Love Live! School Idol Project

ラブライブ! School idol project
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Release Date
January 06, 2013



10.28 LisAni! MIX by DJ Kazu ~10th Anniversary Selection~ AICL-3928 Vocal
03.25 Child album A song for You! You? You!! / μ's LACM-14951 Vocal
03.25 A song for You! You? You!! / μ's LACM-14950 Vocal


12.25 μ's Memorial CD-BOX Complete BEST BOX LACA-9721~32 Vocal
10.25 LOVELIVE! 9th Anniversary Blu-ray BOX Bonus: μ's Ninensei Zadankai! N/A Talk
10.25 LOVELIVE! 9th Anniversary Blu-ray BOX Special CD BCXA-1494 Vocal


08.10 Acoustic Works! LoveLive! Solo Guitar Collection MSW-0001 Fan Arrange
03.28 LoveLive! Solo Live! III from μ's Nico Yazawa: Memories with Nico LACA-9624~6 Vocal
03.28 LoveLive! Solo Live! collection Memorial BOX III LACA-39600~26 Vocal
03.28 LoveLive! Solo Live! III from μ's Honoka Kosaka: Memories with Honoka LACA-9600~2 Vocal
03.28 LoveLive! Solo Live! III from μ's Eli Ayase: Memories with Eli LACA-9603~5 Vocal
03.28 LoveLive! Solo Live! III from μ's Kotori Minami: Memories with Kotori LACA-9606~8 Vocal
03.28 LoveLive! Solo Live! III from μ's Umi Sonoda Memories with Umi LACA-9609~11 Vocal
03.28 LoveLive! Solo Live! III from μ's Rin Hoshizora: Memories with Rin LACA-9612~4 Vocal
03.28 LoveLive! Solo Live! III from μ's Maki Nishikino: Memories with Maki LACA-9615~7 Vocal
03.28 LoveLive! Solo Live! III from μ's Nozomi Tojo: Memories with Nozomi LACA-9618~20 Vocal
03.28 LoveLive! Solo Live! III from μ's Hanayo Koizumi: Memories with Hanayo LACA-9621~3 Vocal


05.28 Orchestral μ'sic♪♪ N/A Fan Arrange
03.12 LoveLive! Acoustic Guitar Arrange Songs N/A Fan Arrange


09.18 Orchestral μ'sic♪ N/A Fan Arrange
02.13 SAYAKAVER.LIVE 01 / Sayaka Sasaki LZM-2129 Arrange, Vocal, Live Event


12.31 Anime Song Orchestra V MTCD-0016 Fan Arrange
12.31 Love Metal! -Revival of First- SOH-0050 Fan Arrange, Vocal
10.24 Love Metal!!!!! - Heavy metal idol project - Vol.6 SOH-0049 Fan Arrange, Vocal
08.16 my FAVORITE μ's NPG-001 Fan Arrange, Vocal
08.15 Love Live! Violin & Piano ver KS-007 Fan Arrange
08.14 Love Metal!!!! - Heavy metal idol project - Vol.5 SOH-0048 Fan Arrange, Vocal
07.01 μ's NON STOP Best Live! MEDLEY LACA-15499 Vocal
05.27 μ's Best Album Best Live! Collection II LACA-9393~5 Vocal
05.27 Child album μ's Best Album Best Live! Collection II [Limited Edition] LACA-39393~5 Vocal
04.26 Love Metal!!! - Heavy metal idol project - Vol.4 SOH-0047 Fan Arrange, Vocal
03.25 SAYAKAVER. / Sayaka Sasaki LACA-15484 Arrange, Vocal


12.31 Love Metal!! - Heavy metal idol project - Vol.3 SOH-0046 Fan Arrange, Vocal
12.30 JazzLive! N/A Fan Arrange
08.17 Love Metal! - Heavy metal idol project - Vol.1 N/A Fan Arrange, Vocal
04.02 orange cheers! / Honoka Kosaka (CV: Emi Nitta) LACA-15381 Vocal
04.02 Ice Blue no Shunkan / Eli Ayase (CV: Yoshino Nanjo) LACA-15382 Vocal
04.02 Junpaku Romance / Kotori Minami (CV: Aya Uchida) LACA-15383 Vocal
04.02 Ao no Shinwa / Umi Sonoda (CV: Suzuko Mimori) LACA-15384 Vocal
04.02 Ring a yellow bell / Rin Hoshizora (CV: Riho Iida) LACA-15385 Vocal
04.02 SCARLET PRINCESS / Maki Nishikino (CV: Pile) LACA-15386 Vocal
04.02 Violet Moon / Nozomi Tojo (CV: Aina Kusuda) LACA-15387 Vocal
04.02 Wakakusa no Season / Hanayo Koizumi (CV: Yurika Kubo) LACA-15388 Vocal
04.02 Momoiro♡Egao / Nico Yazawa (CV: Sora Tokui) LACA-15389 Vocal
04.02 Love Live! Solo Live! collection Memorial BOX II LACA-39331~9 Vocal
02.03 ENDLESS PARADE / μ's LAPP-1054 Vocal


12.25 Love Live! ~Kokuritsu Otonokizaka Gakuin Annai~ Bonus CD BCXA-0704 Drama, Talk
09.25 μ's Original Song CD7 BCXA-0703 Vocal
09.25 Puwapuwaao! / Printemps BEPC-0004 Vocal
08.28 μ's Original Song CD6 BCXA-0702 Vocal
08.21 Pure girls project / Printemps LACM-14103 Vocal, Drama
07.26 μ's Original Song CD5 BCXA-0701 Vocal
07.24 Cutie Panther / BiBi LACM-14102 Vocal, Drama
06.26 Binetsu kara Mystery / lily white LACM-14101 Vocal, Drama
06.21 μ's Original Song CD4 BCXA-0700 Vocal
05.28 μ's Original Song CD3 BCXA-0699 Vocal
04.24 μ's Original Song CD2 BCXA-0698 Vocal
04.10 Notes of School idol days LACA-9281~2 Soundtrack, Vocal
04.03 No brand girls/START:DASH!! / μ's LACM-14069 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
03.22 μ's Original Song CD1 BCXA-0697 Vocal
03.06 Kore kara no Someday/Wonder zone / μ's LACM-14064 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
02.20 Susume→Tomorrow/START:DASH!! / μ's LACM-14055 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
02.06 Kitto Seishun ga Kikoeru / μ's LACM-14054 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
01.23 Bokura wa Ima no Naka de / μ's LACM-14053 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert


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