Asahi Sonorama

from Sep 9, 1959 to Sep 30, 2007
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After it's closure, all rights were transferred to Asahi Shimbun, and later transferred to Asahi Shimbun Publications on April 1, 2008.






67897-81Fantastic Collection Special Mobile Suit Z Gundam PublisherJul 10, 1985
EM-285Asahi Sonorama Mobile Suit Gundam 5 Publisher1981
EM-268Asahi Sonorama Mobile Suit Gundam 4 Publisher1980
EM-263Asahi Sonorama Mobile Suit Gundam 3 Publisher1980
EM-234Asahi Sonorama Mobile Suit Gundam 2 Publisher1980
EM-165Asahi Sonorama Mobile Suit Gundam Publisher1979
APQ-6012Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Mirai Robo Daltanious Publisher1979
APQ-6011Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Cyborg 009 Publisher1979
APS-5109Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Hoshi no Oujisama Petit★Prince Publisher1978
APS-5107Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Muteki Kojin Daitarn 3 Publisher1978
APS-5106Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Haikara-san ga Tohru Publisher1978
APS-5105Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Spiderman Publisher1978
APS-5104Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Yakyuukyou no Uta Publisher1978
APS-5103Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Mirai Shounen Conan Publisher1978
APS-5101Sonorama Ace Puppy Series STARJINGER Publisher1978
APS-5098Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Majokko Tickle Publisher1978
APS-5097Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Shin Kyojin no Hoshi Publisher1978
APS-5096Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Perrine Monogatari Publisher1978
APR-5002Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Takarajima Uta to Drama Publisher1978
APR-5001Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Shin Ace wo Nerae! Uta to Drama Publisher1978
APQ-6002Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Kyouryuu Sentai Koseidon Publisher1978
APQ-6001Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Gatchaman II Publisher1978
APM-6502Child albumSonorama Ace Puppy Series Ultraman Taro Publisher1978
APD-6519Sonorama Golden Puppy Series Ninki TV Bangumi Shudaika 4 Song Collection Tosho Daimos / Starzinger / Spiderman / Muteki Kojin Daitarn 3 Publisher1978
APX-1801TV Shudaika Best Hit 15 Publisher1977
APS-5093Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Joou Heika no Petite Angie Publisher1977
APS-5091Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Kyouryuu Daisensou Izenborg Publisher1977
APS-5090Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Chou Supercar Gattiger Publisher1977
APS-5088Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Ore wa Teppei Publisher1977
APS-5082Sonorama Ace Puppy Series Choujin Sentai Baratack Publisher1977
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