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Cytus -The Prologue-

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Aug 31, 2012
Publish Format Commercial, Event Only
Release Price 450.00 TWD
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherRayark / /


Composer / Eyemedia, Tsukasa, Yamajet, ani, AILE, sta, Rabpit, Ice, naotyu-, Persona, switchworks, KILLERBLOOD, Cranky, DJ Mashiro
Performer / b, moco, maya, miyu


Disc 1

01 Cytus -Title Screen 1:20
02 Chemical Star by Tsukasa 1:46
03 Hard Landing by Yamajet 2:05
04 VERVERG by ani feat. b 1:58
05 Secret Garden by AILE 1:58
06 Iris by sta 2:01
07 Sacred by Rabpit 2:06
08 Light up my LOVE!! by ani feat. moco 2:03
09 DRG by ani 2:03
10 Precipitation by Ice 1:49
11 Precipitation II by Ice 1:49
12 Retrospective by naotyu- feat. maya 1:52
13 Green Eyes by Persona 1:58
14 Saika by Rabpit 1:59
15 Nocturnal Type by switchworks 1:58
16 Sanctity by Rabpit 2:04
17 The Silence by sta 2:03
18 Visions by Tsukasa 2:07
19 Les Parfums de L'Amour by naotyu- feat. miyu 2:01
20 Entrance by Ice 1:44
21 The Black Case by KILLERBLOOD 1:44
22 The Riddle Story by Cranky 2:30
23 Prismatic Lollipops by DJ Mashiro 1:35
24 Cytus -Result Screen 0:54
25 Hard Landing (Long Ver.) by Yamajet 5:34
26 Retrospective (Long Ver.) by naotyu- feat maya 4:07
Disc length 55:08



"Cytus -Title Screen"
Composed by Eyemedia

"Chemical Star"
Composed by Tsukasa

"Hard Landing"
Composed by Yamajet

Composed by ani
Vocals by b

"Secret Garden"
Composed by AILE

Composed by sta

Composed by Rabpit

"Light up my LOVE!!"
Composed by ani
Vocals by moco

Composed by Ani

Composed by Ice

"Precipitation II"
Composed by Ice

Composed by naotyu-
Vocals by maya

"Green Eyes"
Composed by Persona

Composed by Rabpit

"Nocturnal Type"
Composed by switchworks

Composed by Rabpit

"The Silence"
Composed by sta

Composed by Tsukasa

"Les Parfums de L'Amour"
Composed by naotyu-
Vocals by miyu

Composed by Ice

"The Black Case"

"The Riddle Story"
Composed by Cranky

"Prismatic Lollipops"
Composed by DJ Mashiro

"Cytus -Result Screen"
Composed by Eyemedia

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