Parent label: SCITRON
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Arrange series of Scitron label, 29 albums in total.

A-01 PCCB-00165 King of Fighters 94
A-02 PCCB-00169 Samurai Spirits 2
A-03 PCCB-00183 Garou Densetsu 3
A-04 PCCB-00188 World Heroes Perfect
A-05 PCCB-00189 King of Fighters 95
A-06 PCCB-00197 Garou Densetsu Symphonic
A-07 PCCB-00198 Samurai Spirits Symphonic
A-08 PCCB-00204 Samurai Spirits 3
A-09 PCCB-00207 Real Bout Garou Densetsu
A-10 PCCB-00213 Ryuuko No Ken Gaiden
A-11 PCCB-00219 Neo Geo Gals Vocal Collection
A-12 PCCB-00220 King of Fighters Symphonic
A-13 PCCB-00225 King of Fighters 96
A-14 PCCB-00237 Samurai Spirits 4
A-15 PCCB-00244 Neo Geo DJ Station
A-16 PCCB-00250 Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special
A-16 PCCB-00251 Street Fighter EX
A-17 PCCB-00264 D-Xhird
A-18 PCCB-00279 King of Fighters 97
A-19 PCCB-00301 Gekka no Kenshi
A-20 PCCB-00294 Samurai Spirits 64
A-21 PCCB-00316 Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2
A-22 PCCB-00329 Neo Geo DJ Station in Neochupi
A-22 PCCB-00337 King of Fighters 98
A-22 PCCB-00338 Samurai Spirits 64-2
A-23 PCCB-00353 Gekka no Kenshi 2
A-23 PCCB-00371 Garou Densetsu Wild Ambition
A-24 PCCB-00386 Neo Geo Guys Song Collection
A-25 PCCB-00393 King of Fighters 99

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Source Category: Game, Animation, Publication, Radio/Audio Drama, Live Action, Tokusatsu/Puppetry, Multimedia Franchise, Game-adjacent, Event, Artist Works
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