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EYCS-00078KING OF PRISM ALL STARS -Prism Show☆Best Ten- ani mu-mo Bonus CD Platonic Sword -Shine- Ver. (CV. Mitsuki Saiga) Exclusive RetailerJul 10, 2020
EYCS-00077KING OF PRISM SUPER LIVE TRF Special Medley Ver. Exclusive RetailerJun 12, 2020
EYCS-00067KING OF PRISM -Shiny Seven Stars- PRISM COVERS COLLECTION ani mu-mo Edition Exclusive RetailerSep 27, 2019
EYCS-00062KING OF PRISM RUSH SONG COLLECTION -STAR MASQUERADE- ani mu-mo Bonus CD masquerade Alex Solo Version Exclusive RetailerMar 13, 2019
EYCS-00060KING OF PRISM X'mas Winter Eyes / Happy Happy Birthday! ani mu-mo Bonus CD Edel Rose & Schwarz Rose Daishuugou! Dotabata Christmas Party☆ Exclusive RetailerDec 19, 2018
EYCS-00059KING OF PRISM Rose Party 2018 ani mu-mo Bonus CD Dramatic LOVE Rose Party 2018 Ver. Exclusive RetailerNov 23, 2018
EYCS-00057KING OF PRISM RUSH SONG COLLECTION -RED NIGHT VAMPIRE- ani mu-mo Bonus FREEDOM Taiga Solo Version Exclusive RetailerJun 06, 2018
EYCS-00055KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO- ani mu-mo Bonus EZ DO DANCE Taiga Solo Version Original CD Exclusive RetailerSep 27, 2017
EYCS-00052KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO- Unit Project [Zengoku Edition] ani mu-mo Bonus Maboroshi no Audio Drama CD: Edel Rose wa Christmas Eve Oosawagi! Exclusive RetailerMay 24, 2017
EYCS-00045KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm ani mu-mo Bonus EZ DO DANCE Alex Solo Version Original CD Exclusive RetailerAug 31, 2016
N/AAssassination Classroom Vol.1-4 Combined Purchase Bonus: Cast Discussion CD ani mu-mo Exclusive RetailerJun 26, 2015
AVCS-14082HamatoRadio Branch-off Edition ver. ani mu-mo Exclusive RetailerAug 29, 2014


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