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from 1989 to 2013
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Cole Harris, Jerry Berlongieri, Karen Waller, Ken Allen, Todd Davies






11850XXSTChild albumSaints Row: The Third Official Score PublisherNov 15, 2011
12568XXSTWarhammer 40,000: Space Marine Original Soundtrack PublisherSep 06, 2011
N/AHomefront: Songs for the Resistance Limited Edition Soundtrack PublisherMar 22, 2011
N/AChild albumSongs of the Revolution: The Official Homefront Soundtrack PublisherMar 15, 2011
N/Ade Blob 2 Original Soundtrack Publisher2011
N/ADarksiders Official Soundtrack PublisherMar 02, 2010
N/ACompany of Heroes - All Heroes Rise PublisherJan 21, 2010
N/ACompany of Heroes - Songs From the Front PublisherJan 21, 2010
N/AMX vs ATV Reflex Official Soundtrack PublisherDec 11, 2009
N/ARed Faction: Guerrilla Official Soundtrack PublisherJun 29, 2009
N/ADeadly Creatures Original Soundtrack PublisherFeb 07, 2009
N/AChild albumde Blob Original Soundtrack PublisherDec 12, 2008
N/Ade Blob Original Soundtrack PublisherSep 22, 2008
N/AFrontlines: Fuel of War Official Soundtrack PublisherApr 03, 2008
TQ_EN_3362-3_XX_CDFrontlines: Fuel of War Official Soundtrack PublisherFeb 29, 2008
SR2 SNDTRKSaints Row 2 - Hits to Drive By Publisher2008
FRONTLINESCZSNDChild albumFrontlines: Fuel of War Soundtrack Publisher2008
N/AChild albumde Blob Original Soundtrack Publisher2008
N/ADarksiders Wrath of War Official Soundtrack Publisher2008
N/AS.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Bonus DVD Publisher, DistributorMar 23, 2007
N/ATitan Quest Official Soundtrack PublisherMar 02, 2007
N/AChild albumTitan Quest Official Soundtrack Publisher2007
N/AConan Soundtrack Publisher2007
N/ASaints Row Original Soundtrack Publisher2006
N/ASounds of DESTROY ALL HUMANS! 2 Soundtrack Publisher2006
N/AWarhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Soundtrack PublisherSep 20, 2004
N/AYager O.S.T. Publisher2003
AA1C501XARed Faction Soundtrack Publisher2001

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