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N/AThe First Tree Original Soundtrack PublisherDec 05, 2021
N/AThe King's Bird Soundtrack Exclusive RetailerDec 2021
N/ASpelunker HD Deluxe Original Soundtrack Exclusive RetailerDec 2021
SLG-OST-37~8CLOCKWORK AQUARIO Original & Remix Soundtrack PublisherJun 2021
SLG-OST-28~9Space Invaders: Invincible Soundtrack Volume I & II Exclusive RetailerJun 2021
N/ACLOCKWORK AQUARIO Original Soundtrack PublisherJun 2021
N/ASpeed Limit Original Game Soundtrack PublisherJun 2021
N/ACOTTON Reboot! Soundtrack PublisherMay 2021
N/AGryphon Knight Epic: Definitive Edition Soundtrack PublisherMay 2021
N/ATurrican Soundtrack (Single Disc) PublisherMay 2021
N/ATurrican Soundtrack (4 Discs) PublisherMay 2021
N/AWonder Boy: Asha in Monster World Original Soundtrack PublisherMay 2021
SLG-OST-34Coffee Talk Soundtracks! Exclusive RetailerApr 2021
N/APressure Overdrive Soundtrack Exclusive RetailerApr 2021
N/ABite the Bullet Soundtrack Exclusive RetailerApr 2021
N/AUmihara Kawase BaZooKa! Soundtrack Exclusive RetailerApr 2021
N/ATURRICAN 30th Anniversary SOUND COLLECTION PublisherApr 2021
N/ANo Heroes Here Soundtrack PublisherMar 2021
N/AChild albumCrossCode Original Game Soundtrack Exclusive RetailerJan 2021
SLG-OST-26Child albumSISTERS ROYALE SOUNDTRACK Exclusive RetailerDec 2020
SLG-OST-25Child albumXeno Crisis Soundtrack Exclusive RetailerOct 2020
SLG-OST-24Lode Runner Legacy Soundtrack Exclusive RetailerOct 2020
N/AChild albumYs Origin Official Soundtrack Exclusive RetailerOct 2020
SLG-OST-20Child albumDoor Kickers: Action Squad Soundtrack Exclusive RetailerSep 15, 2020
SLG-OST-23Child albumDARIUS THE OMNIBUS II-UNION ManufacturerJul 13, 2020
SLG-OST-22Child albumDARIUS THE OMNIBUS-GENERATIONS ManufacturerJul 13, 2020
SLG-OST-21Bubble Bobble 4 Friends Original Sound Track Exclusive RetailerJul 2020
SLG-OST-19Child albumVASARA Collection Soundtrack Exclusive RetailerMar 12, 2020
SLG-OST-15~6Ultracore Original Game Soundtrack PublisherJan 11, 2020
SLG-OST-18Child albumThe Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors Trilogy Album Exclusive RetailerOct 23, 2019
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