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QWCI-00012FIRE EMBLEM Heroes 5th Anniversary Memorial Box ManufacturerAug 31, 2022
QWCI-00011Fire Emblem: Fuuka Setsugetsu Original Soundtrack Manufacturer, CopyrightFeb 17, 2021
QWCI-00010Child albumFire Emblem: Fuuka Setsugetsu Original Soundtrack [Limited Edition] Manufacturer, CopyrightFeb 17, 2021
QWCI-00009Fire Emblem Extra Drama CD Fuuka Setsugetsu ~Shikan Gakkou Tansaku Kitan~ PublisherMar 18, 2020
QWCI-00008Fire Emblem Extra Drama CD Kakusei ~Yami no Taidou, Kienai Kibou~ PublisherMar 18, 2020
QWCI-00007FIRE EMBLEM PREMIUM ARRANGE II Manufacturer, CopyrightFeb 19, 2020
N/AFire Emblem 0̸ Sing and Play: Heroic ABCs C97PublisherDec 28, 2019
N/AThe Edge of Dawn / Buttercup Publisher, CopyrightDec 04, 2019
QWCI-00006Fire Emblem Extra Drama CD Akatsuki no Megami ~Gun'yuutachi no Yuzurenu Negai~ PublisherApr 17, 2019
QWCI-00005Fire Emblem Extra Drama CD Rekka no Ken ~Roland no Keishoushatachi~ PublisherApr 17, 2019
QWCI-00004FIRE EMBLEM PREMIUM ARRANGE Manufacturer, CopyrightMar 20, 2019
BQCI-00001Shippuujinrai Sounds of Fire Emblem from Cipher Festival C95Manufacturer, CopyrightDec 29, 2018
QWCI-00003Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi / Rekka no Ken ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK [Complete Version] PublisherDec 19, 2018
QWCI-00001~2Fire Emblem Echoes: Mou Hitori no Eiyuu Ou Drama CD: Ikoku no Sora Reimei no Mori PublisherAug 17, 2018
TSCM-0073SOUNDS FROM FIRE EMBLEM Ø GO! GO! SUMMER TOUR Kosen Touzai PublisherJul 01, 2017
TSCM-0067Jinbaittai SOUNDS OF FIRE EMBLEM FROM CIPHER CARAVAN C91Manufacturer, CopyrightDec 29, 2016
TSZM-0049~56Fire Emblem if ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK CopyrightApr 27, 2016
JBCZ-4017if ~Hitori Omou~ / Renka CopyrightJul 01, 2015
JBCZ-4016if ~Hitori Omou~ / Renka [Limited Edition] CopyrightJul 01, 2015
TSCM-0028Fire Emblem Series Love & Courage Of The Opening Song Collection PublisherMar 28, 2015


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