To Heart

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Release Date
May 23, 1997






2003-6-27 To Heart PSE / / JPY (Japan) PC
1999-3-25 To Heart / / JPY (Japan) Sony PlayStation
1997-5-23 To Heart / / JPY (Japan) PC


Albums | Credits


11.08 Pure: AQUAPLUS LEGEND OF ACOUSTICS FIJA-005/006 Unclassified
04.26 Pure3: Feel Classics ~Naoya Shimokawa~ KIGA-30 Arrange
04.26 Pure3: Feel Classics ~Naoya Shimokawa~ FIJA 003/004 Arrange


08.14 Leaf21 WDCD-0048 Fan Arrange


??.?? Magical Album Vol.1 N/A Fan Arrange


??.?? Pure3 Feel Classics / Naoya Shimokawa N/A Arrange


08.10 ULTRA RELOAD Vol.2 feat. AQUAPLUS SHOT-009 Remix


12.30 Undressed VSCD-0007 Fan Arrange, Vocal


08.15 Winter Flowers FWCD-0003 Fan Arrange


12.29 Autumn Flowers FWCD-0002 Fan Arrange


11.28 This album is a reprint Pure: AQUAPLUS LEGEND OF ACOUSTICS KIGA-2 Arrange
09.22 Aquaplus Arrange Sound Track – A-Palette LFCD-0020 Arrange
08.17 Twinkle Heart N/A Fan Arrange


12.31 Dame Ningen no Kiseki 1999~2003 DX UI-0081 Fan Arrange
12.31 EROGE! ~ Retro PC game heaven WDCD-0028 Fan Arrange
08.23 This album is a reprint AQUAPLUS VOCAL COLLECTION VOL.1 KICA-1421 Vocal
07.26 This album is a reprint Leaf Vocal Collection Vol. 1 KICA-1411 Vocal
04.29 IA-STYLE/L+K SICD-004 Fan Arrange


12.30 GAMETAL 3rd Satan's Lullaby IWAM-15 Fan Arrange, Vocal
05.28 Le vieux piano HTRJ-0001 Fan Arrange
04.24 Hatoya SWCD-0013 Fan Arrange


12.30 HAKAGI JAZZ AMCD-0004 Fan Arrange
12.30 GAMETAL 2nd Darkness IWAM-11 Fan Arrange, Vocal
12.29 Melody Casket ~ Leaf Orgel Music Collection LFCD-0014 Arrange
12.29 Unknown Delimitation -Leaf Arrange CD- VSCD-0003 Fan Arrange
??.?? Dame Ningen no Kiseki 1999-2003 N/A Fan Arrange


12.30 Wedding Cake RLCD-0012 Fan Arrange
08.17 BPM130overFinal LMCD-0006 Fan Arrange
08.17 VAGUE2 ZTSL-009 Fan Arrange
08.17 GAMETAL IWAM-08 Fan Arrange
08.17 Retro chromosomes MFCD-005 Fan Arrange
04.29 Piacere UCMC-0015 Fan Arrange


12.30 nepi besu NPA-BSF05 Fan Arrange
12.30 U-Key Mix II N/A Fan Arrange
10.27 SJV-Sound Adventure Series Vol.3 and 4 - reprinted edition - SJVSC-0010 Fan Arrange
10.09 Leaf Arrange Sound Track – WASSHOY!! LFCD-0010 Arrange
08.11 PEACH COOLER GMBP-0001 Fan Arrange
08.11 A Young Person's Guide to UNION N/A Fan Arrange
08.11 B·INFINITY: Boys Character Only Image Arrangement Album LWBL-0001 Fan Arrange
08.11 MUJIRUSI RYOUHIN GT-002 Fan Arrange
07.24 Leaf Piano Collection Vol.1 KICA-1267 Arrange
07.07 Heartful Drive PPCD-0202 Fan Arrange


12.30 Unchiku Company Best Selection "Fuyu no Omoide" UCMC-0011 Fan Arrange
12.30 MONZETSUCHU N/A Fan Arrange
12.19 POWDER SNOW KICM-4006 Vocal
11.18 Yappa Maruchi ka. ~IOSYS CD Audition Disk~ IO-0043 Fan Arrange
08.10 Prevue SPCD-000 Fan Arrange
08.10 With Heart Best ~STB-lab 1997 to 2000 Best Selection~ STBL-0008~9 Fan Arrange
05.13 Necessary Noise 3 ~With Dear Sister~ NNCD-0003 Fan Arrange
05.05 Kandy WRCD-0003 Fan Arrange
05.03 Collapse of Fate TPCD-0005 Fan Arrange
04.30 MACHIDA ~ooedo Express mail Special CD 2001~ OEMM-0025 Fan Arrange
04.30 Spectacles WVST-0005 Fan Arrange
01.21 Songs N/A Fan Arrange, Vocal


12.30 Special issue of Girl-Game "B.L.T." N/A Fan Arrange
12.30 Themis WDCD-0017 Fan Arrange
12.30 Variant Leaves KZCD-0001 Fan Arrange
12.30 White Rabbit WPMS-001 Fan Arrange
11.26 This album is a reprint Uzushiho WVST-0002 Fan Arrange
09.17 Blendy ExtraLight! SJVSC-0005 Fan Arrange
08.23 This album is a reprint ToHeart "Piece Of Heart" KICA-5051 Drama
08.13 Necessary Noise 2 ~ONYOH-Collection~ NNCD-0002 Fan Arrange
08.12 Altis WDCD-0016 Fan Arrange
08.12 Uzushiho WVST-0002 Fan Arrange
08.12 Da Capo WDCD-0015 Fan Arrange
08.12 Doukyusei 2 Medley to ka NPA-CD001R Fan Arrange
08.12 With Heart IV ~Leaf & AliceSoft Arrange Album~ STBL-0006 Fan Arrange
08.11 Natsu no Kirameki ~ Kanon Piano Arrange UCMC-0008 Fan Arrange
08.10 Second Creation2 CNM-005 Fan Arrange
04.30 Leaf & KEY Arrange Music Album "Fresh Foliage" UCMC-0007 Fan Arrange
04.23 CROSS: DOZA only all arrange music album from Leaf LWCD-0001 Fan Arrange
04.23 Promenade N/A Fan Arrange
04.23 Herb Terrace WRCD-0001 Fan Arrange
02.27 Tsubasa no Mukou MGRV-0001 Fan Arrange
02.04 Rain / Masami Nakatsukasa KICS-5001 OP/ED/Insert
??.?? Tecno Heart CHITOSE-02 Fan Arrange


12.24 Gateau Chocolat RLCD-0004 Fan Arrange
12.24 Conceit Orbit ZTSL-001 Fan Arrange
12.24 Leaf Plus Something Arrange Music Album "First Flush rev." UCMC-0006 Fan Arrange
12.24 Leaf Original Arranged Sound Track "LIVE IN CLOVER" AMS-CD001 Fan Arrange
12.24 BEST SOUND of GameMusicLibrary Vol.2 GML-0002 Fan Arrange
10.27 ToHeart "Piece Of Heart" KLCA-2019 Drama
08.13 Moment WDCD-0013 Fan Arrange
08.13 In Your Heart: To Heart Image & Arrange Music CD MRCR-0004 Fan Arrange
08.13 Melty Kiss TGRC-0002 Fan Arrange
07.23 Heart Session KICA-5040 Arrange
05.28 ToHeart Original Sound Track KICA-5038 Soundtrack
04.29 With Heart III ~Leaf & Tactics BGM Arranged Album~ STBL-0003 Fan Arrange
04.29 Spring Wind N/A Fan Arrange
04.29 Leaf Arrange Music Album "Leaflets" UCMC-0003 Fan Arrange
04.02 Feeling Heart / Masami Nakatsukasa KIDA-5502 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
02.11 Tactics & Leaf Arrange Music Album "Royal Waffle" UCMC-0002 Fan Arrange
??.?? ApplePie RLCD-0002 Fan Arrange


12.30 Snow Kiss WDCD-0012 Fan Arrange
12.29 Leaf Plus Something Arrange Music Album "First Flush" UCMC-0001 Fan Arrange
11.01 With Heart 3.0β ~Leaf & Tactics BGM Arranged Album~ N/A Fan Arrange
08.16 SJV Sound Adventure Series Vol.4 "Leaves" SJVSC-0002 Fan Arrange
08.14 Marine Snow WDCD-0011 Fan Arrange
08.14 kizuna HYBR-001 Fan Arrange
08.14 Koeda ver.β TGRC-0001 Fan Arrange
06.07 With Heart II ~Leaf Visual Novel Series BGM Arranged Album~ STBL-0002 Fan Arrange
02.01 This album is a reprint With Heart (Revised Edition) ~Leaf Visual Novel Series Vol.3 "TO HEART" Arrange Album~ STBL-1001 Fan Arrange
??.?? foliage N/A Fan Arrange
??.?? libre SJVSC-000X Arrange, Vocal


12.29 SJV Sound Adventure Series Vol.3 SJVSC-0001 Fan Arrange
12.29 With Heart ~Leaf Visual Novel Series Vol.3 "TO HEART" Arrange Album~ STBL-0001 Fan Arrange
08.15 To Heart Original Sound Track LFCD-0004 Soundtrack
08.15 Leaf Visual Novel Series Arrange Sound Tracks - ORANGE LFCD-0005 Arrange, Prototype
??.?? Yukimi Daifuku TGRT-0003 Fan Arrange
??.?? Hot Snow WDCD-0009 Fan Arrange

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