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Tokuma Shoten Intermedia Inc.

from 1985 to Jun 1, 1997
Succeeded by: Tokuma Shoten
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Media / Entertainment Company
Former Staff
Yosuke Okunari /






TIM-SFC22Super Famicom Magazine Volume 22: New Game Sound Museum PublisherSep 1994
TIM-SFC21Super Famicom Magazine Volume 21: New Game Sound Museum PublisherAug 1994
TIM-SFC20Super Famicom Magazine July News Volume Special Supplement 2: New Game Sound Museum PublisherJul 1994
TIM-SFC19Super Famicom Magazine July News Volume Special Supplement 1: All 7 Major Fighting Games 34 Character Theme Songs PublisherJul 1994
TIM-SFC18Super Famicom Magazine Volume 18: Attraction Tune!! Synth Version Special Edition & New Game Sound Museum & Opening Theme Special Edition PublisherJun 1994
TIM-SFC17Super Famicom Magazine Volume 17: Advance Music!! CSG Special Edition & New Game Sound Museum PublisherMay 1994
TIM-SFC16Super Famicom Magazine Volume 16: Musical News Flash!! Final Fantasy VI & New Game Sound Museum PublisherApr 1994
TIM-SFC15Super Famicom Magazine Volume 15: Starting with Famous Music!! Final Fantasy VI & New Game Sound Museum PublisherMar 1994
TIM-SFC14Super Famicom Magazine Volume 14: Konami New Game Sound Special & New Game Sound Museum PublisherFeb 1994
TIM-SMD02Super Mega Drive Fan: Mega Drive Super Music Collection Vol.2 PublisherJan 10, 1994
TIM-SFC13Super Famicom Magazine January News Volume Special Supplement PublisherJan 1994
TIM-SFC12Super Famicom Magazine December News Volume Special Supplement PublisherDec 01, 1993
TIM-SPC01SUPER PC Engine Fan Vol.1 Music Collection PublisherDec 1993
TIM-SFC11Super Famicom Magazine November News Volume Special Supplement PublisherNov 1993
TIM-SFC10Super Famicom Magazine October News Volume Special Supplement PublisherOct 1993
TIM-SFC09Super Famicom Magazine September News Volume Special Supplement (1993) PublisherSep 1993
TIM-SFC08Super Famicom Magazine August News Volume Special Supplement (1993) PublisherAug 1993
TIM-SMD01Super Mega Drive Fan: Mega-CD Super Music Collection Vol.1 PublisherJun 25, 1993
TIM-SFC07Super Famicom Magazine Vol.7 Special Supplement PublisherApr 20, 1993
TIM-SFC06Super Famicom Magazine Vol.6 Special Supplement PublisherJan 10, 1993
TIM-SFC05Super Famicom Magazine Vol.5 Special Supplement PublisherNov 10, 1992
TIM-M01Cosmic Fantasy 3 Bouken Shounen Rei SPECIAL EDITION PublisherOct 25, 1992
TIM-SFC04Super Famicom Magazine Vol.4 Special Supplement PublisherJul 20, 1992
TIM-SFC03Super Famicom Magazine Vol.3 Special Supplement PublisherApr 30, 1992
TIM-SFC02Super Famicom Magazine Vol.2 Special Supplement PublisherDec 25, 1991
TIM-SFC01Super Famicom Magazine Vol.1 Special Supplement PublisherAug 10, 1991
N/AFinal Fantasy II Game Music Sonosheet PublisherDec 02, 1988


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