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GoldenEye 007

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2010-11-02 GoldenEye 007 / / U.S. Nintendo Wii
2011-11-01 GoldenEye 007: Reloaded / / U.S. Sony PlayStation 3
2010-11-02 GoldenEye 007 / / U.S. Nintendo DS


Audio / Steve Duckworth, Guy Cockcroft, Duncan Bradshaw, Sarah Scott, Lee Campbell
Audio Programming / Kev Stainwright, Mark Topley
Director of Central Audio / Adam Levenson
Talent Acquisitions Manager / Marchele Hardin
Talent Associate / Noah Sarid
Talent Coordinator / Stefani Jones
Senior Sound Designer / Jerry Berlongieri
Sound Designer / Trevor Bresaw
Vice President Music Affairs / Tim Riley
Director of Music Affairs / Brandon Young
Senior Music Supervisor / Scott McDaniel
Music Supervisors / Jeremy Volk, Mike Phegley
Audio Assets Specialist / David Iscove
Music Coordinator / Katie Sippel
Licensing Coordinator / Katie Sippel
Music Production Specialist / Stephan Vankov
International Music Manager / Sergio Pimentel
Licensing Manager / Sergio Pimentel
Original Music Composed by / David Arnold, Kevin Kiner
Original Music Produced by / David Arnold, Kevin Kiner

Song Credits

Performed by / Nicole Scherzinger, deadmau5, Kaskade, Dual Sessions
Produced by / David Arnold
Studio / Air Studios
Vocals Recorded by / David Audé
Vocals Produced by / David Audé
Vocals Recorded at / Record Plant
Written by / Bono, The Edge, Finn Bjarnson, Ryan Raddon, Joel Zimmerman, George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin*


Audio: Steve Duckworth, Guy Cockcroft, Duncan Bradshaw, Sarah Scott, Lee Campbell
Audio Programming: Kev Stainwright, Mark Topley

=Activision Central Audio & Talent=
Director of Central Audio: Adam Levenson
Talent Acquisitions Manager: Marchele Hardin
Talent Associate: Noah Sarid
Talent Coordinator: Stefani Jones
Sr. Sound Designer: Jerry Berlongieri
Sound Designer: Trevor Bresaw

=Activision Music Department=
Vice President, Music Affairs: Tim Riley
Director of Music Affairs: Brandon Young
Senior Music Supervisor: Scott McDaniel
Music Supervisors: Jeremy Volk, Mike Phegley
Audio Assets Specialist: David Iscove
Music & Licensing Coordinator: Katie Sippel
Music Production Specialist: Stephan Vankov
International Music & Licensing Manager: Sergio Pimentel

=Outsourcing: Music=
Original Music Composed and Produced by David Arnold, Kevin Kiner

"GoldenEye (GoldenEye 007 Game Version)"
Performed by Nicole Scherzinger
Produced by David Arnold @ Air Studios
Vocals recorded & produced by David Audé @ Record Plant
Written by Bono & the Edge
Published by Universal - Songs of PolyGram Int., Inc.
on behalf of Universal Music Publishing International B.V.

"I Remember (DJ Hero Remix)"
Performed by deadmau5 & Kaskade
Written by Finn Bjarnson, Ryan Raddon and Joel Zimmerman
Published by EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI) and Ultra Tunes, LLC
Courtesy of Ultra Records, Inc.

"The Man I Love - Ecko Remix"
Performed by Dual Sessions
Written by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin
Published by WB MUSIC CORP. (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Music Brokers by arrangement with The Orchard


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