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TV Animation "Gakusen Toshi Asterisk" Original Soundtrack
Catalog Number VTCL-60416
Barcode 4580325320800
Release Date Dec 23, 2015
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3132 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Labelflying DOG / /
ManufacturerFlyingDog, Inc. / /
DistributorJVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Corp. / /


Composer / Rasmus Faber, Martin Landström, Erasmus Talbot, Andreas Kinger, Daniel Rosenqvist
Arranger / Rasmus Faber, Martin Landström, Erasmus Talbot, Andreas Kinger, Daniel Rosenqvist, Patricio Cabezas, Nicholas Oja, Martin Persson
Performer / Rasmus Faber, Martin Persson, Emily McEwan, Maaya Sakamoto / , Claudia Bonfiglioli, Andrei Power, Ylva Larsdotter, Fredrik Syberg, Per 'Texas' Johansson, Stefan Persson, Mia Salazar, JR Robertson, Mats Billinger
Lyricist / Rasmus Faber
Recording Engineer / Rasmus Faber, Hiromitsu Takasu /
Mixing Engineer / Rasmus Faber
Mastering Engineer / Rasmus Faber
Programmer / Rasmus Faber


Disc 1

01 Asterisk War Main Theme 2:13
02 Ready Your Blade 2:22
03 Song of the Bloody Scythe 2:12
04 Stinger Blitz 2:06
05 Eventide 2:12
06 Seven Ways to Fall 2:17
07 Bravery of Kirin 2:10
08 Chorale 1:44
09 Colloquy 1:32
10 A Juvenile Memory 1:05
11 The Power Sets Free 2:04
12 Deadly Dance 2:05
13 Rise of the Phoenix 1:32
14 Claudia's Melancholy 2:14
15 Clouds Gathering 2:09
16 Sister, where are you 2:24
17 Quiet Camp 1:42
18 Jaunty Victory 1:59
19 A Sigh of Relief 1:46
20 Jalousie 2:20
21 The Strain of Asterisk 2:05
22 Julis' Theme (piano version) 2:04
23 Hold You in the Wind 1:42
24 Determination of Ayato 2:28
25 Waiting for the rain (TV Edit) 1:43
Disc length 50:10



Written and produced by Rasmus Faber
Arranged and produced by Rasmus Faber, Martin Landström, Erasmus Talbot & Andreas Kinger
Additional arrangement and production by Daniel Rosenqvist, Patricio Cabezas & Nicholas Oja

Written by Rasmus Faber (8)
Written by Rasmus Faber and co-written by
Martin Landström (1,2,6,7,9,10,12,13,19,22,24)
Erasmus Talbot (3,5,11)
Andreas Kinger (4,16,17)
Daniel Rosenqvist (14,18)
Martin Landström & Daniel Rosenqvist (15)
Martin Landström & Andreas Kinger (20)
Andreas Kinger & Erasmus Talbot (21)

Performer: Emily McEwan
Composer: Rasmus Faber & Martin Landström
Arranger: Rasmus Faber & Martin Landström
Lyricist: Rasmus Faber

M-25 - Ending Theme
Performer: Maaya Sakamoto
Composer: Rasmus Faber
Arranger: Rasmus Faber
Strings Arranger: Rasmus Faber & Martin Persson
Lyricist: Rasmus Faber

Keyboards & Programming: Rasmus Faber
Strings: Martin Persson, Claudia Bonfiglioli, Andrej Power & Fredrik Syberg
Drums: JR Robertson
Backing Vocals: Maaya Sakamoto

Strings by Claudia Bonfiglioli, Andrej Power, Ylva Larsdotter & Fredrik Syberg
Clarinet by Per 'Texas' Johansson
Trumpet by Stefan Persson
Vocals by Mia Salazar & Emily McEwan
Drums by JR Robertson
Guitar by Mats Billinger

A & R director: Masao Fukuda (FlyingDog)
Production Coordinator: Hirofumi Iwanaga (Victor Music Arts)
Promoter: Yusuke "Jack" Suzuki (FlyingDog)
Executive Producer: Shirou Sasaki (FlyingDog)

Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Rasmus Faber at Farplane Studio
Vocal Recording Engineer: Hiromitsu Takasu (Victor Studio) (25)

Illustration Coordinator: Tomotaka Kanda

Jacket Designer: Shogo Yamada (Tokyo Yamada Design Office)
Editor: Nami Fujita (Victor Entertainment)

Special Thanks To
Yuu Miyazaki, Manabu Ono, Kenji Setou, Satoshi Motoyama, Aniplex, A-1 Pictures, KADOKAWA, fortunerest

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