Angel Beats!

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April 02, 2010
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2010-4-2 Angel Beats! / / Japan Series


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12.28 Key BEST SELECTION KSLA-0163~4 Arrange, Vocal
12.28 Modification of Key Sounds Label VOL.2 KSLA-0165~7 Remix, Vocal
09.18 Key BOX -for two decades- KSLA-1001~50 Arrange, Remix, Vocal
04.03 Heisei Anison Taishou mixed by DJ Kazu AICL-3676 Vocal


09.24 Key ORCHESTRA CONCERT 2018 AVRS-0002 Arrange
04.25 REVIVES -Lia Sings beautiful anime songs- LIAM-0001 Vocal


12.29 Key Acoustic Arrange Album: Humans pleasure KSLA-0145 Arrange
03.29 KSL Live World 2016 ~the Animation Charlotte & Rewrite~ KSLM-0008 Vocal, Live Event


12.29 Modification of Key Sounds Label KSLA-0124~6 Remix, Vocal
05.01 Angel Beats! PERFECT Vocal Collection KSLA-0113~5 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert


10.07 ENSON3 ~ COVER SONGS COLLECTION Vol.3 / Masaaki Endoh LACA-15510 Arrange, Vocal
04.11 Key 15th Fes. pamphlet CD Keep The Dancing Beats! / efflorescence KSLC-0014~5 Remix, Vocal


12.28 rare tracks / Girls Dead Monster KSLA-0098 Vocal
07.12 The Anime and Game Collection N/A Fan Arrange
03.28 This album is a reprint KeyCLASSIC KSLA-0090 Arrange, Vocal


12.31 Graduation BR-0018 Fan Arrange
12.29 KeyCLASSIC KSLA-0090 Arrange, Vocal
08.11 Euphoric Tears SGNM-002 Fan Arrange, Vocal
05.25 Key + VOCALOID Best selection vol.1 KSLA-0079 Arrange, Vocal
04.30 posto felice ATZR-0001 Fan Arrange, Vocal
04.25 IA/01 -BIRTH- MHCL-2054~5 Vocal
04.25 This album is a reprint IA/01 -BIRTH- [Limited Edition] MHCL-2050~3 Vocal


12.31 VA Compilation CD Vol.3 Panorama VA-C81-0001 Arrange, Remix, Vocal
12.30 My Favorite Symphonies vol.1 SDCD-012 Fan Arrange
12.29 IA/00 QLCD-0023~4 Vocal
08.13 Angel Beats! add Beats!! YUKI-0009 Fan Arrange, Vocal
08.13 Key piano forte -kanade- N/A Fan Arrange
08.13 Heavenly Beats LLAC-0006 Fan Arrange, Vocal
06.24 Key+Lia Best 2001-2010 KSLA-0071 Vocal
06.22 enigmaticLIA 4 -Anthemical Keyworlds- QLC-00001 Vocal
06.22 enigmaticLIA 4 -Anthemnia L's core- QLC-00002 Vocal
03.16 Nakeru Anime Song / Chihiro Yonekura BVCL-196 Arrange, Vocal


12.31 Chronos Song CLAR-0002 Fan Arrange, Vocal
12.28 enigmaticLIA4 QLCD-0021~2 Remix, Vocal
12.24 KSL Live World 2010 ~Way to the kud Wafter~ KSLA-0061~3 Vocal, Live Event
12.08 Last Song / Girls Dead Monster STARRING marina KSLA-0064 Vocal
12.08 Ichiban no Takaramono ~Yui final ver.~ / Girls Dead Monster STARRING LiSA KSLA-0065 Vocal
11.24 Operation Angel Beats! Second Season ANZX-6412 Drama
09.22 Operation Angel Beats! NG Taishou ANZX-6408 Drama
08.14 Zephyr Violin Duo ZVLN-0002 Fan Arrange
08.02 Girls Dead Monster Starring LiSA Tour 2010 -Keep The Angel Beats!- Pamphlet Music Disc KSLC-0009 Vocal, Talk
07.28 Girls Dead Monster OFFICIAL BAND SCORE "Keep The Beats!" SVWC-7721~2 Soundtrack
07.28 Angel Beats! ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK KSLA-0059~60 Soundtrack, Vocal
06.30 Keep The Beats! / Girls Dead Monster KSLA-0058 Soundtrack, Vocal
06.22 Operation Sokuseki Short Drama CD ANZB-6402 Drama
06.09 Little Braver / Girls Dead Monster KSLA-0055 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
05.26 My Soul, Your Beats! / Brave Song [Limited Edition] KSLA-0053 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
05.26 My Soul, Your Beats! / Brave Song KSLA-0054 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
05.12 Thousand Enemies / Girls Dead Monster KSLA-0052 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
04.23 Crow Song / Girls Dead Monster KSLA-0051 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert


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