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Catalog Number ME-013
Barcode 1941520105600
Release Date May 23, 2019
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 9.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
OrganizationsMustin Enterprises


Composer / Keiichi Suzuki, Kazumi Totaka, Taro Kudo, Nobuo Uematsu, Yoko Shimomura, Hiroki Kikuta, Isao Abe, Yasuaki Fujita, Masato Nakamura, Kazuo Sawa
Arranger / Mustin
Performer / Mustin, Anthony Lofton, Aubrey Turner
Lyricist / Linda Hennrick


Disc 1

01 Flying Man [EarthBound] 3:44
02 I Got Soul [Animal Crossing] 3:15
03 The Prodigal Son Returns [Super Castlevania IV] 3:49
04 The Light of My Father [Final Fantasy IV] 3:37
05 No Excuses [Final Fantasy VI] 4:32
06 Lest Ye Be Judged [Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories] 3:05
07 Cycho Trigger [Chrono Trigger] 1:44
08 Sacrifice [Secret of Mana] 3:31
09 Sexxy Thai Guy [Street Fighter II] 4:04
10 ProtoVaffe [Mega Man 3] 3:39
11 Now is the Winter [Final Fantasy VI] 4:17
12 Final Zone (Final Hour) [Sonic the Hedgehog] 3:59
13 The Fight Within [Super Dodge Ball] 3:26
Disc length 46:42



"All of these tracks are available for free somewhere - I just wanted to gather them to make it easy to stream in today's on-demand market. Additionally, all of these tracks were only available as highly compressed .MP3s - these tracks all come from the original .WAV masters.*

No pressure to buy, though they are now licensed for streaming. Thank you for listening for all these years! I hope you enjoy listening for the years to come." ~ Mustin

Artwork by Cubosh

*All except track "The Fight Within" - sadly, the original project file for this piece was lost.

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