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Female 初音 ミク (はつね ミク)
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Hatsune Miku
Aug 31, 2007
Not available
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88 vocals
20 featured artist
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Not a real vocalist, but a synthesized singer with vocals generated by Yamaha's VOCALOID software from sound clips by Saki Fujita.



10.08 Ausf.D "Utawarerumono" N/A Performer
10.08 Splendid Encount N/A Performer
10.08 Sentence SFNC-0008 Performer
11.29 MIKU x MIKU HXCD-E013 Performer
12.12 Ore no Nounai Miku ga Ichiban Kawaii N/A Performer
12.17 FORTUNATE PPCA-11 Performer
12.28 Thanks!! ~ Kazuaki Miyaji 25th Anniversary GPKM-1001 Performer
12.29 Jewel Colors / ave;new feat. Miku Hatsune ANSP-1003 Performer
12.31 Time Limit N/A Performer
12.31 M.Graveyard Special CD ~ Umaretekite Kurete Arigatou N/A Performer
12.31 Re:package / livetune N/A Performer
12.31 Fly High feat. Miku Hatsune N/A Performer
12.31 Stir up! APCD-0001 Performer
12.31 MIRACLE TRAX CHOM-0025 Performer
12.31 hatch the new Flow CK-0008P Performer
12.31 Vocatrio HLCD-0003 Performer
12.31 melt MELT01 Vocals
12.31 -m-i-r-a-i- MFCD-011 Performer
12.31 TYPE-R 3rd -Side Key- RSCD-0007 Performer
12.31 Touhou Miko Miku SS-MI02 Performer
12.31 Touhou Gensou Shiten ~KAZABANA~ TOCD-0008 Performer
12.31 Little Busters! & Touka Gettan Piano Arrange "Yoh-Syoh-Ka" UCMC-0033 Performer
12.31 Mune ga Zetsubouteki ni Tarinai na ZNCD-012 Performer


??.?? NEO SMiLE N/A Performer
??.?? PRISM STAR -P.M.R. vs CODE ARENA LABELS- PMCD-012 Performer (as MIKU)
01.13 Michiru and Miku eJmg-020 Performer
02.22 Koi wa Sensou N/A Vocals
02.28 Tori no Hoshi ~Aerial Planet~ Planet Symphony N/A Performer
03.09 melody... KPS-01 Performer
03.23 Our Little Miracles ARCD0023 Performer
03.23 Dead Ball Project vol.1 TPCD-0026 Performer
03.28 Daybreak N/A Performer
04.20 9 -maruQ- CK-0009P Performer
05.11 Affairs of Life XIVL-0001 Performer
05.25 Touhou Joshou Ki -Tooho the First- N/A Performer
05.25 Termination Road HC-0001 Performer
05.25 Toho Moratorium KTFR-04 Performer
05.25 stereoscopic QLCK-0005 Performer
05.25 Lunatic ga Tomaranai SWCD-0047 Performer
05.31 World is Mine N/A Vocals
06.03 Uta-Tra RE08-00001 Performer
06.08 Otameshi Disk 1 ESSD-9001 Performer
06.11 Uta ni Katachi wa Nai keredo GNDR-0002 Performer
06.11 Yuuhizaka GNDR-0003 Performer
06.15 Touhou Hatuneuta ~ Miku Makes Revolution. KMST-0004 Performer
06.29 FUNNY PRINCESS AECD-012 Performer
07.15 OTO×MAHO Original Image Song CD -Animate Ver.- N/A Vocals
07.20 Mayonaka no Gig Master ~ Gig in the Midnite! KMST-0005 Performer
08.16 HYUTEC 32: OBSCURE EDITION N/A Performer
08.16 Keitai Sound 2 N/A Performer
08.16 Stir up vol.2 APCD-0002 Performer
08.16 Sing a song HLCD-0005 Performer
08.16 Collete OSLA-0004 Performer
08.16 supercell / ryo feat. hatsune miku with awesome creators SC-01 Performer
08.16 Niji-iro no Hana SSRY-0005 Performer
08.16 Wrong Vacation SWCD-0049 Performer
08.16 Dead Ball Project vol.2 TPCD-0027 Performer
08.16 Up in the Higher Skies UHSV-0001 Performer
08.17 Tatsh Music Collection -I- TMCCD-001 Performer
08.27 Re:package VICL-62928 Performer
10.13 Nanairo Remix OSLA-0005 Performer
11.02 Stormy Spirit EDCD-0004 Performer
11.02 la danmaku re'volutionnaire part2 FOCD-0016 Performer
11.02 Green Eyes -Misfortune Bridge- GSCD-0015S Performer
11.24 Celekan -Celestia Conference- N/A Performer
11.24 S.D.HARDCORE vol.1 SDHC-0001 Performer
12.29 Mega Miku Nine N/A Performer
12.29 hatch the new Fl∞w CK-0008RM Performer
12.29 ACTRESS AGAIN CRTS-0007 Performer
12.29 Love it! CT08-OR05 Performer
12.29 Still in the BLUE OAU-05 Performer
12.29 Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki / supercell SC-02 Vocals
12.29 Chireiden no Ongakutai STCD-0002 Performer
12.30 Tatsh Music Collection -J- TMCCD-002 Performer


??.?? Mind Controller N/A Performer
??.?? Titanomachy N/A Performer
02.22 Road of 4 elements CT09-OR06 Performer
02.22 Shizuku / Poketto no Uta HMLF-0001 Performer
03.04 supercell / supercell feat. hatsune miku [Limited Edition] MHCL-1493~5 Performer
03.04 supercell / supercell feat. hatsune miku MHCL-1496~7 Performer
03.08 Zenbu Miku N/A Performer
03.08 Soushun no Sakura ADC0902 Performer
03.08 a+jugos CK-0013P Performer
03.08 Suwako de gowasu LRCD-007 Performer
03.08 Touhou OVERDRIVE WHTC-0001 Performer
03.25 Koisora Recycling / nomico LACM-4561 Vocals
03.25 unformed / doriko feat. Miku Hatsune [Limited Edition] OECD-1003 Performer
03.25 unformed / doriko feat. Miku Hatsune OECD-1004 Performer
03.25 Re:MIKUS / livetune feat. Hatsune Miku VICL-63271 Performer
04.01 Hane Ito CTi01-ORi01 Performer
04.26 Cherry Blossoms in Late Spring ADC0903 Performer
05.05 MIKURUGA N/A Performer
05.05 Hatsune Shinkiroku N/A Performer
05.05 KeyRing Atrie vol.1 BSCD-002 Performer
05.05 ShotShell II DPCD-0902 Performer
05.05 H -Heart and Beat Technology- HLZY-0001 Performer
05.05 Reason why I who meets you and spent two years change slightly IO-0160 Vocals
05.17 Actress Again ver.2 CRTS-0008 Performer
06.07 Sakurayuki ~Snow Blossom~ FDbn-007 Performer
06.21 Legend of Devil Princess Remilia ~Minuet of Fate~ HACW-TA1010 Performer
07.01 Nico Nico Douga Selection ~Sainou no Mudazukai~ BMCA-1007 Performer
07.22 Miku Hatsune -Project DIVA- Original Song Collection LACA-5946 Featured Artist
08.14 Lemonade Kiss N/A Performer
08.15 Vocalize α N/A Performer
08.15 Fantaisie Orientale ASHI-7001~2 Performer
08.15 KeyRing Atrie vol.2 BSCD-003 Performer
08.15 vocalography EPCD-0002 Performer
08.15 Summer Time FLCD-008 Vocals
08.15 Gensou Yume Hanabi HC-0005 Performer
08.15 Harmonia PRTQ-0006 Performer
08.15 hapi⇒ WORKS OVERGROUND Version 1.0 SSEB-0011 Performer
08.15 Dead Ball Project vol.3 TPCD-0028 Performer
08.26 Crosslight / Yuuki Masami × kz XNHT-11003 Performer
08.31 4 on the floor CTi02-ORi02 Performer
09.06 Solitude freak YYYP-0001 Performer
09.27 Onrai Nyan Nyan Musou ADC0906 Performer
09.30 BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER 2M MIX SDP-C-003 Performer
10.11 Touhou Esesese Yume -not possible to read- N/A Performer
10.11 CLOSED SYSTEM CKL-0001P Performer
10.11 Autumn Sugar FLCD-009 Vocals
10.11 R2BEAT Tribute SNGLY-002 Performer
10.21 Heartsnative PCCG-90035 Performer
10.25 black history3 - Viridian Label SCN-BH03 Performer
12.23 Miku-Ro Adventure! / THE APRIL feat. Miku Hatsune SFTL-1030 Performer
12.29 Tony × Hiroki Kikuta featuring Miku Hatsune Collaboration Song WHITE and SHADOW ~Mugen no Rinbu~ N/A Performer
12.30 ME3 N/A Vocals
12.30 Visions of Detune 49CD-0007 Performer
12.30 Re:Dear CRTS-0012 Performer
12.30 vocalosphere EPCD-0003 Performer
12.30 Knights of Round 3 KNTS-0003 Performer
12.30 Vocalize LILT-0012 Performer
12.30 HI-TRANCE AIRLINE LNCD-0005 Performer
12.30 Ore no Nounai Miku ga Ichiban Kawaii 4 ORMK-0004 Performer
12.30 S.H.O. Tsuushin Vol.3 SCDA-2006 Performer
12.30 HiroyukiODA Presents HSP on-sawmen TGMM-0001 Performer
12.30 Minna no Bide TPCD-0029 1/2 Performer
12.31 Winter Bell FLCD-010 Vocals


??.?? Heaven Original Soundtrack TRINE-003 Performer
01.01 Kowarekake no Orgel Original Sound Tracks EMCD-1000 Performer
02.07 P∴Rhythmatiq Re:act PRTQ-0009 Performer
03.14 Miku to Gakki to Yurei Yojo N/A Performer
03.14 Touhou Chanpuru 2 N/A Performer
03.14 Touhou Paripari Yume N/A Performer
03.14 You Shoot, I Move N/A Performer
03.14 Sakurairo Filament QLCK-0011 Performer
03.22 Pantans Exhibition ~Sho no Ichi~ N/A Performer
03.24 Sakuradayori CTi03-ORi03 Performer
05.04 black history4 - Sakurairo Label SCN-BH04 Vocals
05.05 MENTALISTS BiQA-002 Performer
05.05 INNERVE CT12-OR09 Performer
05.05 Spring Punch! FLCD-011 Vocals
05.05 Nijiiro Jetcoaster NSMC-0002 Performer
05.05 Xing Songs vol.2 SNGLY-003 Performer (as Miku Hatsune Append / )
05.06 LIFE SIZE NOTE -40mP- QWCE-10026 Performer
05.09 V.L.P. VLP-001 Performer
05.09 YoruMiku YRMK-0001 Performer
06.16 Ido e Itaru Mori e Itaru Ido / Sound Horizon KICM-1311 Performer
06.16 Ido e Itaru Mori e Itaru Ido / Sound Horizon [Limited Edition] KICM-91311 Performer
06.20 forest, refrain PPCD-1001 Performer
06.20 Cha Vol.1 TSC-001 Performer
06.23 Music Gungun! Original Soundtrack ZTTL-9030 Performer
07.07 Miku Hatsune -Project DIVA Arcade- Original Song Collection DGMA-10003 Performer
07.14 Kocchi Muite Baby/Yellow [Limited Edition] MHCL-1777~9 Performer
07.14 Kocchi Muite Baby/Yellow MHCL-1780~1 Performer
07.18 Melody for Blood Princess N/A Performer
07.19 Another Dimensions N/A Performer
07.19 Cocoronote LNVM-0001 Performer
07.19 Ryusei Kiseki META-0009 Performer
07.25 Kazaoto Resonansick IO-0172 Vocals
07.28 Miku Hatsune -Project DIVA- 2nd NONSTOP MIX COLLECTION MHCL-1797~8 Performer
07.30 Shackles of Night CIAP-1002 Performer
08.04 Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu QWCE-10027 Performer
08.14 Gensou no Elysion ANSTQ-0001 Performer
08.14 vocaloholic EPCD-0004 Performer (also as Miku Hatsune Append / )
08.14 Cycle FLCD-012 Vocals
08.14 Shirogane no Tsuki -Another Riverside- MMG-160T Performer
08.14 Crime No-0004 Performer
08.14 Distorted Princess P8CD-001 Performer
08.14 Constella PRTQ-0012 Performer
08.14 Inochimijikashi Tatakae! Otome Original Sound Track 2 PYNP-0023 Performer
08.14 Minna no Bide Plus TPCD-0029 1/2 Performer
08.14 Dead Ball Project vol.4 TPCD-0030 Performer
08.31 Set digital CTi04-ORi04 Performer
09.01 Miku no Hi Kanshasai 39's Giving Day Project DIVA presents Miku Hatsune Solo Concert ~Konban wa, Miku Hatsune desu.~ VGCD-0200 Performer
09.12 Miracle ★ Oracle PLSC-0002 Performer
09.15 EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocaloanthems feat. Miku Hatsune QWCE-00178 Performer
09.19 Hoshi no Gensou Gakkyoku-shu 2.5+ N/A Performer
09.25 Kimi ga Mitsumeru Sora no Saki ni IO-0173 Vocals
10.31 Sound Atrie vol.1 "string" BSCD-005 Performer
10.31 honeyginjerale CTCD-001 Vocals
11.14 Rain Rain BR-0010 Performer
11.14 Kaede -ver.2.0 CTi05-RWi01 Performer
11.14 whiteout P8CD-002 Performer (also as Miku Hatsune Append / )
11.14 Mirage TTCD-1543M Performer
11.24 Romeo and Cinderella / doriko feat. Hatsune Miku VGCD-0208 Performer
12.15 Märchen / Sound Horizon KICS-1630 Performer
12.15 Märchen / Sound Horizon [Limited Edition] KICS-91630 Performer
12.29 TamStar Records Collection vol.0 TMCD-0000 Performer
12.29 supercell tribute ~Stowaways~ / supercell feat. Miku Hatsune TMCD-0004 Performer
12.30 CODE-49 White CD vol.1 49EX-0001 Performer
12.31 DARIUS SELECTION AKLF-026 Performer
12.31 demeanor APSC-0001 Performer
12.31 AVTechNO↑ AVT-0001 Performer
12.31 Color Complex CT13-RW03 Performer
12.31 vocalomemory EPCD-0005 Performer
12.31 ProgressiveAndroid FOCD-0030 Performer


01.16 Planetary suicide YYYP-0004 Performer
01.19 EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalonexus feat. Miku Hatsune QWCE-00185 Performer
01.26 MUSIC GUNGUN!2 original songs feat. HATSUNE MIKU N/A Performer
03.09 Platinum -shinin' future mix- N/A Performer
03.27 Sakura UI-0019 Performer
04.03 LizlitBeat SLCD-0001 Performer
04.09 Iiwake Love Song Remixes 2DMR-0001 Performer
04.28 Hiroyuki ODA Pres. HSP Miku Hatsune The Endless Love N/A Performer
05.01 Kukulkan ARCA-0003 Performer
05.01 Samayoeru Boukyaku no Aethyr / -LostFairy- ARS-001 Chorus
05.01 TRIPPERS CTCD-002 Vocals
05.08 Touhou Hiten Seisou TPCD-0002 Performer
05.18 Unhappy Refrain DGLA-10002~3 Performer
05.27 Downloader CORE-00001 Performer
05.29 Ijiwaru Identity YHKT-0001 Performer
06.12 Metaloud Witches N/A Performer
06.12 Artificial Rainbow CT14-OR10 Performer
06.12 ×××× the ripper P8CD-003 Performer (also as Miku Hatsune Append / )
06.12 REM XIVL-0005 Performer
07.06 EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalonation feat. Miku Hatsune QWCE-00192 Performer
07.20 Chiisana Jibun to Ookina Sekai / 40mP feat.Miku Hatsune QWCE-10036 Performer
08.12 Mabinogi Charity CD "MabiChari." ALCD-0014 Performer
08.12 Re/Noir ALVN-0002 Performer
08.13 CODE-49 White CD vol.2 49-EX0002 Performer
08.13 Asamiku ASMK-0001 Performer
08.13 NEGLECTWORLD CC-01 Performer
08.13 BACKFLASH Audibility CK-0020P Performer
08.13 Remind -2011 NATSU CT15-RW04 Performer
08.13 Kikuo Miku KSW-0002 Performer
08.13 Aoiro Note: TML M_collection vol.1 TML-001 Performer
08.14 hammer2 NGMS-0007 Performer
08.14 Hiroyuki Oda Presents HSP/Retro Future Ossan Disco TGMM-0002 Performer
08.31 to be style CTi06-ORi05 Performer
08.31 SEKIRANUN GRAFFITI/Fallin' Fallin' Fallin' MHCL-1957 Performer
09.04 Fever N/A Performer
09.04 popson ARCA-0004 Performer
09.04 Colors/Forest TTCD-4760J Performer
09.11 Yakimochi Tokidoki Hare YHKT-0002 Performer
09.30 GeOnDan Super Rare Trax: The LAND of RISING SUN GODSPCD-1 Performer
10.05 universe DGBA-10011 Performer
10.19 EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalocluster feat. Hatsune Miku QWCE-00206 Performer
10.26 Miku Hatsune -Project DIVA Arcade- Original Song Collection Vol.2 DGSA-10024 Performer
10.30 Inceptor APSC-0002 Performer
10.30 mikUbiquity CTCD-003 Vocals
10.30 Sides SNAS-0001 Performer
10.30 Naikaku Soujishoku ~WATASHITACHI~ TCNCD010 Performer
11.01 MariexLuise SELEP-0001 Featured Artist
11.09 Miku Hatsune -Project DIVA- extend Complete Collection MHCL-1988~90 Performer
11.10 Miku Hatsune -Project DIVA- extend Special Collaboration Album VOCALOID extend REMIXIES PDCL-03901 Performer
11.19 TEAR / Miku Hatsune AVT-0003 Vocals
12.21 Taiko no Tatsujin Original Soundtrack "Donderful!" COCX-37146~7 Vocals
12.31 Sweets! N/A Performer
12.31 Sonorous CT16-OR11 Performer
12.31 HONCOLONY Umbrella Dolce-h001 Performer
12.31 Re:birth MSEQ-0005 Performer
12.31 Love on Parade! SSRY-0008 Performer
12.31 DIVINE -Kamikyoku- XMCD-1003 Performer
12.31 TeToTe YHKT-0003 Performer
12.31 Shoujo to Mephisto YHKT-0004 Performer


01.18 Tell Your World / livetune feat. Hatsune Miku N/A Vocals
01.18 VOCALO SMILE feat. Miku Hatsune FLLM-007 Performer
01.25 Hanataba ~the best of doriko feat. Hatsune Miku~ DGSA-10031 Performer
02.01 electric love [Limited Edition] MHCL-2015~7 Performer
02.05 NICE BEAT. ORIGINAL COMPILATION ALBUM IR15-0002 Performer (also as Miku Hatsune Append / )
02.05 MEKAKUCITY ACTORS OSRCD-0001 Performer
02.05 flight TTCD-5101J Performer
03.07 Lots of Love feat. Miku Hatsune GMRD-1001 Performer
03.14 Tell Your World EP / livetune feat. Hatsune Miku [Limited Edition] TFCC-86378 Performer
03.14 Tell Your World EP / livetune feat. Hatsune Miku TFCC-86379 Performer
03.28 jubeat copious APPEND SOUNDTRACK GFCA-298 Performer
03.28 BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER / ryo(supercell) feat. Miku Hatsune MHCL-2037 Performer
04.11 Genjitsu Aesop UMA-1001 Performer
04.11 Genjitsu Aesop [Limited Edition] UMA-9001~2 Performer
04.18 YUME YUME / DECO*27 feat. Hatsune Miku [Limited Edition] MHCL-2340~2 Performer
04.18 YUME YUME / DECO*27 feat. Hatsune Miku MHCL-2343~4 Performer
04.28 See You HPT-007 Performer
04.28 electric love collection P8CD-004 Performer
04.28 TrioLine XIVL-0006 Performer
04.29 Rewrite School Life GNCD-09 Performer
04.29 Spring TTCD-5294J Performer
04.30 MOTHER NOTES N/A Performer
04.30 7LIGHTS CKL-0002 Performer
04.30 Symphonia PRTQ-0022 Performer
04.30 "Imasara" Hajimeru VOCALOID Vol.1 -Toriaezu Uttemita- SNGLY-007 Vocals
04.30 colorful: TML M_collection vol.2 TML-002 Performer
04.30 BRAIN CODE TNVC-02 Performer
05.25 Key + VOCALOID Best selection vol.1 KSLA-0079 Performer
05.30 MEKAKUCITY DAYS MHCL-2072~3 Performer
06.06 ELECTLOID feat. Hatsune Miku FARM-0287 Performer
07.04 Obscure Questions / PinocchioP feat. Miku Hatsune QWCE-00234 Performer
07.08 Michno-sequence CTCD-004 Vocals
07.11 SHIBUYA-K featuring Hatsune Miku WPCL-11058 Performer
07.19 IVVVI AVT-0004 Performer
08.01 HATSUNE MIKU 5th BIRTHDAY BEST ~impacts~ MHCL-2106~7 Performer
08.01 EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocaloconnection feat. Miku Hatsune QWCE-00236 Performer
08.11 Mother1+2 Club Arrange CD [Mother Notes] N/A Performer
08.11 Girl's Doll Resurrection EP 49CDEX-0003 Performer
08.11 Cr:EXPRESS!! CRPCD-04 Performer
08.11 Shime Deadline CT17-OR12 Performer
08.11 Kikuo Miku 2 KSW-0004 Performer
08.11 Story Teller OSTER-0001 Performer
08.11 Time Capsule 3rd PLNS-0013 Performer
08.11 Signal Green SVCL-0009~10 Performer
08.11 Linker from the Underworld YHKT-0007 Performer
08.12 KIRA KIRA SOLFRO-02 Performer
08.12 Setsunaki∞Rasen Algorithm YHKT-0008 Performer
08.27 Brainhacked AITH-0001 Performer
08.29 ODDS&ENDS [Limited Edition] MHCL-2127~9 Vocals (also as Miku Hatsune-Append / )
08.29 ODDS&ENDS [Limited Edition] MHCL-2130~2 Vocals (also as Miku Hatsune-Append / )
08.29 ODDS&ENDS MHCL-2133 Vocals (also as Miku Hatsune-Append / )
08.29 Weekender Girl / fake doll [Limited Edition] TFCC-89392 Performer
08.29 Weekender Girl / fake doll TFCC-89393 Performer
08.31 Sunrise CTi07-ORi06 Performer
10.07 Touhou Kouonrai RYCD-0007 Performer
10.15 Distant Phantasm -6th- N/A Performer
10.17 Teenage Nekura Pop / Ishifuro MHCL-2151~2 Vocals
10.28 tiny garden FTCD-0005 Performer
10.28 15inch: TOMAS music labo. M_collection vol.3 TML-003 Performer
10.31 V-box / marasy DGSA-10051 Performer
11.01 LILIUM DOLL SELEP-0002 Featured Artist
12.15 Winter TTCD-5739J Performer
12.29 Synthesis Eve ALVN-0004 Performer
12.29 TamStar Records presents ALL VOCALOID ATTACK #1 TMCD-0006 Performer
12.30 MERmÉXX VOL.2 -Severed Identity- IC-HC005 Performer
12.31 REALISTIC VIRTUAL SINGING / Mitchie M N/A Performer
12.31 Your AVT-0005 Featured Artist
12.31 BLACKOUT P8CD-005 Performer
12.31 triangular constellation - WHITE SUN 2 & BLACK MOON 2 - SBFR-0037~9 Performer
12.31 Hiroyuki ODA Pres. HSP Unfragment Remixes TGMM-0003 Performer
12.31 Magic Seal: TOMAS music labo. M_collection vol.4 TML-004 Performer


01.30 re acceleration image song feat.yashikin 1000302999-CD Performer
02.05 KARENT presents Yuki No Neiro - The Melody of Snow feat. Hatsune Miku KRCD-0004 Featured Artist
03.06 HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA F Complete Collection [Limited Edition] MHCL-2242~5 Performer
03.06 HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA F Complete Collection MHCL-2246~8 Performer
03.06 TSUTAYA only Rental Single [Re:Dial] / livetune feat. Hatsune Miku PPTF-8308 Vocals
03.13 Shuuen -Re:write- / 150P VICL-63960 Performer
03.13 Shuuen -Re:write- / 150P [Limited Edition] VIZL-511 Performer
03.20 Shintai Sokutei / 40mP feat.Miku Hatsune, GUMI QWCE-00268 Performer
03.20 Re:Dial / livetune feat. Hatsune Miku [Limited Edition] TFCC-86427 Performer
03.20 Re:Dial / livetune feat. Hatsune Miku TFCC-86428 Performer
04.18 7TH DRAGON 2020-II Special Remix Sound Track + Voice Sequence HCV-1267 Performer
04.27 VOCALO VIOLIN TAM3-0102 Performer
04.29 THirD MERmÉX -The Community- IC-HC008 Performer
05.26 .526 N/A Performer
05.29 Tondemo Mirai Kuusouzu UMA-1017 Performer
05.29 Tondemo Mirai Kuusouzu [Limited Edition] UMA-9017~8 Performer
06.26 Jogakusei Tantei Rock / teniwoha [Limited Edition] GNCA-1371 Featured Artist
06.26 Jogakusei Tantei Rock / teniwoha GNCA-1372 Featured Artist
07.17 Nikasopiteki AVT-0006 Performer
07.24 7TH DRAGON 2020 & 2020-II HATSUNE MIKU ARRANGE TRACKS UMA-1019~21 Performer
08.10 Dual Sight VDMO-005 Performer
08.12 Free Fall Future 49CD-0011 Performer
08.12 AUTOMATA OVERDRIVE BUZZ-0006 Performer
08.12 Reverberations CT18-OR13 Performer
08.12 Stance on Wave CTCD-006 Vocals
08.12 Kikuo Miku 3 KSW-0006 Performer
08.12 Only our song SBCD-0009 Performer
08.12 LEVIASTORATOS SRCD-0005 Performer
08.12 DIGITAL MIKU'S INTERFACE: TOMAS music labo. M_collection vol.5 TML-005 Performer
08.21 Setsuna Code / Last Note. feat. GUMI, Miku Hatsune QWCE-00288 Featured Artist
08.28 Choice Nuggets: A Dog's Favorite Virt Songs N/A Performer
08.28 Dou Kangaete mo Watashi wa Warukunai / Tomoko Kuroki (CV: Izumi Kitta) ZMCZ-8800 Performer
09.13 Bad Apple! Remix N/A Performer
10.27 FMPSG020 -DECADE- FPCR-020 Performer
11.02 GUNSLINGER STRATOS Original Soundtrack SQEX-10417 Performer
11.06 THE GREATEST IDOL / Mitchie M feat. Hatsune Miku [Limited Edition] MHCL-2373~5 Performer
11.06 THE GREATEST IDOL / Mitchie M feat. Hatsune Miku MHCL-2376~7 Performer
11.06 Pink or Black / livetune feat. Hatsune Miku TFDS-00241 Performer
11.13 AVTechNO! Collection Thank You Pack! AVT-1001~2 Featured Artist
12.18 Miku Hatsune -Project DIVA Arcade- Original Song Collection Vol. 3 DGSA-10089 Performer
12.31 AliceSyndrome* ~ Danganronpa Original CD ~ N/A Performer
12.31 Existence: Destruction ≒ Regeneration KKCD-0001 Performer
12.31 SILVALLIO LGCD-0020 Vocals
12.31 CROSSFADE REMIX CD 2013 TAM3-0113 Performer


01.29 Zutto Mae kara Suki deshita. / HoneyWorks [Limited Edition B] SMCL-325~6 Featured Artist
01.29 Zutto Mae kara Suki deshita. / HoneyWorks SMCL-327 Featured Artist
02.05 Doremifa Mix KRHS-92860 Vocals, Featured Artist
02.14 LizlitBeat2 SLCD-0002 Performer
03.05 DECORATOR EP / livetune feat. Hatsune Miku [Limited Edition] TFCC-86462 Performer
03.05 DECORATOR EP / livetune feat. Hatsune Miku TFCC-86463 Performer
03.12 VOCALOUD 01 - Breaking of the Emotion - YCCV-10024 Performer
04.26 Tonality CT19-OR14 Performer
04.27 KIRSCHISE LGCD-0021 Vocals
04.27 lol project 005: Invisible Border LOCD-1061 Performer
08.15 Recollections N/A Performer
08.15 re:TUNED N/A Featured Artist
08.16 Strawberry Pineapple Syndrome N/A Vocals
08.17 41m / 40mP 40mP-04 Performer
08.17 GOTTANI! SCL-007 Performer
08.17 Pure Blue SVCL-0012 Performer
08.17 HIROYUKI ODA PRES. HSP WORKS 11-14 TGMM-0004 Performer
08.18 Katamari Dance With Me N/A Performer
09.10 REMEARINESS AVT-0007 Performer
09.10 "to" / livetune [Limited Edition] TFCC-86485 Performer
09.10 "to" / livetune TFCC-86486 Performer
10.26 The stars my destination SETI-0001 Performer
12.03 SHI-BOU UMA-1047 Performer
12.24 PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 Original Sound Tracks Vol.3 WWCE-31351~4 Performer
12.29 Doujin Game Songs! ZERS-0006 Performer
12.30 Sound Collection - New Original CT21-OR15 Performer
12.30 Sound Collection - Another Original CT22-RW06 Vocals
12.30 Kikuo Miku 4 ksw-0009 Performer
12.30 lol project 009: Divine Providence LOCD-1069 Performer
12.30 REBIRTH -Return of Phoenix- XMCD-1006 Performer


02.04 On the eighth day, before the rain stops. / suzumu [Limited Edition] GNCL-1248 Performer
03.25 Shuuen -Re:mind- / 150P VICL-64162 Performer
04.22 AKIBA'S TRIP 1&2 SOUND STRIP CDGM-10028-1~3 Performer
07.22 Gunslinger Stratos 1&2 Original Soundtrack SQEX-10502~3 Performer
08.16 Reverberations 2 CT23-OR16 Performer
08.16 Contents JKCL-0003 Performer
09.02 HATSUNE MIKU Project mirai COMPLETE UMA-9056~62 Performer
09.25 Azuressence N/A Featured Artist
11.01 BJ no Touhou Vocalo 1 BJ-T01 Performer
12.16 Chubyou Gekihatsu Boy / rerulili ZMCL-1041 Performer
12.31 39D / Mitchie M MMCD-0002 Performer
12.31 Antenna PINO-0006 Performer
12.31 Hiroyuki ODA pres. HSP WORKS 15 TGMM-0005 Performer


01.17 Groundbreaking 2015 BOFU2015 COMPILATION ALBUM N/A Vocals
03.04 Beyond Libra N/A Performer
03.09 HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2016 E.P. HMCD-0005 Performer
05.24 Miku N/A Performer
06.08 HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA X -Complete Collection- [Limited Edition] SRCL-9059~62 Performer
06.08 HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA X -Complete Collection- SRCL-9063~4 Performer
06.08 Tsumi no Namae / ryo(supercell) feat. Miku Hatsune SRXX-01934 Performer
08.30 MAGIC★NIGHT (feat. Hatsune Miku) / Jonathan Parecki N/A Performer
11.09 Miku Symphony 2016 Orchestra Live CD WPCL-12474~5 Performer
11.23 HUMAN [Limited Edition] UMA-9086~7 Performer
12.28 Shoumetsu Toshi -Remix works- NCRS-0017 Vocals
12.29 NanosizeMir The Best NSMC-0009~10 Vocals
12.31 Vermillion Sky CT26-OR19 Performer


08.11 Tokyo META-2017S Performer
08.30 HATSUNE MIKU 10th Anniversary Album "Re:Start" DUED-1229 Performer
08.30 Last Dance Refrain / Hachioji P [Limited Edition] TFCC-86597 Performer
08.30 Last Dance Refrain / Hachioji P TFCC-86598 Performer
08.31 lol project 025: RENEW LOCD-1094~5 Performer
11.01 BOOTLEG / Kenshi Yonezu [Limited Edition] SRCL-9569~70 Performer
11.01 BOOTLEG / Kenshi Yonezu SRCL-9571 Performer
11.22 Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone DX Special Mini Soundtrack CD SGPR-1711 Performer
12.29 DEEP REFLECTION CT28-OR21 Vocals
12.29 Kikuo Miku 5 KSW-0013 Performer
12.29 Proliferation of Imamura PINO-0009 Vocals


03.30 Maidens of a Hollow Dream Original Soundtrack N/A Performer
06.19 Hatsune Miku Expo 2018 E.P. KRCD-00013 Performer
06.27 Taiko no Tatsujin Original Soundtrack: Takoyaki CLRC-10003 Performer (also as Miku Hatsune (Append[Solid]) / )
07.25 Taiko no Tatsujin Original Soundtrack: Kakigoori CLRC-10005 Featured Artist
07.25 Hatsune Miku "Magical Mirai 2018" Official Album [Limited Edition] HMCD-0010 Performer
08.10 Breeze CT29-OR22 Performer
08.29 Nayutan Sei kara no Buttai Z / NayutalieN [Limited Edition] NYT-301~2 Performer
11.07 MEKAKUCITY RELOAD [Limited Edition B] TYCT-69134~5 Performer
11.07 MEKAKUCITY RELOAD TYCT-69136 Performer
12.30 2038 AVT-0014 Performer
12.30 Heat Haze CT30-OR23 Vocals


02.20 #COMPASS COMbat Providence AnalysiS System ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Vol.01 DUED-1225 Performer
02.20 #COMPASS COMbat Providence AnalysiS System ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Vol.02 DUED-1263 Performer
03.20 INDETERMINATE UNIVERSE / Yuuyu feat. Kemurikusa EYCA-12470 Performer
04.28 Why don't you eat MONACA? N/A Vocals
04.28 BRAVE BIRD N/A Vocals
04.28 Vél TKCD-0005 Vocals
08.12 blue / Kano BBCL-0011 Performer
08.12 Reverberations 4 CT31-OR24 Vocals
08.12 P+ PINO-0010 Performer
08.21 kemurikusa MUSIC COLLECTION ALBUM EYCA-12633~4 Performer
09.18 Key BOX -for two decades- KSLA-1001~50 Performer
10.27 1.5(next..?) N/A Vocals
11.03 Leaf&key Gyaruge Sound Collection Vol.1 AKLF-047 Vocals
11.06 Kikuo Miku 6 ksw-0014 Performer
11.06 THE GREATEST IDOL / Mitchie M feat. Hatsune Miku [Limited Edition] VVJL-3~4 Performer
12.31 Lily CT32-OR25 Vocals


02.28 PinocchioP Live from Gozou-Roppu Tour 2019 at Tokyo N/A Performer
03.01 Why don't you eat MONACA? Vol.2 N/A Vocals (as Miku Hatsune V4X / ), Special Thanks (as Miku Hatsune V4X / )
06.17 ACTORS -Songs Connection- CHARACTER SONG ALBUM PCCG-01911 Vocals
09.02 Butter-Fly ~Miku Hatsune Version~ / mikitoP feat. Miku Hatsune NEZM-90019~20 Vocals


03.?? Asobi no Oto with.Miku Hatsune N/A Vocals
03.03 PINOCCHIOP BEST ALBUM 2009-2020 Kotobuki UMA-9139~41 Performer
03.24 SEGA 60th Anniversary Official Bootleg DJ Mix WWCE-31467 Vocals
04.02 Children Record (Re:boot) / Jin UV1AS-00591 Vocals
06.09 needLe/Stella / Leo/need BRMM-10402 Vocals
06.23 Idol Shineitai/More! Jump! More! / MORE MORE JUMP! BRMM-10403 Vocals
07.07 Ready Steady/Forward / Vivid BAD SQUAD BRMM-10404 Vocals
07.21 Sekai wa Mada Hajimatte Sura Inai/potato ni Natte Iku / Wonderlands×Showtime BRMM-10405 Vocals
08.04 Kuyamu to Kaite Mirai/Keitairenwa/Jackpot Sad Girl / Nightcord at 25:00 BRMM-10406 Vocals
08.11 LOVE MUI-0001 Performer
09.30 Gunjou Sanka/Yuuseiboushi / Eve TFDS-00705 Vocals
10.15 CHIMERA SNCL-50 Vocals
11.17 RAD DOGS/Cinema / Vivid BAD SQUAD BRMM-10457 Vocals
12.04 High Doubt / Inou Midorino N/A Chorus
12.08 Sekai/Wah Wah World/Gunjou Sanka BRMM-10482 Vocals
12.31 Crossroads N/A Featured Artist


02.02 Wonderlands×Showtime SEKAI ALBUM vol.1 BRMM-10492 Vocals
02.09 Eve Vocaloid 01 / Eve feat. Miku Hatsune TFDS-00749 Vocals
02.16 Hare wo Matsu/"1" / Leo/need BRMM-10460 Vocals
03.02 MORE MORE JUMP! SEKAI ALBUM vol.1 BRMM-10494 Vocals
03.16 KAIZIN / Eve [Limited Edition] TFCC-86828~9 Vocals
03.16 KAIZIN / Eve TFCC-86830 Vocals
03.24 Taiko no Tatsujin NAMCO Original Soundtrack: Electronic Emotion Collection N/A Vocals
04.03 Kuchidzuke Adventure YKEX-0005 Vocals
04.06 Nightcord at 25:00 SEKAI ALBUM vol.1 BRMM-10496 Vocals
04.24 ECLECTIC RESONANCE ~Dusk~ KSDL-0005 Vocals, Featured Artist
04.24 -TA- / Tanchiky TNCD-0002 Featured Artist
05.11 Leo/need SEKAI ALBUM vol.1 BRMM-10498 Vocals
05.31 Moonlight (feat. Tatsuya Kitani) [VOCALOID ver] / Harumaki Gohan N/A Vocals
08.03 Project SEKAI COLORFUL LIVE 1st -Link- COXA-1296 Vocals
08.10 RAD DOGS / Hachioji P TFDS-00814 Vocals
08.13 Fragments of Gratitude -a When They Cry Tribute Album- KSDL-0006 Vocals, Featured Artist
08.24 BANZAI! digital trippers / Aqours feat. Miku Hatsune LACM-24290 Vocals
09.09 ENSEMBLE STARS!! COVER SONG SERIES 03 Tell Your World N/A Vocals
11.16 From Tokyo/Ryuusei no Pulse / Leo/need BRMM-10582 Vocals
12.14 Beat Eater/Awake Now / Vivid BAD SQUAD BRMM-10583 Vocals


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