Red Entertainment Corporation

since Dec 4, 2000
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Game / Software Company
Naoki Morita / , Ohji Hiroi / , 山田 浩生
Former Staff
Yasuaki Nagoshi /






N/AGungrave VR Complete Edition Soundtrack PublisherAug 23, 2018
REDS-0606KENKABANCHO OTOME Themesong & Soundtrack PublisherJun 29, 2016
REDS-127Scared Rider Xechs Rev. Theme Song CD PublisherNov 25, 2015
REDS-0125SRX THE BEST BLUE DISC PublisherAug 13, 2014
REDS-0404Fire Emblem: Kakusei Drama CD Vol.4 Ikai no Kizuna hen Sousaku no Dreaming Tiara PublisherApr 23, 2014
REDS-0403Fire Emblem: Kakusei Drama CD Vol.3 Zetsubou no Mirai hen Tsuioku no Future Requiem PublisherNov 13, 2013
REDS-0402Fire Emblem: Kakusei Drama CD Vol.2 Futoufukutsu no Plegia Storm PublisherJul 24, 2013
REDS-0401Fire Emblem: Kakusei Drama CD Vol.1 Ishoku Sokuhatsu no Ylisse Romance PublisherApr 24, 2013
REDS-0117Scared Rider Xechs I+FD Portable Theme Song CD PublisherMay 31, 2012
N/AJyuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~ Original Soundtrack PublisherMay 24, 2012
N/AScared Rider Xechs I+FD Portable Original Drama CD PublisherApr 26, 2012
REDS-0114Scared Rider Xechs DREAM COLLABORATION CD Vol.3 Pride PublisherFeb 29, 2012
REDS-0113Scared Rider Xechs DREAM COLLABORATION CD Vol.2 tuning NOISE -Hoshikuzu Kakeratachi- PublisherJan 25, 2012
REDS-0112Scared Rider Xechs Drama CD Winter Mute 1-3-6 PublisherJan 25, 2012
REDS-0111Scared Rider Xechs DREAM COLLABORATION CD Vol.1 Roaring to the moon PublisherDec 28, 2011
REDS-0110Scared Rider Xechs Drama CD Summer Motion 333 PublisherAug 31, 2011
REDS-0109Scared Rider Xechs -STARDUST LOVERS- THEME SONG PublisherAug 31, 2011
REDS-0108Scared Rider Xechs DRAMATIC CHARACTER CD Vol.6 PublisherJun 29, 2011
N/AScared Rider Xechs -STARDUST LOVERS- Original Drama CD "All Star Le Carnival" PublisherJun 23, 2011
REDS-0105Scared Rider Xechs DRAMATIC CHARACTER CD Vol.3 PublisherJun 08, 2011
REDS-0107Scared Rider Xechs DRAMATIC CHARACTER CD Vol.5 PublisherMay 25, 2011
REDS-0106Scared Rider Xechs DRAMATIC CHARACTER CD Vol.4 Love ADRENALINE PublisherApr 27, 2011
REDS-0104Scared Rider Xechs DRAMATIC CHARACTER CD Vol.2 ALL-BACK-ATTACK!! PublisherFeb 23, 2011
REDS-0103Scared Rider Xechs DRAMATIC CHARACTER CD Vol.1 PublisherJan 26, 2011
REDS-0102Scared Rider Xechs Drama CD Ryukyu Incidents PublisherJan 12, 2011
REDS-0101Scared Rider Xechs Drama CD Summer Heat 4M2S PublisherAug 11, 2010


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