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Kuroshitsuji II Original Soundtrack

Black Butler II Original Soundtrack
Catalog Number SVWC-7734
Barcode 4534530042552
Release Date Dec 22, 2010
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3150 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
LabelAniplex / /
ManufacturerAniplex Inc. / /
DistributorSony Music Distribution (Japan) Inc. / /


Disc 1

01 Cena d'amore 4:16
02 The Thread of Desire 2:28
03 The Butler Of Trancy's 2:48
04 Critical Phase 2:34
05 A Spider's Thread 2:45
06 Little Lady II 2:25
07 The Best Laugh 2:24
08 In the Capacity of Servant 2:38
09 Peculiar Fellows 2:21
10 A Watchdog's Investigation 2:01
11 Tornado nero 3:01
12 Fragile Mind 3:42
13 Critical Full Course 2:04
14 Bloody Vow 2:48
15 Cruelly Eyes 2:14
16 The Queen's Spider 2:52
17 Triplets Devil 2:15
18 Black Butlers 3:05
19 Armonica 1:56
20 A Sheath for the Demon Sword 3:50
21 The Slightly Chipped Full Moon 3:44
22 SHIVER (TV size) 1:33
23 Kagayaku Sora no Shijima niwa (TV size) 1:32
24 Bird (TV size) 1:30
Disc length 62:46

Translated by Phonograph


Music Composed & Sound Produced by Taku Iwasaki
Orchestrated and conducted by Taku Iwasaki

Recorded and Mixed by Yoshi Tamla
Mastering by Yuji Chinone (Sony Music Communications)

Production Coordinator: Sei Sato (Office Without)
Musician Coordinator: Noriko Sekiya (FACE MUSIC)

Piano, Synthesizer & Computer: Taku Iwasaki
Strings: Hitoshi Konno Strings
Flute: Takashi Asahi
Oboe: Satoshi Shoji
Clarinet: Kimio Yamane
Alto Saxophone: Masakuni Takeno
Drums: Yasuo Sano
Wood Bass: Hitoshi Watanabe (by the courtesy of GEMMATIKA RECORDs / no choice records)
Piano: Keiji Matsumoto
Accordion: Hirofumi Mizuno
Vocals: Taiki Kawase [川瀬太基] (01), Yuri Kasahara (11), Yucca (21)
Lyrics: Caoli Cano

Scoring staff: Chieko Matsunami
Scoring staff: Takako Yamanouchi

Recorded Studio at SOUND INN STUDIO
Recorded Studio at MARUNI STUDIO
Mixed Studio at SOUND INN STUDIO
Mixed Studio at MARUNI STUDIO
Mastering Studio at Sony Music Studios Tokyo

Assistant Engineered by Kayoko Umeda (SOUND INN STUDIO)
Assistant Engineered by Chie Sato (SOUND INN STUDIO)
Assistant Engineered by Takuma Kase (MARUNI STUDIO)

M-22 - Opening Theme
Composed, Arranged & Performed by: the GazettE
Lyrics by: Ruki [流鬼]

M-23 - 2nd Ending Theme
Composed, Arranged & Lyrics by: Yuki Kajiura
Performed by: Kalafina

M-24 - 1st Ending Theme
Composed by: Jin Nakamura
Lyrics by: Takahiro Maeda
Performed by: Yuya Matsushita

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