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Sonic the Hedgehog Boom Limited Collector's Edition - The Music From Sonic CD and Sonic Spinball
Catalog Number N/A
Barcode 0010086041125
Release Date Feb 02, 1994
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price Not for Sale (U.S.)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Remix


Composer / Brian Coburn, Howard Drossin, Spencer Nilsen, David Young, Sterling
Arranger / Spencer Nilsen, David Young
Performer / Pastiche, Brad Kaiser, Erik Frykman, Bobby Vega, Armando Peraza
Lyricist / Spencer Nilsen, Pastiche


Disc 1

01 Sonic Boom-Opening Theme 3:10
02 Stardust Speedway-Bad Future 3:52
03 Tidal Tempest 3:19
04 Sonic Boom-Closing Theme 3:39
05 Tidal Tempest-Bad Future 3:37
06 Palmtree Panic 3:54
07 Quartz Quadrant 3:22
08 Stardust Present 3:04
09 Tempest Good Future 3:06
10 Quartz Future 2:36
11 Speedway To Good Future 2:49
12 Wacky Workbench 3:39
13 Special Stage 2:20
14 Workbench-Bad Future 2:23
15 Palmtree Party 2:40
16 Workbench Workout 3:12
17 Collision Chaos 3:19
18 Metallic Madness 2:17
19 Robotnik 1:29
20 Spinball Theme 2:34
21 Flight To Volcanic Fortress 3:29
22 Toxic Cave 3:05
23 Lava Powerhouse 3:52
Disc length 70:47



Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by
Spencer Nilsen
(except where indicated)

Co-composed and Co-arranged by
David Young

Sandy Cressman
Jenny Meitzer
Becky West

Keyboards and Synthesizer Programming
Spencer Nilsen
David Young

Drums and Percussion
Brad Kaiser

Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Erik Frykman

Digitally Recorded and Mixed at
Sega Multimedia Studio, Redwood City, CA

Engineered and Mixed by
Spencer Nilsen and David Young

Collision Chaos, Metallic Madness and Robotnik Composed by
Mark "Sterling" Crew with Armando Peraza and Bobby Vega

Produced by
Mark "Sterling" Crew with Charles Albert

Guitar, Keyboards and Fairlight III Programming

Bobby Vega

Armando Peraza

Charles Albert

Programming Assistant
Roosevelt Hoover

Production Coordinator
Maurice Jackson

Recorded and Mixed at

Toxic Caves, Flight To Volcanic Fortress and Spinball Theme Composed by
Howard Drossin

Produced by
Spencer Nilsen and Howard Drossin

Lava Powerhouse Composed by
Brian Coburn

Produced by
Spencer Nilsen and Brian Coburn

Special Thanks
Everyone at Sega of America PD/MM, Joe, Tom, Walter, Barbara, "The Girls", David,
Gary, Brad, Erik, Claire, QSound, Audix, Digital Support Group. Fairlight E.S.P.
Propriety Limited, Opcode, Otari, Zoom and Illycafe Espresso...for keeping us awake.

*Rhythms for "Palmtree Panic" inspired by Pete Escovedo's "Mister E" on Crossover Records/Concord Jazz © 1988

Album Stats

Contained in 70 collections
Contained in 10 wish lists
Platforms represented
Sega CD, Sega Master System (Mark III), Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)

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