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Metropolis Street Racer

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Release Date
November 03, 2000
Bizarre Creations / / , SEGA Europe / /
SEGA Europe / /
Music Production
SEGA Europe / /






2000-11-03 Metropolis Street Racer / / Europe Sega Dreamcast


    Sound Coding / Jonathan Amor
    Music / Richard Jacques
    Sound Effects / Richard Jacques
    Lyrics / Richard Jacques
    Vocals / Jason R. Campbell, Helena Davison, Gavin Skeggs, Stephen Stapley, MC Stepz
    Electric Guitars / Stuart Lee
    Acoustic Guitars / Stuart Lee
    Additional Guitars / Richard Jacques
    Bass / Matthew Lee
    Acoustic Piano / Richard Jacques
    Percussion Programming / Richard Jacques
    Trumpet / Gerard Presencer
    Flugel / Gerard Presencer
    Saxophone / Nigel Hitchcock
    Trombone / Mark Nightingale
    Horn Section Arranged / Mark Nightingale, Richard Jacques
    Recorded by / Matt Howe, Neil Tucker
    Recorded at / Metropolis Studios, Sega Digital Studio (Europe)
    Engineered by / Richard Jacques
    Mixed by / Richard Jacques
    Produced by / Richard Jacques
    Mixed at / Sega Digital Studio (Europe)
    Produced by / Sega Digital Studio (Europe)
    Sound Producer / Richard Jacques


    Credits for metropolisSTREET RACER

    Music: segaEUROPE

    Bizarre Staff: PROGRAMMING
      Sound Coding: jonathan AMOR

    Sega Staff
      Music and Sound Effects: richard JACQUES

    Bizarre Creations Staff
      Sound Coding: Jonathan Amor

    Sega Europe,Ltd.
    Music and Sound
      Music and Lyrics by Richard Jacques
    Featured Artists
      Vocals: Jason R. Campbell, Helena Davison, Gavin Skeggs, Stephen Stapley, MC Stepz
      Electric and Acoustic Guitars: Stuart Lee
      Additional Guitars: Richard Jacques
      Bass: Matthew Lee
      Acoustic Piano, Percussion Programming: Richard Jacques
      Trumpet and Flugel: Gerard Presencer
      Saxophone: Nigel Hitchcock
      Trombone: Mark Nightingale

    Horn section arranged by Mark Nightingale and Richard Jacques
    Horns recorded by Matt Howe and Neil Tucker at Metropolis Studios

    All tracks engineered, mixed and produced by Richard Jacques at Sega Digital Studio (Europe)

    Sample CDs used in this soundtrack include
    Miroslav Vitous Orchestra (Unisync)
    Peter Siedlaczek Advance Orchestra (Best Service)
    Masterkit (Real Drum Company)
    Datafile 3 (Zero G)
    Beats 'N the Hood (Zero G)

    Credit from Manual
    Sound Producer: Richard Jacques


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