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Catalog Number DATA015
Release Date Mar 10, 2018
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 24.99 GBP
Media Format 2 Vinyl (12" 45 rpm)
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement
PublisherData Discs / /


Composed by / Hiroshi Kawaguchi /
Arrangements / Yoshihiro Kunimoto / , S.S.T.BAND, Hiro
Performer / S.S.T.BAND
    Bass / Jaco Watanabe
    Drums / Takehiko Tanabe /
    Guitar / Koichi Namiki / , Jouji Iijima /
    Keyboard / Hiro, Kimitaka Matsumae /
    Computers / Kimitaka Matsumae /
Performer / Sega Sound Unit [H.]
    Bass / Takenobu Mitsuyoshi /
    Guitar / Keitaro Hanada / , Takahiro Kai /
    Keyboard / Hiro
    Trumpets / Mitsuharu Fukuyama /
    Computers / Hiro
Mastered for Vinyl by / Shaun Crook
Audio Capture by / Shaun Crook


Disc 1

01 Maximum Power
02 Final Take Off
03 After Burner
04 City 202
05 Red Out
06 Super Stripe
07 After Burner (Melody Version)
Disc 2

01 Final Take Off (S.S.T. Band Arranged Version)
02 After Burner (S.S.T. Band Arranged Version)
03 Maximum Power & Red Out (S.S.T. Band Arranged Version)
04 After Burner Medley (SEGA Sound Unit [H.] Arranged Version)

  Total tracks 11


All tracks composed by Hiroshi "Hiro" Kawaguchi

Arcade audio captured by Shigeharu Isoda (A1-B3)

Arrangements by Yoshihiro Kunimoto (C2), S.S.T. Band (C1, D1) & Hiro (D2)

S.S.T. Band are:
Koichi Namiki (Guitar on CI, C2, D1)
Hiro (Keyboard on C1, D1)
Kimitaka Matsumae (Keyboard & Computers on C1, C2, D1)
Jouji Iijima (Guitar on C1, D1)
Takehiko Tanabe (Drums on D1)
Jaco Watanabe (Bass on D1)

Sega Sound Unit [H.] are:
Hiro (Keyboard & Computers on D2)
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (Bass on D2)
Keitaro Hanada (Guitar on D2)
Mitsuharu Fukuyama (Trumpets on D2)
Takahiro Kai (Guitar on D2)

All tracks mastered for vinyl by Shaun Crook, November 2017.

Tracks C1, C2, D1 are licensed from PONY CANYON INC.

F-14 Tomcat™ is a trademark of Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation and is used under license by Data Discs Ltd.


Produced under licence from SEGA

Description from Data Discs' website:

"Music from the arcade classic, newly remastered and available on vinyl for the first time outside of Japan. Composed in 1987 by SEGA’s legendary in-house programmer, Hiroshi “Hiro” Kawaguchi (OutRun, Space Harrier), this vinyl release of After Burner II features the complete arcade score, along with an unused “Melody Version” of the title track. In addition, we are proud to include a second disc of bonus material, including three arranged versions by SEGA’s in-house live band (S.S.T. Band) from 1988, along with a keyboard and brass infused medley performed by Hiro’s current band, SEGA Sound Unit [H.].

After Burner II is presented as a double 180g LP, cut at 45RPM and housed in a heavyweight single-pocket sleeve. Also included is a 250gsm foldout poster of the original artwork, featuring the iconic F-14 Tomcat fighter jet, which has been newly licensed for this release."

Available in the following editions:
- 2 x 180g Purple and Blue Swirl (Limited Edition)
- 2 x 180g Opaque Purple
- 2 x 180g Classic Black

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