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Oct 15
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Credited works
46 albums in database
38 arranger
6 performer
6 orchestrator
5 mixing engineer
2 sound producer
1 programmer
1 conductor
1 string designer
1 producer
1 music engraver
1 score preparation


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09.18 Portals N/A Arranger


01.14 The Banner Saga / Videri String Quartet N/A Arranger
11.18 Rogue Legacy Reborn N/A Arranger


07.10 Interceptor N/A Arranger, Performer
08.22 Chronicles of Time: A Premonition N/A Arranger
10.09 MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed MCOL-0001 Arranger, Performer


02.11 SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed MCOL-0002 Arranger
02.14 Chronicles of Time: A Chrono Trigger Arrangement Project N/A Arranger
06.23 MOBIUS: Sonic the Hedgehog Remixed MCOL-0005 Arranger
09.15 FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute MCOL-0009 Arranger, Performer, Mixing Engineer
11.04 Song Cycle: The History of Video Games MCOL-0011 Performer
11.04 Song Cycle: The History of Video Games (Karaoke Accompaniment) MCOL-0012 Performer


01.13 ZODIAC: Final Fantasy Tactics Remixed MCOL-0021 Arranger, Programmer
02.24 UNDERTALE Piano Collections MCOL-0024 Arranger
03.27 Hero of Time MCOL-0023 Arranger
06.01 Hero of Time MCOL-0023-CD Arranger
06.30 Hero of Time 8BIT-8054 Arranger
07.21 TESSERACT: An Acoustic FEZ Album MCOL-0033 Arranger, Mixing Engineer
08.?? Undertale On Piano 8BIT-8068 Arranger
08.18 SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X (Besaid Mix) MCOL-0040-B Arranger
11.01 disasters for piano N/A Arranger
11.10 Piano Collections: Pokémon Red MCOL-0065 Arranger


01.19 Johto Legends MCOL-0060 Arranger
03.09 UNDERTALE Piano Collections 2 MCOL-0085 Arranger
05.?? Johto Legends MCOL-0060-CD Arranger
05.29 Minecraft: Egyptian Mythology Soundtrack N/A Arranger
06.?? Johto Legends (Music From Pokémon Gold & Silver) 8BIT-8077 Arranger
12.07 OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears MCOL-0163 Arranger
12.07 OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears MCOL-0163-CD Arranger


01.?? Piano Collections: Pokémon Red & Blue [Limited Edition] MCOL-0065-V Arranger
01.29 Face My Fears (piano version) N/A Arranger, Performer
06.09 Ori and the Will of the Wisps E3 2019 Trailer Music N/A Orchestrator
07.30 EIDOLON: Music From Final Fantasy IX MCOL-0227 Arranger
11.18 Parallelus MCOL-0254 Arranger, Sound Producer, Mixing Engineer, Conductor
11.22 Time & Space MCOL-0247 Arranger
11.28 Hollow Knight Piano Collections MCOL-0258 Arranger, Sound Producer, Mixing Engineer


01.03 Bits and Bytes MCOL-0261 Arranger
03.10 Ori and the Will of the Wisps MSM00041 String Designer, Orchestrator
03.11 Ori and the Will of the Wisps - The Piano Collections N/A Arranger
03.22 Lost Words: Beyond the Page Original Soundtrack N/A Orchestrator
05.08 Hang on to Your Hat MCOL-0256-CD Arranger
06.19 Cry of the Planet N/A Arranger
12.11 ARK II MCOL-0332 Orchestrator


06.03 ARK Genesis: Part Two N/A Orchestrator
08.20 Gris Piano Collections MCOL-0337 Mixing Engineer, Arranger, Producer, Music Engraver
08.27 NieR: Become as Gods MCOL-0321 Score Preparation, Orchestrator


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