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Male 上田 広志 (うえだ ひろし)
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Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
1983: School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University
Credited works
70 albums in database
51 album production assistance
18 special thanks
14 executive producer
2 production assistance
1 disc promoter
1 album producer
1 publishing producer
1 production supervisor
1 album production cooperation
1 album co-production


Producer at NHK Publishing



02.21 "Only You" -AISARETE- Original Sound Track PCCR-00189 Disc Promoter


08.26 Rekishi Hiwa Historia Original Sound Track SECL-778 Executive Producer


06.16 NHK Renzoku TV Shosetsu "Gegege no Nyoubou" Original Soundtrack VICL-63614 Album Production Assistance
09.22 Juunen Saki mo Kimi ni Koishite Original Soundtrack ESCL-3517 Album Production Assistance


04.13 Rekishi Hiwa Historia Original Sound Track 2 SECL-962 Executive Producer
11.02 Carnation Original Soundtrack TOCT-28018 Album Production Assistance
11.23 Tsukahara Bokuden Original Soundtrack NGCS-1011 Album Producer


05.23 Hana wa Saku / Hana wa Saku Project VTCL-35132 Album Production Assistance
06.20 Carnation Original Soundtrack 2 NGCS-1013 Album Production Assistance
06.20 Ume-chan-sensei Original Soundtrack VICL-63881 Album Production Assistance
07.18 moonfesta / Kalafina [Limited Edition] SECL-1154~5 Publishing Producer
09.26 Ume-chan-sensei Original Soundtrack 2 VICL-63950 Album Production Assistance
11.28 Jikken Keiji Totori Original Soundtrack NGCS-1019 Album Production Assistance
11.28 SINGLE MOTHERS Original Soundtrack NGCS-1020 Album Production Assistance


02.27 HIROYUKI SAWANO NHK WORKS NGCS-1023 Album Production Assistance
02.27 TAKAFUMI WADA NHK WORKS NGCS-1024 Album Production Assistance
10.30 MASARU YOKOYAMA NHK WORKS NGCS-1032 Album Production Assistance


01.29 Gunshi Kanbei Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 SICL-30001 Executive Producer
03.19 Animation Kingdom Original Soundtrack NGCS-1037 Production Supervisor
06.18 Hanako to Anne Original Soundtrack SECL-1514 Executive Producer
06.25 Gunshi Kanbei Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 SICL-30003 Executive Producer
09.17 Hanako to Anne Original Soundtrack 2 SECL-1576 Executive Producer
09.23 Soko wo Nantoka 2 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK JRCD-14002 Album Production Assistance, Special Thanks
10.22 Borderline Original Soundtrack NGCS-1046 Album Production Assistance
10.22 Gunshi Kanbei Original Soundtrack Vol. 3 SICL-30004 Executive Producer


01.28 Hanako to Anne Original Soundtrack 3 ~Kanketsuhen~ SECL-1631 Executive Producer
02.04 Hana Moyu Original Soundtrack Vol.1 VPCD-81825 Album Production Assistance
02.25 Dakara Kouya Original Soundtrack NGCS-1050 Album Production Assistance
03.04 Hana wa Saku / Hana wa Saku Project VTCL-60392 Album Production Assistance
05.25 Kabukimono Keiji Original Soundtrack NGCS-1052 Album Production Assistance
06.03 Hana Moyu Original Soundtrack Vol.2 VPCD-81826 Album Production Assistance
06.07 Seimei Daiyakushin Original Soundtrack NGCS-1053 Album Production Assistance
07.22 Chanpon Tabetaka Original Soundtrack NGCS-1054 Album Production Assistance
09.16 Ichiro Original Soundtrack NGCS-1058 Album Production Assistance
11.11 Haretsu Original Soundtrack NGCS-1059 Album Production Assistance
11.25 Hana Moyu Original Soundtrack Vol.3 VPCD-81827 Album Production Assistance


03.16 Seirei no Moribito Original Soundtrack COCQ-85287 Album Production Assistance
05.25 Contrail: Tsumi to Koi Original Soundtrack NGCS-1067 Album Production Assistance
07.22 Suizokukan Girl Original Soundtrack ASCD-0007 Album Production Assistance
07.31 Yurikosan no Ehon: Rikugun Bukan Onodera Fuufu no Sensou Original Soundtrack ASCD-0008 Album Production Assistance
11.30 Sniffer: Kyuukaku Sousakan ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK DDCB-12973 Album Production Assistance
12.21 NHK Historical Drama "Sanada Maru" Original Soundtrack THE BEST AVCL-25923 Album Production Assistance
12.21 Toto Neechan Original Soundtrack Vol.2 NGCS-1071 Album Production Assistance


01.11 NAOTORA Ongaku Tora no maki Ichitora SICX-30038 Executive Producer
01.25 MINA KUBOTA NHK WORKS NGCS-1072 Album Production Assistance
03.08 Thrill! ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK NGCS-1075 Album Production Cooperation
04.05 NAOTORA Ongaku Tora no maki Niitora SICX-30039 Executive Producer
05.24 Tsubaki Bunguten ~Kamakura Daishoya Monogatari~ Original Soundtrack NGCS-1077 Album Production Assistance
07.22 Okaasan, Musume wo Yamete Ii desu ka? Original Soundtrack NGCS-1074 Album Production Assistance
08.23 TEINEN-JOSHI Original Soundtrack NGCS-1080 Album Production Assistance
11.22 NAOTORA Ongaku Tora no maki Santora SICX-30054 Executive Producer
12.06 Machikouba no Onna Original Soundtrack NGCS-1081 Album Production Assistance


01.20 SCHOOL LAWYER Original Soundtrack NGCS-1086 Album Production Assistance
06.13 Daisy Luck Original Soundtrack VPCD-86202 Album Production Assistance
10.10 Sousa Kaigi wa Living de! Original Soundtrack NGCS-1088 Album Production Assistance


02.27 Tokusatsu Gagaga Original Soundtrack OMR-0018 Album Production Assistance
09.04 Hotarugusa: Nana no Ken Original Soundtrack NGCS-1100 Album Production Assistance


10.07 Tenshi ni Request wo ~Jinsei Saigo no Negai~ Original Soundtrack NGCS-1107 Album Production Assistance


03.10 Dream Team Original Soundtrack NGCS-1112 Album Co-production
03.10 Company: Gyakuten no Swan Original Soundtrack UZCL-2206 Album Production Assistance
03.24 Seiten wo Tsuke Original Soundtrack I AVCL-84116 Production Assistance
08.04 Seiten wo Tsuke Original Soundtrack II AVCL-84123 Production Assistance
09.08 Ima Koko ni Aru Kiki to Boku no Kokando ni Tsuite Original Soundtrack NGCS-1113 Album Production Assistance


06.29 Chim Don-Don Original Soundtrack ~Chim-Hen~ SRCL-12170 Album Production Assistance, Executive Producer
08.24 Chim Don-Don Original Soundtrack ~Chim Don-Hen~ SRCL-12203 Album Production Assistance, Executive Producer
09.21 Chim Don-Don Original Soundtrack ~Chimu-Dondon-Hen~ SRCL-12204 Album Production Assistance, Executive Producer
11.23 Mai Agare! ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK COCP-41897 Album Production Assistance


02.15 Oooku Original Soundtrack RBCP-3471 Album Production Assistance
02.22 Mai Agare! ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 2 COCP-41953 Album Production Assistance
07.19 Daifugou Doushin Original Soundtrack TECE-3701 Album Production Assistance

Thanked on 17 albums


10.15 Planetarium / IKIMONOGAKARI ESCL-3114 Special Thanks


07.01 storia / Kalafina [Limited Edition] SECL-786~7 Special Thanks
07.01 storia / Kalafina SECL-788 Special Thanks


03.17 Red Moon / Kalafina [Limited Edition] SECL-852~3 Special Thanks
03.17 Red Moon / Kalafina SECL-854 Special Thanks
05.12 FictionJunction 2008-2010 The BEST of Yuki Kajiura LIVE VTCL-60201~2 Special Thanks
12.08 The Works for Soundtrack / Yuki Kajiura BVCL-149~51 Special Thanks


09.21 After Eden / Kalafina [Limited Edition] SECL-1012~3 Special Thanks
09.21 After Eden / Kalafina SECL-1014 Special Thanks


03.20 Consolation / Kalafina [Limited Edition] SECL-1282~3 Special Thanks
03.20 Consolation / Kalafina SECL-1284 Special Thanks


06.03 FictionJunction 2010-2013 The BEST of Yuki Kajiura LIVE 2 VTCL-60397~9 Special Thanks
09.16 far on the water / Kalafina [Limited Edition A] SECL-1763~4 Special Thanks
09.16 far on the water / Kalafina SECL-1767 Special Thanks
09.30 far on the water / Kalafina [Limited Edition] SEJL-29~30 Special Thanks


03.30 Koi no Sanriku: Ressha-com de Ikou! Original Soundtrack MBR-0038 Special Thanks


04.05 into the world/Märchen / Kalafina [Limited Edition] VVCL-1003~4 Special Thanks



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