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Fate/Grand Order

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Release Date
July 30, 2015






2017-6-25 Fate/Grand Order / / USD (U.S.) Apple iOS
2017-6-25 Fate/Grand Order / / USD (U.S.) Google Android
2017-5-18 Fate/Grand Order / / TWD (Taiwan) Apple iOS
2017-5-18 Fate/Grand Order / / TWD (Taiwan) Google Android
2016-10-13 Fate/Grand Order / / RMB (China) Google Android
2016-9-29 Fate/Grand Order / / RMB (China) Apple iOS
2015-8-12 Fate/Grand Order / / JPY (Japan) Apple iOS
2015-7-30 Fate/Grand Order / / JPY (Japan) Google Android


Albums | Credits


07.31 Fate/Grand Order Orchestra Concert -Live Album- [Limited Edition] SVWC-70431~3 Arrange, Live Event, Video
07.31 Fate/Grand Order Orchestra Concert -Live Album- SVWC-70434~5 Arrange, Live Event
07.04 Sanzensekai / Noa ANXX-00944 Vocal
06.16 Thest / KOCHO ANXX-00942 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
06.16 Kono Hoshi de, Tada Hitotsu dake / SAYA ANXX-00943 Vocal
06.16 Shin'en no Decadence / Rio Okada ANXX-00941 Vocal
05.15 Fate/Grand Order Original Soundtrack III SVWC-70397~9 Soundtrack, Vocal
01.30 Fate/Grand Order Orchestra SVWC-70393 Arrange


12.30 Fate [Unlimited Shirasu Works2] N/A Fan Arrange
12.30 CHALDEA CAFE TGCD-0025 Fan Arrange, Vocal
12.30 Abyss Flame N/A Featured
12.30 FATAL JAZZ ORCHESTRA ANCD-0028 Fan Arrange
08.10 Chaldea Music Festival! datfile-049 Fan Arrange
08.10 Cadence Of Fate NEPI-0001 Fan Arrange, Vocal
08.10 Chaldea Jazz Club2 TGCD-0024 Fan Arrange
07.25 GYAKKO / Maaya Sakamoto [MAAYA Edition] VTCL-35282 Arrange, Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
07.25 This album is a reprint GYAKKO / Maaya Sakamoto [FGO Edition] VTCL-35283 Arrange, Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
06.14 Nishasenitsu / Rokka ANXX-00864 Vocal
03.28 Fate/Grand Order Original Soundtrack II SVWC-70335~7 Soundtrack
02.11 FGO Arrange CD: Chaldea no Kyouen FLSC-022 Fan Arrange


12.29 Fate [Unlimited Shirasu Works] KS-016 Fan Arrange
12.29 HACHIBIT XI SBCD-0018 Fan Arrange
12.29 Grand Orgel BCMC-5221 Fan Arrange
12.29 Sore ga Haiiro no Sekai demo YHKT-0027 Fan Arrange, Vocal
12.29 FGO Vocal Arrange: Katte ni Mob Character Song CD GXDG-0004 Fan Arrange, Vocal
11.29 Seiren naru Heretics / kegani feat. DracoVirgo ANXX-00831 Vocal
10.15 Ittou Ryouran / Rokka ANXX-00807 Vocal
08.30 Culture Vulture / la la larks VTCL-60454 Vocal
08.30 Culture Vulture / la la larks [Limited Edition] VTZL-132 Vocal
08.11 HACHIBIT ~10~ SBCD-0017 Fan Arrange
08.11 Chaldea Jazz Club TGCD-0021 Fan Arrange
06.29 Indelible illusion / Yuriko Kaida ANXX-00790 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
06.29 Lose Your Way / ROUND TABLE feat. Dan ANXX-00789 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
04.15 Fate/Grand Order Drama CD: Eirei Denshou Ibun ~Gankutsuou Edmond Dantes~ N/A Drama
03.01 Fate/Grand Order Original Soundtrack I SVWC-70248~50 Soundtrack, Vocal
03.01 Eternity Blue / ayumi ANXX-00749 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert


12.29 Fate/Grand Order Original Soundtrack [Trial version] TM-C91SP Soundtrack
04.09 Fate/GUDAGUDA Order Drama CD: Kaettekita GUDAGUDA Otoku Technique FAB1B6 Drama
03.10 Fate/Grand Order Anthology Drama CD: The Blue Bird DEP2E6 Drama


08.10 Fate/Grand Order Drama CD: Joshou ATA1E5 Drama
07.29 Hallelujah / la la larks VTCL-35205 Vocal
01.28 Shiawase ni Tsuite Watashi ga Shitteiru Itsutsu no Houhou/Shikisai / Maaya Sakamoto VTCL-35199 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert
01.28 Shiawase ni Tsuite Watashi ga Shitteiru Itsutsu no Houhou/Shikisai / Maaya Sakamoto [Limited Edition] VTZL-96 Vocal, OP/ED/Insert


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