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Touhou Irish 8: Yousei Kitan

東方アイリッシュ8 妖精奇譚
Catalog Number FLCD-021
Release Date Dec 31, 2016C91
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 1000 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
Published by Floating Cloud / /
Composed by ZUN, U2 Akiyama /
Arranged by Toshimasa, Escarmew, Terry@LDMT, Sawara / , mitsu mitsuru / , Miyabi
Performed by Yu-ki, Toshimasa, Koike Tenshinhan / , Terry / , Sawara / , cumar, Benten, mitsu mitsuru / , Sinoryu, negikinoko, Ikumi Miura, Miyabi
Lyrics by Yu-ki


Disc 1

01 好奇心 4:37
02 蛍狩り 3:29
03 記者は走る 3:26
04 堂々巡り 3:49
05 幕間~遠野紀行 4:19
06 妖精のいる風景 5:17
07 探求少女の物語 4:45
08 悠久の紅魔館 6:13
09 雪解けの音 6:16
10 縁日 3:50
Disc length 46:01

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  Toshimasa (Tr1,Tr6,Tr7,Tr9)
  Escarmew (Tr2)
  Terry@LDMT (Tr3)
  Sawara & Toshimasa (Tr4)
  mitsu mitsuru (Tr5,Tr10)
  Toshimasa & Miyabi (Tr8)

Lyrics: Yu-ki (Tr7)

Floating Cloud Acoustic Band are

  Acoustic Guitar, 12-Strings Acoustic Guitar, Nylon-Strings Guitar
  Irish Bouzouki, Flat Mandolin, Irishi Tenor Banjo, Fret Violin (Tr4), Fretless Acoustic Bass
  Electric Bass, Bodhran, Conga, Tambourine, Shaker, Hand Clap, SynProg, Mixing

  Button, Accordion, Shaker, Hand Clap, SynProg, Mixing

  Vocal, Kenban-Harmonica, Xylophone, Andes25f, Hand Clap

  Koike Tenshinhan
  Northumbrian Small Pipes

Guest Artist
  Tin Whistle, Low Whistle, Irish Flute

  Fiddle (Tr1,Tr2,Tr8)

  mitsu mitsuru@Gakusouan
  19th Century Guitar (Tr5), Classic Guiar (Tr5)

  Bodhran, Conga, Foot Tambourine, Hand Clap


  Ikumi Miura
  Fiddle (Tr3)

  Erhu, Hand Clap

Mastering engineered: Anyyyyy
Jacket illustration: neme
Jacket design: Sayumi Suzuka

Track Origins:
01 Fairy Wars / Year-Round Absorbed Curiosity
02 Imperishable Night / Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect
     Embodiment of Scarlet Devil / Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room
03 Shoot the Bullet / Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country
04 Mountain of Faith / The Road of the Misfortune God ~ Dark Road
05 Perfect Cherry Blossom / The Fantastic Tales from Tono
06 Fairy Wars / Great Fairy Wars ~ Fairy Wars
     Touhou Hisoutensoku / The Scenery of Living Dolls
07 Izanagi Busshitsu ~ Neo-traditionalism of Japan. -ZUN's Music Collection vol.7- / Neo-traditionalism of Japan / Wind of Agartha
08 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil / Septette for a Dead Princess
09 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil / A Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry
     Perfect Cherry Blossom / Mystical Dream ~ Snow or Cherry Petal
10 Mountain of Faith / Tomorrow Will Be Special, Yesterday Was Not
     Mountain of Faith / Native Faith