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10.14 Pokémon Reorchestrated: Kanto Symphony JOY-325 Performer
11.02 Twilight Symphony N/A Performer


07.12 Multiplayer: A Tribute to Video Games MPCH-001 Performer (also as Mklachu / )
10.04 Harmony of Heroes N/A Performer
10.25 The Epic Final Fantasy VIII Medley Part II N/A Performer (as Mklachu / )
11.18 Rogue Legacy Reborn N/A Performer
12.25 Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash N/A Performer


02.20 Operation: 1-UP N/A Arranger, Performer
02.26 Chrono Trigger: Music for Twenty-Five Games N/A Performer
08.14 lakeside★breeze OJAM-005 Performer
08.15 Multiplayer II: Co-Op MPCH-002 Performer (as Mklachu / )
10.09 MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed MCOL-0001 Otamatone, Violin


02.11 SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed MCOL-0002 Performer
02.22 Undertale - Fragments of a Heart N/A Performer
05.27 Shanty Raid N/A Performer (as Mklachu / )
06.23 MOBIUS: Sonic the Hedgehog Remixed MCOL-0005 Performer
07.01 Fossil Echo Original Soundtrack N/A Performer
08.19 MULTIPLAYER III: WAVE MPCH-003 Performer
08.30 MAGIC★NIGHT (feat. Hatsune Miku) / Jonathan Parecki N/A Performer
09.15 FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute MCOL-0009 Performer
09.29 Tribute Album 64 N/A Performer (as Mklachu / )
10.15 ENRAPTURED: BioShock Remixed MCOL-0008 Performer
11.22 Time's End II: Majora's Mask Remixed MCOL-0014 Performer
12.12 Keizaal: Journey to Skyrim MCOL-0016 Performer
12.16 Snow Horse: Remixed MCOL-0017 Performer


01.13 ZODIAC: Final Fantasy Tactics Remixed MCOL-0021 Performer
01.27 The Travelers MCOL-0022 Performer
07.21 TESSERACT: An Acoustic FEZ Album MCOL-0033 Performer
07.31 Amhrán Ársa (Oldsong from Pillars of Eternity) N/A Performer
08.18 SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X (Zanarkand Mix) MCOL-0040-Z Performer (as Mklachu / )
10.05 SPIRIT MPCH-004 Performer
10.06 Ode to the Lovers MCOL-0057 Performer
10.30 Resurrection of the Night MCOL-0065 Performer


01.12 Full Metal Furies N/A Performer
01.19 Johto Legends MCOL-0060 Performer
05.?? Johto Legends MCOL-0060-CD Performer
06.?? Johto Legends (Music From Pokémon Gold & Silver) 8BIT-8077 Performer
08.11 Soul Saga Game Soundtrack N/A Performer


01.18 MENU: An Homage to Game Title Themes MCOL-0177 Performer
01.25 Celeste Piano Collections MCOL-0137 Violin
03.29 Oneknowing LOCLP016 Performer
05.31 EXILE: A Tribute to Supergiant Games MCOL-0212 Performer
07.19 Elsinore Original Game Soundtrack MCOL-0224 Strings, Violin
07.30 EIDOLON: Music From Final Fantasy IX MCOL-0227 Performer
08.?? Elsinore Original Game Soundtrack MCOL-0224-CD Strings, Violin
09.09 Celeste: Farewell Original Soundtrack MCOL-0222 Violin, Viola
10.16 Sole Original Game Soundtrack MCOL-0246 Performer
10.22 EPOCH: A Tribute to Chrono Trigger MCOL-0245 Performer
12.09 Oneknowing N/A Violin, Viola
12.16 Multiplayer 5: Connection MPCH-006 Performer
12.31 BREAK! OREN-005 Performer


03.?? Celeste Original Sound Collection STS-BOX01 Performer
04.10 Guardia: The X-Strike Sessions YTR-00056 Violin, Viola
05.01 Vitamin Connection: Always There to Protect You (Original Soundtrack, Vol. 3) N/A Performer
05.01 Vitamin Connection: Sarabaikin (Original Soundtrack, Vol. 4) N/A Performer
07.17 Brassino Isles Tropical Cruise: A Video Game Getaway with Friends N/A Performer (as mklachu / )
09.25 Steven Universe: Season 5 (Original Television Score) N/A Strings
09.27 Kokorone N/A Performer
10.08 Ikenfell Original Game Soundtrack MCOL-0323 Violin, Viola


03.?? Slice of Life: Songs from Wholesome Games BSR049 Performer
06.10 Chicory: A Colorful Tale Original Soundtrack N/A Violin, Viola
06.24 Chicory: The Sounds of Picnic Province N/A Violin, Viola
08.18 Ambition: A Minuet in Power (Original Soundtrack) N/A Solo Violin
10.07 Evil Tonight ORIGINAL GAME SOUNDTRACK SMRC-1064 Violin
10.26 moonglow bay N/A Violin


01.26 Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK EYCA-13657 Violin, Viola
01.28 Oarana / Harusaruhi bigup13324194 Violin, Viola
05.27 Infloresce Vol. 1 - Floral Folklore INFLO 001 Composer, Violin, Viola, Performer
08.04 tiger & water / aivi N/A Thanks, Violin, Booklet Editor
11.01 Generations: A Symphonic Tale N/A First Violin, Second Violin
11.21 Please Be Happy ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK N/A Violin, Viola


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