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WORTH-032Eikoku Tantei Mysteria Bonus Drama CD PublisherMar 07, 2013
TLC-138Eikoku Tantei Mysteria: Pendleton-sensei no Gekitou! Oryouri Kyoushitsu PublisherMar 07, 2013
N/AEikoku Tantei Mysteria Karin Mail Order Bonus Drama CD PublisherMar 07, 2013
N/ATHE EXORCISM OF MARIA: la Campanella Drama CD PublisherMay 17, 2012
KARIN-34Zettai Meikyu Grimm Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen no Otome Original Soundtrack ~The Concert of Forest~ PublisherApr 28, 2010
KARIN-33-3Zettai Meikyu Grimm Tokuten Drama CD "Grimm Jikenbo" PublisherApr 28, 2010
ANI-GRIMM1004Zettai Meikyu Grimm Tokuten Drama CD "Enkyori Renai no Mori no Grimm" PublisherApr 28, 2010
N/AZettai Meikyu Grimm Tokuten Drama CD "Iyashi no Mori no Grimm" PublisherApr 28, 2010
N/AZettai Meikyu Grimm Tokuten Drama CD "Otogi Sentai Grimm Five!" PublisherApr 28, 2010
KARIN-29THE EXORCISM OF MARIA CHARA-SONG ALBUM gran jubilee vol.3 ~Cradle of Heaven Volume~ PublisherSep 18, 2009
KARIN-28THE EXORCISM OF MARIA CHARA-SONG ALBUM gran jubilee vol.2 ~Vol. Lamb in The Labyrinth~ PublisherJun 26, 2009
KARIN-27THE EXORCISM OF MARIA CHARA-SONG ALBUM gran jubilee vol.1 ~Vol. Heartbeat of Soul~ PublisherApr 24, 2009
KARIN-26THE EXORCISM OF MARIA Dramatic Soundtrack Nocturne of Eden PublisherApr 24, 2009
KARIN-22Princess Nightmare Character Song Collection Album ~Dinner Party of the Villains~ PublisherAug 15, 2008
KARIN-21CPrincess Nightmare Animate Drama CD PublisherMay 22, 2008
KARIN-21BPrincess Nightmare Sofmap Drama CD PublisherMay 22, 2008
KARIN-21APrincess Nightmare Messe Sanoh Drama CD: Rival of Destiny PublisherMay 22, 2008
KARIN-19Princess Nightmare Original Soundtrack "A ball of Pandemonium" PublisherDec 30, 2007
KARIN-18Princess Nightmare Character Song Collection vol.8 Warning Against Hell / Count Blood Dracula (Hiroki Yasumoto) PublisherOct 26, 2007
KARIN-17Princess Nightmare Character Song Collection vol.7 Arrest Game / Van Helsing (Hideki Ogihara) PublisherSep 28, 2007
KARIN-16Princess Nightmare Character Song Collection vol.6 Equal / Franken Leesering (Kisho Taniyama) PublisherSep 28, 2007
KARIN-14Princess Nightmare Theme Song "Tokyo Diorama" / Rekka Katakiri PublisherAug 31, 2007
KARIN-13Princess Nightmare Character Song Collection vol.5 The One Who Hates Light and Holds Darkness / Mephisto (Hiroki Yasumoto) PublisherAug 31, 2007
KARIN-12Princess Nightmare Character Song Collection vol.4 Sacred Grand Opera / Phantom (Megumi Ogata) PublisherAug 31, 2007
KARIN-11Princess Nightmare Character Song Collection vol.3 Accomplice / Prince Chaos Crimson (Makoto Ishii) PublisherJul 27, 2007
KARIN-10Princess Nightmare Character Song Collection vol.2 Thousand Lies + The Only Love / Radu Dracuria (Koji Yusa) PublisherJul 27, 2007
KARIN-09Princess Nightmare Character Song Collection vol.1 Only Your Hero / Ichirouta Inukai (Daisuke Ono) PublisherJun 15, 2007


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