CD mushi-uta bug 01 "Yume Mawasu Ginsou" KABA-3301CD Composer, Performer, Lyricist
10.10 Sousei no Aquarion VEAML-21874 Performer
10.26 MUSHI-UTA SPECIAL CD mushi-uta bug 02 "Yume Utsusu Hamon" KABA-3302CD Composer, Performer, Lyricist
10.26 Tsunagaru★Bangle Reservation privilege - Sato Hiromi / One Dream WMACD-012 Performer, Lyricist
11.22 MUSHI-UTA SPECIAL CD mushi-uta bug 03 "Yume Torawareru Senhime" KABA-3303CD Composer, Performer, Lyricist
11.22 Sousei no Aquarion: Wings of Glory Special CD TGCS-4412 Performer
12.21 MUSHI-UTA SPECIAL CD mushi-uta bug 04 "Yume Nerau Hanazono" KABA-3304CD Composer, Performer, Lyricist
12.29 TimeLeap ED Theme "Time Fly" Single CD FRC15J Composer


01.25 MUSHI-UTA SPECIAL CD mushi-uta bug 05 "Yume Ayatsuru Yousei" KABA-3305CD Composer, Performer, Lyricist
01.25 PENCIL VOCAL COLLECTION 02 PAM-0052 Performer
02.22 MUSHI-UTA SPECIAL CD mushi-uta bug 06 "Yume Mekuru Shisho" KABA-3306CD Composer, Performer, Lyricist
03.14 D.C.P.K. ~Da CaPoker~ Vocal Album PBCA-0003 Composer, Lyricist
03.26 milktub 15th ANNIVERSARY BEST ALBUM BPM200 ROCK'N'ROLL SHOW LACA-9108~9 Performer
03.28 Aneimo 2 H's ~Motto H ni Step UP!~ Preorder Bonus Mini-Album PAM-0063S Performer
06.25 Taiyou no Aria / Hiromi Sato BRCA-1085 Performer
06.25 Galaxy Angel II Eigou Kaiki no Toki Opening Theme "Taiyou no Aria" BRDF-3106 Performer
06.27 GWAVE 2007 2nd Drivers IMAE-00024 Performer
07.18 Tsunaban Lovemix First limited edition privilege "Tsunagaru Lovemix" WMACD-014 Performer, Lyricist
08.06 Elements Garden KICA-1455 Performer, Lyricist
09.26 D.C.toEF RADIO Vol.2 DCTOEF-0002 Performer
10.12 hoshiuta Opening Theme 'Tazunebito' JSA03F Lyricist
10.24 Shukufuku no Campanella -la campanella della benedizione- Character song CD Vol.1 - *twinkle*twinkle* / Minette HBMS-042 Lyricist
10.24 Shukufuku no Campanella -la campanella della benedizione- Character song CD Vol.2 - White Crystal / Carina Verritti HBMS-043 Lyricist
11.26 Galaxy Angel – Eternal Love Daizenshuu (Ei) BRCA-1091 Performer
11.28 Shukufuku no Campanella -la campanella della benedizione- Character song CD Vol.3 - Gintsuki ~La lune de l'argent~ / Chelsea Arcot HBMS-070 Lyricist
11.28 Shukufuku no Campanella -la campanella della benedizione- Character song CD Vol.4 - A ray of sunshine!! / Agnes Boulange HBMS-071 Lyricist
12.17 Amber World | Hiromi Sato AXCL-0001 Performer, Lyricist
12.28 Veil ∞ assorted voices QLCD-0014 Lyricist


01.23 COTTON100% CD4 - Cotton Software Product No,4 "Amber Quartz" Version COTTON-004CD Performer, Lyricist
01.23 Amber Quartz Soundtrack CSAQ-0901 Performer, Lyricist
01.30 hoshiuta Original Soundtrack FWS-00048 Performer, Lyricist
01.30 Shukufuku no Campanella Theme Song HBMS-308 Performer, Lyricist
01.30 graviton ~ Winter Selection Vol.2 PBCA-0007 Performer
02.04 Merry! Merry-go-round / Hiromi Sato QECB-1001 Composer, Performer, Lyricist
02.27 Kagirohi Original Soundtrack CD N/A Performer
02.27 Aneimo Vocal Collection PAM-0074 Performer
04.18 Time Fly/Hitohira Heart / Mico Yada PBCS-0003 Composer, Lyricist
04.24 Majisuki ~Marginal Skip~ Original Sound Track MOONS-013 Performer
04.24 Promise ~Tsukiyo no Kioku~ c/w Kiss Me Tonight PBCS-0007 Performer
05.29 Majisuki ~Marginal Skip~ Vocal Album PBCA-0010 Performer
06.26 Aquarian Age Music Best BRCF-3110 Performer
07.31 Mogitate Basil! -commencement- MUSIC DISC - 'Bless' and '21 -Two One-' BS2009-10M~11M Performer
07.31 77 ~And, two stars meet again~ Original Vocal Maxi Single WPL-0007-03 Performer, Lyricist
08.14 Time Leap Paradise Vocal Sound Collection Complete BOX N/A Composer, Lyricist
08.14 77 ~And, two stars meet again~ Original Sound Tracks WISH THE STAR WPL-0009 Performer, Lyricist
08.26 Sorairo - Hiromi Sato AXCL-0002 Performer
09.02 Elements Garden II ~TONE CLUSTER~ KICA-1479 Performer, Lyricist
09.18 Sorairo Original Soundtrack NEKO2-034CD Performer
10.28 ai / Aina Kase PBCA-0011 Lyricist
10.28 Sora wo Tobu, Nanatsume no Mahou. VOCAL ALBUM PBCA-0012 Performer, Lyricist
11.27 SUPER SHOT -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- SHOT-001 Performer, Lyricist


03.26 GWAVE 2009 1st Ace IMAE-00038 Performer, Lyricist
07.17 Kowarekake no Orgel PDSP-1002 Performer
08.27 Suzukaze no Melt Original Vocal Maxi Single WPL-0012 Performer
09.22 Elements Garden III -phenomena- KICA-1488 Performer, Lyricist
09.22 Tasogare no Sinsemilla ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK KICA-1489~90 Performer
09.22 Hiromi Sato THE BEST -Ever Green- LACA-9197~8 Composer, Performer, Lyricist
09.22 Hiromi Sato THE BEST -Sky Blue- LACA-9199~200 Composer, Performer, Lyricist
10.29 La campanella di festività Theme Song WMACD-018 Performer, Lyricist
10.29 La campanella di festività Reservation privilege - Futari DE Tortilla ~Shiawase de Ikimashou~ WMACD-019 Lyricist
11.02 Anisama GIRLS NIGHT BOOK favorite talk PAGC-4 Performer
11.11 CIRCUS 10th Collect CIRCUS-0255~68 Composer, Performer, Lyricist
12.24 Kagura Gensoutan Original Soundtrack DWE-004 Performer
12.29 Suzukaze no Melt Original Sound Track "Melty Wind" M-ST Performer
12.29 SUPER SHOT3 -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- SHOT-005 Performer


??.?? Early Works of LILT RECORDS Lilting Voice LILT-0014 Performer
01.31 AKABEiSOFT2 5years Anniversary Song Collection DIFE-1001~3 Performer
03.09 Le Fruit de la Grisaia Ending Theme Collection & Original Soundtrack LACA-9207~8 Performer
05.01 101 M/S PLNS-0010~1 Performer
05.06 ORANGE CANDY BOX -Angel Note Best Collection 8- SRL-1006 Performer
06.24 Maikaze no Melt Original Vocal Maxi Single WPL-0015 Performer
07.29 Koi de wa naku -- It's not love, but so where near. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK DIFE-1005 Performer
07.29 TRIBAL LINK - L ICD-66024 Performer
07.29 TRIBAL LINK - R ICD-66025 Performer
07.29 GWAVE 2010 2nd Grace IMAE-00048 Performer, Lyricist
09.30 Kotowari ~Kimi no Kokoro no Koboreta Kakera~ Original Vocal & Soundtrack CDRIVE-007S Performer
12.29 GWAVE 2011 1st Chronicle IMAE-00056 Performer


04.27 Monobeno Special Soundtrack LOSE-0021 Performer
06.13 Anisama Super GameSong Live 2012 - NEW GAME YZPB-5008 Performer
07.27 Kurenai Kagura Original Sound Track DWE-007 Performer
08.10 D.C.III ~Da Capo III~ Vocal Album CIRCUS-0305 Performer
08.22 RiSE / Hiromi Sato LACA-15207 Performer, Lyricist
09.28 Pure Girl Theme Song & Soundtrack FWS-00061 Performer
10.17 FAVORITE 10th Anniversary VOCAL COLLECTION KDSD-00591~2 Performer
11.28 Witch's Garden LACM-14030 Performer, Lyricist
11.30 SUPER SHOT5 Special Edition -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- SHOT-010 Performer


01.17 Tasogare no Sinsemilla PORTABLE Sound Collection N/A Performer
01.25 applique Song Collection -Tasogare no Saki ni Noboru Ashita- DIFE-1018 Performer
03.29 Angel Note -Venus Voice- Angel Note Best Collection Volume 9 SRL-1007 Performer
04.26 LOVELY×CATION2 Original Soundtrack HW-1001 Performer
05.01 Space Battleship Yamato / Project Yamato 2199 LACM-14070 Performer
07.26 GWAVE 2012 2nd Memories IMAE-00065 Performer, Lyricist
08.07 recurrent nova/Natsukaze Nostalgia / KOTOKO & Hiromi Sato LACM-14127 Performer, Lyricist
10.25 Monobeno Vocal Sound Collection MONO-MUSICDISC Performer
11.27 Desire / Megumi Ogata LACA-15348 Performer


??.?? Natsukagura Original Soundtrack N/A Performer
02.28 PENCIL VOCAL COLLECTION 05 PAM-0195 Performer
04.25 Debonosu Works Vocal Collection Vol.1 DWE-012 Performer
09.26 Monobeno COMPLETE ALBUM N/A Performer
11.28 Harukaze Sensation! WMACD-030 Performer, Lyricist
12.19 Natsukagura Original Sound Track DWE-014 Performer
12.28 AKABEiSOFT2 10th Anniversary Electronic music Arrange AKA-1024 Performer
12.28 AKABEiSOFT2 10th Anniversary Jazz rock&shuffle Arrange AKA-1025 Performer


04.24 AKABEiSOFT2&Sisters Vocal Collection DIFE-1025 Performer
05.13 D.C. ~Da Capo~ Super Best LACA-9400~3 Performer


01.29 Melodies -Angel Note Best Collection Vol.11- SRL-1009 Performer
04.28 Sengoku † Koihime X Original Soundtrack BASREC-014 Performer
04.28 WIZARDS COMPLEX SOUNDTRACK WMACD-034 Performer, Lyricist
04.28 Wizards Complex / Hiromi Sato & KOTOKO WMACD-035 Performer, Lyricist
08.11 Whirlpool Complete Album 2006-2016 WP-CA1~4 Performer, Lyricist


01.27 Lamune 2 Original Maxi CD N/A Performer
01.27 Tsukikage no Simulacre -Kaihou no Hane- Original Soundtrack APP-114 Performer
04.19 ROCKET HEART / Emi Nitta EMTN-10014 Artist Manager
04.19 ROCKET HEART / Emi Nitta [Limited Edition] EMTN-10015 Artist Manager
04.28 Grisaia Phantom Trigger Song Collection FWS-00078CD Performer
08.11 Bishoujo Game MUSIC ON AIR! vol.1 GRFR-0020~1 Performer


03.30 GIGA BEST ALBUM GIGA-180311 Performer


01.25 D.C. ARCHIVES SAKURA Edition MUSIC SIDE CIRCUS-0370~82 Composer, Performer, Lyricist
02.22 Campus Vocal collection N/A Performer
04.26 ALL×CATION Vocal Collection CD HW-1021~2 Performer
08.08 Campus Vocal Collection GRFR-0048 Performer
08.30 Symphony Sounds Record 2019 ~from 2004 to 2018~ SSCD-003 Performer


08.28 Symphony Sounds Record 2020 ~from 2005 to 2019~ SSCD-006 Performer

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01.30 SANDERSONIA SPWG-0006 Lyricist


06.11 Malachite SPWG-0009 Lyricist


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