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Label - Bootlegger
All of Smile Face International Records' releases are bootlegs, and no rights to publish or distribute these albums were obtained. While the music and materials may be a close reproduction, the original copyright logos are typically removed. Please support the original artists by not purchasing bootleg albums.







PublisherKA-081 This album is a reprintSILENT HILL 3 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS2004
PublisherKA-079~80 This album is a reprintDanceDanceRevolution PartyCollection ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK2004
PublisherKA-075~6 This album is a reprintThe Legend of Zelda ~The Wind Waker~ Original Sound Tracks2004
PublisherKA-073 This album is a reprintFinal Fantasy Song Book: mahoroba2004
PublisherKA-071~2 This album is a reprintFINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES Original Soundtrack2004
PublisherKA-069 This album is a reprintFINAL FANTASY X-2 Vocal Collection ~YUNA, RIKKU, PAINE~2004
PublisherKA-067~8 This album is a reprintFINAL FANTASY X-2 Original Soundtrack2004
PublisherKA-066 This album is a reprintPiano Collections FINAL FANTASY VII2004
PublisherHO-129 This album is a reprintINNOCENCE O.S.T.2004
PublisherHO-119 This album is a reprintImage Symphonic Suite Howl's Moving Castle2004
PublisherHO-118 This album is a reprintRumiko Takahashi Theater Original Soundtrack2004
PublisherHO-117 This album is a reprintGhost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX be Human2004
PublisherHO-116 This album is a reprintD・N・ANGEL Vocal Collection2004
PublisherHO-115 This album is a reprintD・N・ANGEL Original Soundtrack II2004
PublisherHO-110 This album is a reprintInuyasha the Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler Music Compilation2004
PublisherHO-109 This album is a reprintInuyasha Music Collection 32004
PublisherHO-108 This album is a reprintwind -Inuyasha Koukyou Renga- Symphonic theme collection2004
PublisherHO-107 This album is a reprintBEST OF INUYASHA2004
PublisherHO-105 This album is a reprintHikaru no Go Theme Song Complete Works: Best of Hikaru no Go2004
PublisherHO-104 This album is a reprintWOLF'S RAIN O.S.T.22004
PublisherKA-065 This album is a reprintwhite melodies of FINAL FANTASY TACTICS ADVANCE2003
PublisherKA-059 This album is a reprintGenso Suikoden Vocal Collection ~Distant Star: Echoes Of Love~2003
PublisherKA-057~8 This album is a reprintBreath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter Original Soundtrack2003
PublisherHO-091 This album is a reprintKiddy Grade Sound Pack 1 Eclair2003
PublisherHO-060 This album is a reprintOrchestra Stories Tonari no Totoro2003
PublisherKA-027~8 This album is a reprintPhantasy Star Online Songs of Ragol Odyssey Soundtrack ~Episode 1&2~2002
PublisherKA-049 This album is a reprintKOF'02 BE THE FIGHTER! ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK2002
PublisherKA-046 This album is a reprintGenso Suikoden Vocal Collection ~La passione commuove la storia~2002
PublisherKA-040 This album is a reprintCastlevania: Circle of the Moon & Castlevania: Concerto of Midnight Sun Original Soundtrack2002
PublisherKA-029~30 This album is a reprintTEKKEN4 Original Sound Tracks2002
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