Call of Duty: Black Ops II

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Release Date
November 13, 2012
Treyarch Corporation / / ( PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U), Nihilistic Software / / ( PS Vita)
Activision / /


    Audio Director / Brian Tuey
    Lead Audio Designer / Chris Cowell
    Sound Designer / Collin Ayers, Scott Eckert, Shawn Jimmerson, James McCawley, Kevin Sherwood, Lee Staples, Chris Basta (Company 3 Games), Matt Melberg (Company 3 Games), Erich Netherton (Company 3 Games)
    Senior Audio Engineer / Stephen McCaul
    Audio Intern / Elliott Ward-Bowen
    Featuring the Music of / Trent Reznor, Elbow, Avenged Sevenfold, Skrillex
    Composed by / Jack Wall, Trent Reznor
    Conducted by / Jack Wall
    Producer / Jack Wall, Jeremy Moore (Company 3 Games), Trent Reznor
    Orchestrated by / Neal Desby, Edward Trybek
    Assistant to Composer / Alex Hemlock
    Weapons Recordist / John Fasal
    Audio Production Manager / Brian Anderson (Company 3 Games)
    Audio Assist / Maggie Price (Company 3 Games)
    Sound Mixers / Chris Basta (Company 3 Games), Matt Melberg (Company 3 Games), Erich Netherton (Company 3 Games)
    Talent Acquisition Manager / Marchele Hardin
    Talent Associate / Noah Sarid
    Talent Coordinator / Marie Bagnell
    Senior Audio Manager / Adam Boyd
    Senior Audio Designer / Trevor Bresaw
    Associate Technical Audio Designer / Victor Durling
    Vice President - Music Affairs / Tim Riley
    Director - Music Affairs / Brandon Young
    Music & Licensing Coordinator / Katie Sippel
    Recorded at / Abbey Road
    Recorded by / Joel Iwataki
    Score Supervisor / Ross deRoche
    Supervising Copyist / Ross deRoche
    Session Supervisor / Audrey deRoche
    Budget Supervisor / Audrey deRoche
    Booth Supervisor / Neal Desby
    Score Recordist / Gordon Davidson
    Assistant Score Recordists / Seb Truman, Jamie Ashton
    Orchestra Contractor / Isobel Griffiths
    Assistant Orchestra Contractor / Charlotte Matthews
    Librarian / Jill Streater
    Orchestra Accountant / Mandy Hadler
    Mixed at / Trevor Morris Studios
    Mixed by / Joel Iwataki
    Mix Recordist / Phil McGowan
    Arranged by / Jack Wall, Neal Desby
    Orchestral Arrangement / Timothy Williams, Jonathan deRoche
    Additional Music / Jimmy Hinson (Big Giant Circles), Sergio Jimenez Lacima, Shawn Jimmerson, James McCawley, Kevin Sherwood, Brian Tuey
    Select Tracks Mastered by / John Rodd
    Pakistan Vocals / Azam Ali
    Yemen Vocals / Barak Marshall
    Vocal / Kamar de los Reyes, Rudy Cardenas
    Child Vocal / Gracie Wall
    Haitian Vocals / Joel Virgel
    Vocal Contractor / Nancy Clayton
    Pakistan Bowed Guitarviol / Loga Ramin Torkian /
    Percussion / Jamie Papish, MB Gordy, Henrik Jakobsson, Daniel de los Reyes
    Duduk / Chris Bleth
    Dizi / Chris Bleth
    Zourna / Chris Bleth
    Lap Steel Guitar / Jay Leach
    Cello / John Galt, Anthony Pleeth (1st), Martin Loveday, Caroline Dale, John Heley, Frank Schaefer, Chris Worsey, Paul Kegg, Sophie Harris, Tony Woollard, James Potter, Tony Lewis (10th), Jonathan Tunnell (11th)
    Electric Cello / Tina Guo /
    Flamenco Guitar / Gabriel Reyna, Edward Trybek, Ramon Stagnaro
    Electric Sitar / Edward Trybek
    Chapman Stick / Larry Tuttle
    Leader / Perry Montague-Mason
    Leader of 2nds / Roger Garland
    Violins / Alison Kelly, John Bradbury, Rolf Wilson, Mark Berrow, Dave Woodcock, Jonathan Rees, Tom Pigott-Smith, Cathy Thompson, Dai Emanuel, Robin Brightman, Dermot Crehan, Jim McLeod, Emil Chakalov, Paul Willey, Jonathan Evans-Jones, Dorina Markoff, Pauline Lowbury, Natalia Bonner, David Ogden, Debbie Preece, Harriet Davies, Gillian Findlay, Laura Melhuish, Dave Williams, Simon Baggs, Jonathan Strange, Debbie Widdup (11th), Sonia Slany, Marnon Derome, Katherine Mayes, Emlyn Singleton (10th)
    Violas / Peter Lale (1st), Katie Wilkinson, Clare Finnimore, Rachel Bolt, Andy Parker, Paul Cassidy, George Robertson, Chris Pitsillides, Reiad Chibah, Don McVay, Jon Thorne, Morgan Goff, Gustav Clarkson, Steve Wright, Rusen Gunes
    Basses / Chris Laurence (1st), Stacey Watton, Steve Mair, Richard Pryce, Steve McManus, Steve Williams, Roger Linley, Steve Rossell
    Flute / Karen Jones, Eliza Marshall (14th), Helen Keen (15th)
    Piccolo / Karen Jones
    Oboe / David Theodore (10th), Daniel Bates (11th), Jane Marshall
    Cor Anglais / Jane Marshall
    Clarinet / Nicholas Bucknall, Dave Fuest
    Bass Clarinet / Dave Fuest
    Bassoon / Richard Skinner, Gavin McNaughton
    Contra Bassoon / Gavin McNaughton
    Horn / Nigel Black, Richard Berry, Laurence Davies, Phil Woods, Carsten Williams, John Thurgood (10th), Nicholas Korth (11th), Nick Ireson, Kira Doherty (10th), Simon Rayner (11th), Philip Eastop, Katie Woolley
    Trumpet / John Barclay, Derek Watkins, Kate Moore, Paul Mayes
    Tenor Trombone / Richard Edwards, Andy Wood (10th), Ed Tarrant (11th)
    Bass Trombone / Roger Argente, Andy Wood, Dave Stewart
    Contrabass Trombone / Dave Stewart
    Tuba / Owen Slade


    [Licensed Music]

    Written - arranged - produced and performed by Trent Reznor
    Mixed by Alan Moulder
    Additional production by Atticus Ross
    Mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering - Hollywood - CA

    "The Night Will Always Win"
    Performed by Elbow
    Written by Guy Edward John Garvey - Craig Lee Potter - Mark Potter - Peter James Turner - Richard Barry Jupp
    Published by Salvation Music Ltd (NS)
    All Rights administered by WB Music Corp
    Courtesy of Polydor Ltd. (UK)
    Under license from Universal Music Enterprises
    All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

    "Niño Precioso"
    Based on a Nicaraguan lullaby
    Arranged by Jack Wall
    Vocal by Kamar de los Reyes
    Flamenco guitar by Gabriel Reyna

    "Raul Menendez" Theme ("Niño Precioso")
    Based on a Nicaraguan lullaby
    Composed by Jack Wall
    Arranged by Jack Wall & Neal Desby
    Orchestrated by Neal Desby & Edward Trybek
    Vocal: Rudy Cardenas
    Trumpet solo: John Barclay
    Harp: Amy Black
    Performed by London musicians at Abbey Road
    Orchestra contractor: Isobel Griffiths
    Vocal contractor: Nancy Gassner-Clayton

    "Ima Try It out"
    Performed by Skrillex
    Written and produced by Sonny Moore and Alvin Risk
    Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp.
    By arrangement with Warner Music Group Video Game Licensing
    Published by Copaface - administered by Kobalt Music Publishing America Inc. and Eclipse Media Enterprise LLC
    (P) 2012 Big Beat Records Inc.

    "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)"
    Performed by Nat King Cole
    Written by Mel Torme and Robert Wells
    Published by Edwin H. Morris (& Company - A Division of MPL Music Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)) & Sony / ATV Tunes LLC (ASCAP)
    Courtesy of King Cole Partners LP
    All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

    "Carry On"
    Performed by Avenged Sevenfold
    Written by Mathew Sanders, Brian Haner, Zachary James Baker, Jonathan Seward
    Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc.,
    By arrangement with Warner Music Group Video Game Licensing, Published by EMI April Music Inc.,
    All Rights reserved. Used by Permission.
    © 2012




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