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Alion International Records Co. Ltd.

Label - Bootlegger
All of Alion's releases are bootlegs, and no rights to publish or distribute these albums were obtained. While the music and materials may be a close reproduction, the original copyright logos are typically removed. Please support the original artists by not purchasing bootleg albums.







PublisherALCA-8231 This album is a reprintJuuni Kokuki Houzan Enkei~Kokyuu MemoriesJun 2003
PublisherALCA-8234FINAL FANTASY X-2 Vocal Collection ~YUNA, RIKKU, PAINE~2003
PublisherALCA-8233 This album is a reprintSILENT HILL 3 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS2003
PublisherALCA-8229 This album is a reprintD・N・ANGEL Original Soundtrack I2003
PublisherALCA-8227 This album is a reprintAi yori Aoshi Aiao Otoban Ni "Kantsubaki"2003
PublisherALCA-8224~5 This album is a reprintStar Ocean & Valkyrie Profile Sound Track THE BEST2003
PublisherALCA-8222 This album is a reprintLAST EXILE O.S.T.2003
PublisherALCA-8219~21 This album is a reprintSUPER EUROBEAT presents initial d special stage original soundtracks2003
PublisherALCA-8214~5 This album is a reprintSAINT SEIYA ETERNAL EDITION File 05 & 062003
PublisherALCA-8213 This album is a reprintSHIN-HOKUTO NO KEN MUSIC FILES I2003
PublisherALCA-8201~2 This album is a reprintTenchu 3 Original Sound Track2003
PublisherALCA-8200 This album is a reprintFINAL FANTASY XI Rise of the Zilart Original Soundtrack2003
PublisherALCA-8195~6 This album is a reprintSAINT SEIYA ETERNAL EDITION File 03 & 042003
PublisherALCA-8192~3 This album is a reprint.hack//GAME MUSIC Perfect Collection2003
PublisherALCA-8189 This album is a reprintBEST OF INUYASHA2003
PublisherALCA-8186 This album is a reprintRAHXEPHON pluralitas concentio O.S.T.2003
PublisherALCA-8184 This album is a reprintZelda Sound Collection2003
PublisherALCA-8182~3 This album is a reprintSTAR OCEAN Till the End of Time Original Soundtrack vol.22003
PublisherALCA-8181Chaos Legion Original Soundtrack2003
PublisherALCA-8179~80 This album is a reprintSAINT SEIYA ETERNAL EDITION File 01 & 022003
PublisherALCA-8177~8 This album is a reprintDanceDanceRevolutionEXTREME ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK2003
PublisherALCA-8176 This album is a reprintWOLF'S RAIN2003
PublisherALCA-8174~5 This album is a reprintDYNAMIC PRO FILMS ETERNAL EDITION File No.7&8 UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER 2003
PublisherALCA-8171~2 This album is a reprintSTAR OCEAN Till the End of Time Original Soundtrack vol.12003
PublisherALCA-8169 This album is a reprintLUPIN THE SINGLES2003
PublisherALCA-8168 This album is a reprintLUPIN THE 3RD THE 1st SERIES ANTHOLOGY2003
PublisherALCA-8166 This album is a reprintKiddy Grade Sound Pack 32003
PublisherALCA-8165FINAL FANTASY X-2 Eternity ~Memories of Light and Waves~ Music from FINAL FANTASY X-22003
PublisherALCA-8163~4 This album is a reprintFinal Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack2003
PublisherALCA-8162 This album is a reprint.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet Character Song & Story2003
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